Costa Rica travel experiences: Where to visit?

Located in the Central America, Costa Rica is dubbed as the paradise for those who prefer adventure travel. It also has various primeval forests with thousands of rare and exotic animals and plants. Let's discover with us some hottest destinations in this wonderful land!

Arenal volcano

In Arenal, wherever you go, it's easily to find beautiful scenery. It’s great to walk on a lush tropical slope and nearby where you find some wooden houses and cows on green grass. Peaceful atmosphere and the beauty of nature will definitely make you satisfied.

In the evening, when the temperature drops quite low, the hot springs are the most favorite place of many people. After dinner, you can immerse yourself in the hot springs or water and enjoy the beautiful scenery under the starry sky. We’re sure that it is one of the most unforgettable memories in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

The majestic beauty of Arenal volcano

Besides, there are many other interesting things to do in Arenal. You shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the Arenal Lake which is considered as the largest artificial lake in Costa Rica. It is a great place for surfing with the strong and stable wind all year round. You can also go fishing to catch some special fishes in there like Guapote or Machaca.

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Monteverde National Park

Considered as the green jewel of the Costa Rica, Monteverde National Park is one of the first and foremost tourist attractions of the world for ecotourism. It has the magical nature which a lot of rare and wild plants. Monteverde National Park is also considered as one of the seven wonders of the beautiful country.

Costa Rica

Don't miss the chance to visit Monteverde National Park

The spot is located on a vast plateau with the Height of 1,066 m above sea level. It’s the wildlife sanctuary of Costa Rica with six ecosystems in the total area of 4 ha. In there, the white cloud covers the land throughout the year, including the dry season, which makes this land look like a fairy-tale land.

It’s estimated that Monteverde is a home to more than 2,500 plant species. The flora is also diverse with more than 400 species of birds including the world's most beautiful bird with colorful colors. Other wild species like jaguars, monkeys, South American wildcat, tapirs, and about 1,200 reptiles are also found in there.

Costa Rica

Many rare and exotic species are found in there

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Cocos – the shark island

Cocos Island is an offshore island of Costa Rica. This is a convergence of shark community and other sea creatures. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of the world. The interesting thing is that when we look at the globe, the island of Cocos is almost symmetrical with Australia's Cocos (Keeling) island in the southern of Indian Ocean.

Costa Rica

A mysterious cave in the Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Visiting there, tourists can enjoy many water activities, including snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s incredible to see the wonderful life under the sea with the variety of sea creatures. Besides, in Cocos Island, there are a lot of magnificent waterfalls and underwater caves, allowing tourists discover these impressive sites in the most spectacular view.

Costa Rica

Wonderful marine life under the sea

Manuel Antinio

Known as Costa Rica's smallest national park, Manuel Antinio has most diverse ecosystem in the world, with a mix of terrains from tropical forests, white sand beach to coral reefs. Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park, you will experience the true feeling of living in the tropical forest. You can watch the tropical animals at the closest distance. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to watch rare glass frogs which got the green color and their skin is transparent.

Costa Rica

Spectacular view in Manuel Antonio National Park

Another highlight of Manuel Antonio National Park is that it provides you various recreational activities, from jungle treks to exciting water sports. Finally, your trip in Manuel Antinio would not be completed if you don’t spend time to admire the stunning sunset on the beautiful beach. Enjoyable experiences will definitely bring you unforgettable memories during your trip in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica is absolutely an ideal destination for your next holiday. With a lot of attractive sites, it will not make you disappointed, especially people who love adventure travel. Let’s come there and explore it by yourself!

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