Don't leave Brazil without taking part in its famous festival

Located in Eastern South America and bored with the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil is the fifth-largest country in population all over the world. Brazil is inherently a multiracial nation with the originally different people, including Native Brazilians, black African Slaves. A great majority of the population from various regions contributes many unique and diverse festivals to Brazilian culture.

famous festival in Brazil

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Rio Carnival

Have you ever heard of Rio Carnival?

Rio Carnival, a vibrant street carnival of Rio de Janeiro, is annually celebrated in Brazil. The carnival is favored by over two million participants around the word within five days. In this special carnival, many festivities are performed on all streets throughout Brazil. One of the most typical activities is Samba. Renowned as a popular dance style as well as Brazilian musical genre, Samba has become a significant symbol of Brazilian cultural identity and national spirit.

famous festival in Brazil

Rio Dances in Rio Carnival in Brazil

It is extremely enjoyable for travelers to take part in colorful parades of Samba dance on the Brazilian streets with a perfect combination of the sophisticated costumes, exciting floats, eye-catching dances and resounding drums. It is worth for Rio Carnival to be the grandest festival in the world.

Cirio de Nazare

Brazilians have adored Our Lady of Nazareth (Nossa Senhora de Nazaré) who is regarded as a miraculous saint for many centuries. To honor the Virgin of Nazareth, a Brazilian greatest carnival named Cirio de Nazare is launched along River Amazon of Belem in August and lasted until the second Sunday of October every year. Because people in Brazil respect Nazareth Lady, they carved a pretty statue of the Virgin and brought to Belem before returning its homeland Icoaraci with hundreds of different boats occupied with the bustling crowds.

famous festival in Brazil

Cirio de Nazare in Brazil

On the second Sunday of October, a great number of people gather on streets of Brazil in order to join Nazareth Virgin’s festival procession with her holly image together with the deep melody of carols, vibrant sound of bells, colorful firework displays.

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famous festival in Brazil

Oktoberfest in Blumenau of Brazil

Blumenau, one of the boisterous cities of Brazil, has become the global's second largest host for Oktoberfest. When visiting the beautiful Brazil, you have opportunities to discover the distinctive and fascinating Brazilian culture on the basis of the incredible festivities of Oktoberfest carnival.

During October, time of the festival with the wonderful weather and convenient location, you will keen on dancing, singing performance of professional dancers dressing up the showy costumes. Furthermore, certainly, you will fancy guzzling beer even if you are not a good beer-drinker. It is amazing for you to contemplate the pristine beauty of the most spectacular beaches in Brazil at Oktoberfest. What a perfect choice!

Especially, the magnificent Oktoberfest parades will not make you disappointed due to their own colorful beauty and significance. It is a harmonious combination of unique dances between man and women, merry processions of both young and old people. Taking part in the parades is a deeply enjoyable experience you shouldn’t miss.

Brazilian New Year

famous festival in Brazil

New Year Festival of the Brazilian

Renowned as one of the most outstanding and widely popular festivals in Brazil, Brazilian New Year, also called “Ano Nove”, is annually celebrated throughout the country. Intrinsically, New Year has been considered as an important composition in the distinctive general of traditional Brazilian culture and customs.

The preparation for New Year is extremely deliberate. To welcome a New Year and relive the long-standing traditions and unique cultural identity, a half-an-hour firework is displayed to wish a happy and lucky new year and the best things for everyone. After colorful and lively firework showing, a Brazilian-style dinner with the combination of cultural food including chicken, farofa, salad, marajucá mousse and rice put together on a plate.

The most interesting part of Brazilian New Year is a numerous quantities of the entertaining festivities at the New Year night. It is extra magnificent for revelers to play musical instruments, sing the favorite songs and make the amazing dances altogether.


famous festival in Brazil

Cafe grounds and Paraty carnival night

This is a unique and artful festival celebrated in the beautiful Paraty town which is regarded as the colonial beach masterpiece. Paraty festival is taken place on all streets decorated with the splendid leaves, sawdust, coffee grounds, colorful flowers, and chalks.

On cobble streets, hundreds of young participants dance joyfully altogether. They also fancy putting on the gaudy and special costumes to join the Holy Week sparkling torchlit procession on the various streets in Paraty. Yearly, the festival is steadily organized with a popular range of activities such as new carnivals of seafood, photography, gastronomy. The Paraty festival is highly appreciated due to its own cultural and spiritual value by a majority of revelers all over the world.

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