Don't go with your kids if you want you leave foot on the following beaches

Don't go with your kids if you want you leave foot on the following beaches

Tourist destinations around the world usually welcome any visitor at all ages. However, there are a certain number of them applied age restriction; for instances, beaches where accept adults only. Well, although we love how adorable kids are, a private beach with no noise and no mischievous moves from them seems appealing, not to mention that you can do your swimming with NO CLOTHES. Let’s have a look at these interesting adult beaches where you can nude swim without being embarrassed.

Orient, St. Martin, France

Summer is the best time for beautiful beaches and white sand coasts. Orient, which is a part of the well-known Caribbean ocean, is an apple in the eye when it comes to tropical beaches and luxurious resorts. Located on the island of Saint Martin, Orient is still able to keep its raw and wild features.


Come to Orient to bath in mesmerizing blue water and enjoy watersports

The mesmerizing landscape of the beach will take you closer to nature. And ‘close’ here means nude swimming! Aside from getting off your clothes for a skinny dipping, there are a lot of activities that you can join like surfing, boating, etc. or have fun with beach parties. You might also want to check out fine restaurants, bars, and other entertaining spots.

Baker, San Francisco, the U.S

Get your beach experience by heading to Baker where you can contemplate an amazing view of the symbolic Golden Gate Bridge. Instead of sticking to traditional swimming style, why not make a bold move by taking off your swimsuit? On the north of the bridge is the ideal location to make it happen.


Who doesn't love such a jaw-dropping beach like Baker?

However, you had better keep your clothes on when you want to use public, picnic tables or other public facilities. It is the rule, so as wild as you can get, you should put that in a certain limit. Check the weather forecast before visiting here in case beach waves are intense, and it can be dangerous to get into the water.

Wreck, Vancouver, Canada

Is nude swimming your thing? Then, you should not miss this largest skinny-dipping beach in North America. With the length up to 7.8 km, this is one of the most eventful beaches in Canada. The local authority is attempting to maintain the wildlife here, so you can easily encounter an eagle flying swiftly in the sky or kingfishers building their nest on a high branch of a tree.


Wreck is an ideal place to lit up the campfire at night

Thanks to the scenery of pristine forest surrounding the beach, a swim in Wreck will definitely bring up new experiences. Foods, sun cream, and other necessary items are available to buy. You can find them on random spots the shore.

Maslin, Adelaide, Australia

The whole captivating beach is 3 km in length. People who want to go skinny dipping can do it on the south section which has been the first legal nude-swimming beach in Australia since 1975. If you are brave enough, you can take part in the famous nude festival Olympics Maslin held at each January of the year. Once you decide to be a part of the festival, you should be willing to take off all your clothes.


Apparently, Maslin is a great spot to watch the sunset

The event welcomes both men and women at all ages. It includes a lot of interesting activities like 3-legged running, tug of war, and also a competition to see who has the bigger booty. However, after being complained by the original Olympics, the name of the festival was turned into Maslin Beach Nudo Lympics, and at the present, it is called Maslin Beach Nude Games.

Plage de Tahiti, St. Tropez, France


A true vacation can be found at Plage de Tahiti

The outstanding beach is eye-catching with crystal clear water and verdant surroundings. In such poetical scenery, it is perfect to take off your clothes and go nude swimming. Do you know that the beach had made it to the screen?

In the movie, God Created Woman produced in 1956, the actress Brigitte Bardot appeared with no clothes in this blue sea of the Riviera area. As soon as you see Plage de Tahiti, you understand why they chose this place to be a scene in the movie.

Praia do Pinho, Balneário Camboriú, Brazil


Nude swimming is a popular attraction in Praia do Pinho

This is the very first nude beach in Brazil where you can feel comfortable in front of strangers with no clothes on. Actually, nudity is completely normal, and it even goes as a rule to enter the beach. At several certain spots, men cannot access without a woman coming along.

The oasis also offers a private section that is suitable for family trips, and young children are allowed to attend. You can find camping area, playgrounds for kids and bars.

Es Trenc, Mallorca, Spain

The signature tortoise blue water of the sea is what creates the reputation of this beach. Due to its marvelous appearance, it is not hard to understand why this place is crowded at weekends. You can go for your nude-swimming in the middle section of the beach. Not only swimming but you can also play baseball or doing a lot of activities while having no clothes at all.


The beauty of Es Trenc

Even when the area reunites many beaches, Es Trenc still stands out with its raw and natural beauty. You might want to have a tour to visit promising sites that are nearby the area protected natural salt flats, wetlands, etc.

Filaki, Crete, Greece


The wild landscape of Filaki makes it so appealing to visit

Nestled inside a rugged rock rim, Filaki as well as Ammoudi, which is located next to Filaki, are official nude beaches of Crete Island. Instead of smooth sand like other beaches, Filaki is uncommon with pebbles at all sizes. Apart from nude swimming, you can have a tour to discover Plakakia or the east of Filaki. You will be excited to find hidden natural caves along with small gulfs flowing through the spaces between cliffs.

Skinny dipping might be unfamiliar to some people, but with experienced ones, this term is very interesting. What is the fun of it? Let’s check-in those beaches above and find out!

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