Discover the most wonderful roads in Australia

Discover the most wonderful roads in Australia

If you are a person who has traveling spirit and love the adventures, the extensive area with a number of tourist spots will satisfy your desire. Australia must be the next destination for you. Apart from the stunning beaches, national parks with a number of native animals, the wonderful roads in Australia will not be absolutely missed on your tour to the country of kangaroo. Discovering these marvelous roads helps you collect more destination for your travel.


A visit to Australia will be incomplete without the adventures with the beautiful roads


Savannah is the road running through the rainforest in the State of Queensland and is ranked in the World’s Wonderful List in Kuranda. Coming to this road, you get an opportunity to discover the beauty of the countryside surrounding Marika. The ancient Chinese pagoda with 100-year old located in Atherton tableland will absolutely be impressed in mind of the majority of visitors at the first sight. Moreover, the magnificent waterfall – Millstream also makes you surprised.


Visitors cannot ignore Millstream as setting foot on Savannah

What is more, you will fall in love with the mysterious beauty of the system of caves in Undara Volcanic National Park and the system of the longest rocks in the world. To be able to take home the unforgettable memory from the tour to Australia in general and to Savannah in particular, you should not forget to travel to Croydon and Georgetown in order to start the journey of finding gold. Besides, watching crocodiles and exploring Central Bay certainly leave you and all visitors the great experiences too.

Explorers Highway

Strolling on this highway, you will have a chance to visit the wine cellars to know more about which way the local people make wine as well as taste the special flavor of the great wine and the palace in Barossa Valley. The capital of opal – Wilpena Pound and the thinly populated, remote town - Alice Springs will also bring you with the most impressive moments.


The train crosses the Alice Springs town

It is highly sure to say that you will be absolutely interested in the ancient rock in Kakadu National Park. Litchfield National Park offers you a chance to swim in the extremely beautiful lakes. Additionally, a range of tourist spots such as flea market, traditional festivals and the historic vestiges wish to provide visitors the most exciting experiences. The Explorers Highway will actually make your trip more exciting, don’t miss but take a tour to discover it.

Red Centre Way

Situated in the Territory of Northern Australia, Red Centre Way has become one of the ideal roads for those who love adventurous tours, especially the groups of young visitors. You are recommended to walk through the Kings Canyon and contemplate the strange beauty of the big-leg kangaroo in Simpsons Mountain Pass. Furthermore, such more adventurous activities as climbing to King and swimming in Garden of Eden are also waiting for you to experience if you are actually a person loving adventure. For all attractive spots in Red Centre Way, it is not excessive to say that this road has to be listed in the wonderful roads which are the recommended tourist spots for visitors having able to set foot on Australia.


The Kings Canyon on the Red Centre Way

Nature’s Way

Like Red Center Way, Nature’s Way is also a part of Northern Australia and is a must-visit road for your journey. To reach the Kakadu National Park which is ranked in the World Vestiges and discover the diversity of fauna and flora of it, you have to go across Adelaide and Murray river. Learning the history of the pioneers of this land in Pine Creek is very useful. Particularly, your discovery of Nature’s Way will not be complete without swimming in the fresh lakes in Litchfield National Park. So, why don’t you plan a tour to Nature’s Way for your next journey?


Nature's Way gives visitors a chance to discover the Litchfield National Park

Gibb Rive Road

Gibb Rive Road is the most famous road in Australia, therefore, it isn’t strange to say that this road annually attracts a huge number of visitors all over the world. In the tour on this road, you get a chance to visit the Windjana Gorge National Park and bushwalking on the road. Additionally, Lennard and Bell would be the best place for camping or swimming. You will be certainly impressed by the charming beauty of Mitchell waterfalls and Mitchell Plateau. Gibb Rive Road also has El Questro National Park and Chamberlain Gorge which always catch the attention of visitors when they travel to this tourist destination. Many wonderful places on Gibb Rive Road have proved that it is not a waste of time when discovering this stunning road.


The Windjana Gorge National Park will be the best place for camping

The road from Perth to Margaret River

This beautiful road runs along the way to Busselton city in the South. It is possible for you to head for the open sea by traveling boat and see dolphins and whales in the good weather or climate.

On the road to the South, you should stop off at Margaret River city to be able to try the most favorite flavor of wine in Australia in this town. Furthermore, the strong waves and the mysterious caves of Mammoth in this city are also waiting for you to explore.


The mysterious caves of Mammoth will impress a number of visitors

There is so many things to do and so many ideal destinations to visit in these wonderful roads for your adventure. Let your journey to one of these roads happen and discover your ideal travel experience.

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