Costa Rica is increasingly becoming a wonderful destination. Why?

Costa Rica is increasingly becoming a wonderful destination. Why?

Costa Rica tourism witnessed a breakthrough in 2015 attracting over 2.6 million tourists from around the world. Though it is a small country, people still crave for a trip to the spot once in their life because the beauty of Costa Rica is not a "monochrome" but a "colorful picture" with a variety of interesting activities to join and fairly destinations to go. Here are several reasons to visit Costa Rica right now.

Happy people

Great living standard, high life expectancy, and small ecological footprint make the country the happiest one on our planet. Pura Vida, which means a pure life, is frequently heard in this country. People here are very respectful and hard-working and they love greeting others with a big smile and a handshake.

You will find it easy to strike up a conversation with a local to ask for direction or to learn about the history and culture of the country. Additionally, Costa Rica is a totally arm-free country because the army has been abolished since 1948. All of these contribute to the peace, neutrality, and freedom of this country.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world

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Beautiful beaches

If a splendid sandy beach with cool wind and bright sunlight is your dream paradise, Costa Rico is your ideal destination. Enclosed by sea, Costa Rico is home to nearly early 300 incredible beaches along its stunning Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, each of which contains unique draw and distinct setting.

What special about beaches in Costa Rica is that over 99% of the coastal land is protected by maritime zones. You can recognize that the government attaches paramount importance to nature protection. It is also a wonderful place for couples to walk hand in hand on the endless sandy seashore along with gorgeous palm tree or to contemplate the golden sky at sunrise.

Costa Rica

Beautiful beaches with endless sandy seashore and palm trees in the country

An incredible surfing spot

Besides adventure such activities as snorkeling, kayaking, and zip lining, surfing is another reason to visit Costa Rica. Endowed with extraordinary offshore waves reaching up to 5.5 meters, Costa Rica is listed as one of the best surfing sites you should come.

That's why Costa Rica has hosted a number of international surf championships including 2016 ISA World Surfing Games. Even if you are new to surfing skills, there are numerous schools and retreats lining the coasts. These factors explain why beaches in the country always drive surfing lovers crazy.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazing spot for surfing

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An amazing biodiversity

Costa Rica is the land of diverse wildlife with nearly 500,000 flora and fauna constituting 4% of the world’s total species. Therefore, coming to this amazing land, you grasp an excellent chance to discover the mystery of forests with colorful butterflies, cute sloths and clever monkeys by your naked eyes. That monkeys hand out in the trees outside your room and sloths sleep in trees next to the highway proves humans and wild animals can live together in harmony.

Costa Rica

Cute sloths in Costa Rica

Wonderful food

Enjoying specialties is one of the biggest reason to visit Costa Rico. Cuisines in this paradise is a mixture between Latin America and Caribbean food to make enticing dishes with the main materials of fresh fish, vegetable, and fruits.

Your visit is not perfect without trying Gallo Pinto, the country’s national dish. Gallo Pinto is the combination of stir-fried beans and rice and it is normally served in the breakfast. Although it looks very simple, so many people are enamored of this tasty dish.

Costa Rica

Gallo Pinto - the traditional food of Costa Rica

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In terms of fruits, due to the high rainfall, unique temperature and terrain, Costa Rica has copious fresh and strange-looking fruits such as pejibayes, guanabana, and mangosteen. If you are a big fan of chocolate, different types of chocolate in Costa Rica will satisfy your taste. Remember to visit Villa Vanilla farms in Quepos to see how chocolate as well as vanilla is made.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - home to strange looking fruits

Costa Rica is also well-known for top-ranking coffee in the world. If you adore coffee, it will be a big mistake when you miss National Coffee Day organized annually in there. Buying a pack of coffee as a souvenir for your relatives and family is a good idea. Food with vivid colors, aromatic smell and delicious taste in this beautiful land will definitely lure all your sense.

If you are planning a vacation to escape from every hustle and bustle of life, don't bother to come to Costa Rica. Magnificent beaches with exceptional waves, hospital people, delectable food, and colorful forests won't let you down. I'm sure that you will find more than 5 reasons to visit Costa Rica.

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