Dangerous but still attractive spots over the world

What can scare you off? Facing 4.000 venomous snakes in the jungle, jumping from an incredible height, or climbing up a strikingly high peak? Well, those activities are amazingly risky, and the price to pay might be your own life. However, with bold travelers, challenges are things that excite them the most, and there’s no way to stop them from setting a new record themselves.

In order to satisfy that hunger for new adventures of yours, let’s go through the list of outstanding but dangerous tourist destinations below. Maybe you can find your new achievement after reading this!

Skellig Michael Island in Ireland:

Located in the Indian Ocean, this isolated island is far about 11.6 km away from Iveragh Island. In the 6th century, this place used to be the home to the monks. As a result, nowadays, you can still observe the old ruins of ancient monasteries. Skellig Michael Island is known as one of the World Heritage Sites in 1996. Tourists see Skellig Michael Island a symbol for the unique and typical features of religion at the early stages.

Dangerous but still attractive spots

You wouldn't want to miss such a breathtaking scenery like this

On the island, there is a 600-step stair leading the way to spectacular vestiges above. Climbing up this stair is pretty dangerous since the wind can be intensively strong while there is no handrail nor anything can guarantee your safety (it had been built more than 1.300 years ago after all!). You’d better be cautious while stepping on this stone stair.

Dive through tectonics in Silfra, Iceland:

Dangerous but still attractive spots

Just imagine yourself diving in that majestic view of Silfra Cathedral

Silfra has the clearest water source in the world. Especially, the flow of water is sandwiched between the enormous and majestic tectonics. Apparently, a lot of tourists do enjoy taking a deep dive in the depth of 100 m here. The whole location is divided into 3 main sections: Silfra Lagoon, Cathedral, and the final one are Silfra Hall. Silfra Cathedral is the most beautiful section of all. The deepest area is about 63 m in depth. The average temperature balances from 2 to 4 Dgree Celsius all year round. Plus, the marine life of Silfra is impressively diverse.

An expedition in Chad, Africa:

Dangerous but still attractive spots

Comprehend the bizarre beauty of this wild landscape

This so-called “Dead Heart of Africa” is the fifth largest countries in the continent. The reason for its deadly name is due to its separation from the ocean. Most tourists come to Chad for the impressive landscape of Ennedi Highland delivering many towering stones, and we could not miss the amazing mountain ranges of Tibet. Beautiful as it is, Chad is still unknown to many travelers because of the lack of infrastructure in tourism.

Tristan da Cunha, UK:

Dangerous but still attractive spots

Explore the isolated land of Tristan da Cunha

Named after the Spanish explorer who discovered it in 1506, Tristan da Cunha is one of the most hard-to-travel regions on our planet. Separated about 2.800 km from the mainland, this oversea area has a low profile with the population is no more than 300 people and no airport as well. Barely welcoming new guests, this land is quite similar to a closed community. They tend to do their own farming.

Cross the jungle of Borneo Island:

The territory of Borneo Island is the third-largest islands globally. Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia are three co-owners. Borneo owns the oldest rainforests formed from 140 million years ago. The pristine forest covers most parts of the island, and of course, we cannot forget to mention the variety of the ecosystem including 11.000 different types of flora.

Dangerous but still attractive spots


Go deep into the jungle and see the wonders inside it

You are encouraged to conquer Kinabalu, the highest mountains of the island with the height of 4.096 m, to make a remarkable achievement. It was once said as one of the toughest routes to conquer. Even when it is much easier to do that now, but the risk is still there. Instead of climbing, you can go for a walk in the forest for a safer experience.

Swimming in beautiful natural To Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa

The lake was created thousands of years ago after the eruption of a volcano. Well, a swimming experience in this volcano hole is definitely worth, especially for an adventurous spirit. It’s not like you get to swim inside a volcano every day, right? Immerse into the cool water of the beautiful crater while contemplating the verdant nature surrounding you.

Dangerous but still attractive spots

The beautiful lake appears in the middle of a forest

Come to the Bhutan Kingdom:

Bhutan is also similar to Tristan da Cunha for its restriction for tourism. If you want to travel to this country, you have to book your tour one month in advance. The sad news is that you might not find your accommodation in this place immediately, and it even takes you one day to find one (in a village, maybe). People are still attracted to this place though due to majestic peaks in the Eastern Himalayas and mesmerizing valleys.

Dangerous but still attractive spots

A country which has a rich religious culture

Gangkhar Puensum with the height of 7.570 m is the tallest mountain, but don’t think about climbing since there’s a prohibition for that (it was confirmed as the sacred home of gods in 1994). Maybe having a look at the breathtaking beauty of the peak is enough.

A thrilling walk in El Caminito Del Rey:

The route is located in El Chorro Village, Malaga, Spain. This dangerous path is a real challenge to anyone. The paths of El Caminito Del Rey is much more like small bridges adjoining the high cliffs. Walking is this place requires hiking tools and helmets as well. After being restored, the road is less dangerous than it used to be, but carefulness should be well-kept.

Dangerous but still attractive spots

Fortunately, the path is now safer to travel

Go deep to Sahara:

Dangerous but still attractive spots

The sandy terrain seems to be endless

The legendary Sahara Desert is one of the harshest places in the world. Passing this 9.4 million km2 of sandy land was almost unachievable before, but now, thanks to the improvement of our modern life, it becomes easier. Joining in Marathon des Sables is one of the ways to explore Sahara.

Climb the Everest:


Conquering the Everest is the dream of many adventurers

This peak is the highest as well as the most dangerous peak in anywhere in the world. Up to 8.848 m in height compared to the sea level, the peak can be approached by taking the trip to Nepal or Tibet. Air pressure and avalanches are making the journey much harder and harder.

Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

This island is practically a nest of venomous snakes, most dangerous kinds of them. Golden lancehead snake is a particular and endangered type that can only be found on this island. If you want to travel in this snake-shaped island, you’ll need permission from Brazilian Navy.

Dangerous but still attractive spots

Even the shape of the island is pretty similar to snakes, too!

Risky but tempting experiences are what those tourist spots above offer. Do you want to seek for new adventures? Choose some of them to make your dream come true.

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