Don't Miss 10 Most Beautiful Temples In Mexico

Don't Miss 10 Most Beautiful Temples In Mexico

A trip to Mexico will never complete without discovering the past of the country. Mexico is famous for not only white-sand beaches, sacred cenotes, and yoga practice, but also well-preserved archaeological sites and masterpieces that surely give an in-depth glimpse of how life was like thousands of years ago. Such ancient ruins seem to be scattered throughout the country, making it so special and outstanding that you can't find in other places.

If the ancient Mayan cultures and civilizations make you stimulated and sleepless, then it is worth learning that Mexico boasts a countless number of archaeological sites to explore. That's why following 10 most beautiful temples in Mexico should be added to your must-see attractions in Mexico list.

1. El Castillo (Chichen Itza)


El Castillo in Chichen Itza

Situated in the archaeological site of Chichen Itza, El Castillo (also known as the Temple of Kukulkan) stands out as one of the most well-known and prominent Mayan pyramids and temples. The pyramid has 365 stairs representing each day of the year in Mayan calendar. However, what does entice tourists worldwide is the special phenomenon called “Descent of Kukulcan.” During spring and autumn equinox, the afternoon sun causes a shadow down to the temple, creating an appearance of a descending serpent.

2. Tikal Temple IV (Tikal)


You will be amazed at the beauty of Tikal Temple IV in Tikal

With the height of 72 meters, Temple IV is considered the tallest and largest pyramid at Tikal. Climbing to the top of the temple should be done with caution and care. As getting the top of the site, you can feel exhilarated to enjoy a picturesque panoramic view over the Tikal site as well as see other magnificent temples rising from the treetops.

3. Pyramid of the Magician (Uxmal)


Try to come Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal

Pyramid of the Magician is one of the tallest and most beautiful temples in Uxmal ruin city. There is a myth that its name has rooted from a legend that the pyramid was built by a magician-god just with overnight. The pyramid is the result of 5 nested temples on the whole.

4. Temple of Inscriptions (Palenque)


The ancient beauty of Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque

Situated in the ancient city of Palenque (Southern Mexico), Temple of Inscriptions is one of the hugest and best-preserved Mayan pyramids. It wins an award for a funerary monument and hieroglyphic inscriptions. Regardless of the fact that the temple gets much attention from visitors every year, it still holds an incredible secret for centuries.

5. Structure II (Calakmul)


Structure II in Calakmul is truly impressive

As the largest and tallest building in Calakmul, Structure II can make your discovery a little difficult. However, when climbing up to the summit, you can get the whole spectacular and impressive view of the surroundings. One useful tip that helps you to climb up and down safely is that you should go up and down in a zig zag pattern instead of going straight up and down.

6. Temple of the Descending God (Tulum)


The temple is really worth visiting

Tulum in Mexico is famous for not only ideal beaches and cenotes, but also Mayan ruins. And Temple of the Descending God is one of the brilliant examples. The building was constructed in stages and was beautifully decorated with magnetic design. The name of the temple derived from the signature bass-relief figure above the door.

7. Temple 16 (Copan)


The simple architecture of Temple 16 in Copan

Temple 16 is the most prominent and beautiful temple in Mexico that appeals lots of guests around the globe. If you are an adventurous person, climbing to the top of Temple 16 which is about 30 meters high will leave you an unforgettable experience. From the top, it is quite possible to spread your eyes over the overall layout of the ruin complex.

8. Caana Pyramid (Caracol)


Caana Pyramid in Caracol

Also called “Sky Palace,” Caana Pyramid stands out as the highest and hugest Mayan pyramid in Caracol. With 43 meters in height, it was often used as a temple, residence and even a burial monument for royal members as well. Caana Pyramid is said to offer the panoramic view of water reservoir, ball court, and many large courtyards from the top above.

9. Nohoch Mul Pyramid (Coba)


Come to Nohoch Mul Pyramid in Coba if you want to enjoy peace in mind

Having its location in the ancient Maya city of Coba, Nohoch Mul (meaning large hill) is featured as the 42-meter tall pyramid. The pyramid contains a total of 120 steps that will lead you to a remarkable view from the top as well as unbroken expanse of jungle from all different directions.

10. High Temple (Lamanai)


High Temple in Lamanai promises to give you wonderful experiences

Situated in Lamanai, Mexico, High Temple is definitely a popular destination for numerous travelers. As you climb up the peak of the temple, a panorama of the pristine surroundings is really mesmerizing. You can find nothing more than the lush green jungle and the clear flow of New River in the east.

Although there are many other beautiful temples in Mexico to stop by and explore, you will never regret when paying a visit to the 10 hints. Of course, it may be impossible to visit all in just one trip, but it is possible to include them to your destination list.

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