Europe has a lot of amazing festivals when winter comes

Europe is always one of the most popular tourist attractions for many people all over the world, especially in the winter. At that time, Europe attracts you by not only the cold wind, the white snow but also a lot of interesting festivals with the unique activities, which brings you the wonderful experiences. The followings are some amazing festivals in the winter that you definitely should not miss when traveling to Europe.

1. The Carnival in Venice, Italy


The gaudy and beautiful clothes in the Carnival, Venice

Held from January 23rd to February 9th and known as the most important, enormous event in Venice, the carnival attracts a number of people all around the world to come and enjoy every year. Each year, the festival has a different theme to honor the culture and create the fun days for local people in the new year.

During the festival, the participants wear the gaudy clothes, and use sophisticated masks. They will gather at the St, Mark Square, streets as well as buildings to create the brilliant atmosphere.

This is a great time for everyone to meet each other. Wearing a mask is one of the ways that Venice makes the social class disappear and delete the age gap, the boundary of the rich and the poor, the gender discrimination, etc. Everyone is equal under the mask.

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2. The light festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam looks more attractive in the light festival

Every year, the light festival is held in the winter from December to February. During the festival, Amsterdam becomes attractive and sparkling thanks to the colorful light artworks along the main streets and the Amstel canal.

The light festival was first celebrated in Amsterdam in 2012. Owning the talented light artists and the perfect coordination of three famous characters such as Felix Guttmann, Hen Jan Bechtel, and Vincent Horbach, the festival always gets a great success.

You also can visit many tourist attractions in Amsterdam, including the Royal castle, Rembrandtplein Square, Leidseplein Square, Red Light District, Albert Cuypmarkt market, Artis zoo and Hortus Botanical garden. In addition, remember to enjoy the legendary windmills and the vast tulip hills in the heart of the capital.

3. The snow and ice festival in Bruges, Belgium


A brilliant ice sculpture from the Snow and Ice Festival in Bruges, Belgium

Visiting the ice festival in Bruges, tourists will have an opportunity to admire the great sculpture artworks making from ice and snow. Besides, the combination of the light and the sculpture art will bring visitors a lot of surprises.

Tourists will enjoy the works that are meticulously carved in details such as the world’s wonders (the Arc de Triomphe, Kremlin, Sphinx, etc.) and the famous characters (Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson) The festival is held at the Station Square which is about 5 minutes walking from the center of Bruges.

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4. The Carnival in Cologne, German


The Cologne carnival is the largest street carnival in Europe

Renowned as “the city of the festival”, Cologne is famous for a lot of interesting festivals such as the music festival Ringfest and the Comedy Festival Cologne. The street Carnival is considered as the most important one.

The Carnival in Cologne is called “the fifth season” because it starts at 11.11 pm on 11th November and lasts until the vegetarian festival (usually in March). In these days, the entertainment places will open all day to serve the festival. The special point of this festival is the parade with the participation of thousands of local people, along with the tourists. They wear the colorful masks, the garish clothes to sing and dance together on the streets.

5. The cold bathing festival in the new year, Netherlands


Thousands of Dutch jump into the cold water in the first days of the new year

If you visit Netherlands in New Year occasion, you absolutely should not miss the chance to take part in this old festival. From 1960, there are at least about 10,000 people jumping into the cold water in Scheveningen - the largest coastal city of Netherlands and other 60 destinations to attend the unique ceremony.

The Dutch believes that the best way to start a new year is jumping into the sea or a cold lake to throw away the bad things of the previous year and express the strength to welcome the new year. It is truly wonderful for you to join in this unique festival to get the special feeling in Netherlands - the country of the windmills.

6. The fire festival in Scotland


The fire festival in Scotland honors the Viking culture

Held annually on the final Tuesday of January, the fire festival in Lerwick is considered as the largest and greatest festival of the area which honors the Viking culture existing for a long time in Northern Europe. More than 1,000 local volunteers wear the Viking traditional clothes and join the parade along the streets with an ax and a shining torch on their hands.

The main point of the festival is a 9.1-meter-long boat located at the harbor. At the end of the ritual, the volunteers will throw the torch on the boat and burn it. When the fire is off, they will sing the traditional song “The Norseman’s Home” before starting a wonderful night party.

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These are several amazing festivals in Europe that you can enjoy in the winter. Hoping that with this alluring information, you can choose a suitable festival to explore and get the unforgettable moments.

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