Don't miss impressive facts about Antarctica

Don't miss impressive facts about Antarctica

When it comes to Antarctica, the image of the coldest place on Earth will mostly pop up in your mind, right? However, there are a lot of misconceptions about this desolate place, from its interesting history that only scientists know, to its special geography. So, if you wish to have a closer look at the Earth's newest continent, spend time reading some impressive facts about Antarctica we offer below!

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Antarctica is gorgeous in tourists’ eyes

- Antarctica is actually considered the world's largest desert

This fact can make you flabbergasted when Antarctica is compared to other warm and sandy deserts. Although it is quite true that most deserts are considered hot and sandy, the real definition of a desert is understood as a landscape that has little precipitation (such as snow, rain, hail, drizzle, or something like that). Since there is no snow or rain in this continent, Antarctica is sorted as the category of a polar desert. Every year, only 50mm of rain falls here on average, which makes it even dryer than the Sahara Desert.


Antarctica is the largest desert in the world

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In addition, this is also known as the coldest, highest, windiest and driest continent on the globe. The extreme temperatures are often cold enough to freeze water. So, travelers can find it easy to see many ice sheets, icebergs and glaciers there.

- Winds in Antarctica can over 100 meters per second

You can be even blown away by the legendary wind here, which regularly reaches up to 100 meters per second. The truth is that temperatures may even plummet to -94.7ºC. It means the wind chill factor may become worse.


Strong wind in Antarctica

- There is a red blood waterfall in Antarctica

Also called “Blood Falls”, this lake is hauntingly breathtaking. Why the lake has the red hue is that it does not receive any oxygen, as well as the lake is extremely high in iron and super salty. When it comes into contact with the air, then the iron tends to rust, contributing to the ghastly color against the white surroundings. In addition, the water here is also saltier than ocean water three times. That is why it is too salty to freeze solid.


Marvel at the red hue of Blood Falls

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- Get ready to have your wisdom teeth and appendix removed

If you want to work in Antarctica, just keep in mind that you must remove your wisdom teeth and appendix. This is how the remote place rules. The reason is that the continent has no any surgical facilities, so there is no way to give you the surgical care when you suffer from wisdom teeth pain or appendicitis.

Luckily, that rule applies to only researchers, not tourists or travelers. As a result, there is no need to worry if you are making a plan to this coldest region as you don’t need to have anything removed.

- The continent still has an active volcano


Mount Erebus – the only active volcano in Antarctica

One of the impressive facts about Antarctica is that this place is home to many volcanoes, and the largest one, namely Mount Erebus, is still active. Situated on the Ross Ice Shelf in East Antarctica, it was formed 1.3 million years ago, with about 3,794 meters above sea level. What makes this volcano appealing and interesting is the boiling lava lake, which has continuously flown since 1972. It is said to be only one of the few lava lakes on Earth.

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- Antarctica is likely to hold 90% of the fresh water in the world

While the majority of Antarctica (more than 20 million square kilometers) gets covered in ice, only 1% is permanently ice-free. Interestingly, such the ice (with an average thickness of 1.6 kilometers) is said to contribute to 90% of the fresh water on Earth.


90% of fresh water on Earth is found in Antarctica

- There is only 1 ATM in Antarctica

You just find only 1 ATM on this continent. However, there is no need to withdraw much money as there are not many activities to do.


ATM in the world’s coldest region

- Antarctica also has its own treaty

The continent’s environment is unique and delicate. For that reason, there is a treaty which claims that peaceful research has been only conducted with the aim of protecting the area. About 12 countries signed that treaty in 1959.

Today, this number reaches up to 53. Moreover, such the treaty also guarantees that Antarctica is used and explored for sensible traveling and scientific purposes without being caught in any international conflict. The treaty also prohibits mineral mining, military as well as nuclear activities.


Antarctica Treaty

As one of the most mystical and captivating places on earth, scientists have tried to work hard to help us understand more about this 7th continent throughout the last few centuries. If any of these impressive facts about Antarctica has tickled your interest in traveling to this special continent, don’t forget to make contact with one of the reliable travel agencies right now.

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