Come And Explore Some Little Known But Interesting Tourist Destinations In Cebu

Come And Explore Some Little Known But Interesting Tourist Destinations In Cebu

The Philippines is increasingly becoming a popular choice for many travelers not only in Asia, but also in other regions all over the world. Therefore, whenever you have the chance to come to the country, you can’t miss Cebu - one of the most preferred tourist spots in the beautiful country. Cebu city is always famous for paradise islands, majestic waterfalls and interesting outdoor activities. However, there are many other things about the attraction that very few visitors know. If you are interested in those pieces, come and explore!

The Heritage of Cebu Monument - A vivid picture of Cebu history

To get there, you can take bus and taxi. If you want to have more fascinating experience, take a jeepney – one of the unique transportation you can find in the philippines only, and then ask the driver to let you off at the site.


Come to the site, you can easily learn about Cebu history through live sculptures

The monument was built by a local artist and donated by both individuals and organizations. It is an ideal place for those who love discovering beautiful history of the city in particular and the Philippines in general. There are many sophisticated sculptures showing numerous historic events which will give you a vivid picture of religion, independence and freedom of the country. You can go around, taking great and perfect pictures of many attractive sections such as the Basilica del Santo Niño church, the Christian martyrs, the battle of Mactan, the Magellan’s Cross, etc.


The Heritage of Cebu Monument shows historic events so vividly and lively

It will be not only a place for visiting, but also a place for teaching historical lessons as well. The spot is close to Yap-san Diego house which belongs to the Casa Gorordo Museum complex, so you should take some steps to come to the site because it will also give you great moments when you finish your tour to Cebu. If you want to explore more, come and visit the site.

You will be amazed at the majestic structure of Cebu Taoist temple

This tourist site is considered as one of the best places to enjoy quietness and fresh atmosphere. If you are a worshiper of Taoism, it will be a great site to pay a visit. Situated on the top Beverly Hills, the temple can be reached by taking a quite long walk with 81 steps on the stairs way leading to the spot.

After you get the gateway, you will be awarded by the unique Chinese structure of the temple and perfect view of the whole Cebu city. You can have a calm walk, going around the site to enjoy pure air and lush green scenery.


The first glance of Cebu Taoist temple

There are many must-see areas in the campus; however, the lovely garden attracts more visitors than the other because of its natural and gorgeous beauty. You would fall in love with it at the first glance. Doing photo takings will be allowed, but there are some areas where you are not permitted to do that, so you have to take a tour guide with you for clear explanation.


You will be delighted by its majestic beauty

What next? Yap-san Diego house

The house now is managed by Mr. Val Sandiego – an art collector in Cebu city. The two storey-house has been well preserved for many decades. It was built mainly by using coral stones for the base, clay for the roof and wood for other parts. Being almost opposite to The Heritage of Cebu Monument, it is very easy to get the spot by public transportation from the city center. If you are visiting the monument, it just takes few steps to come. In front of the ancestral house, you can see the green trees and some small bonsais.


Yap-san Diego house at night is romantic and peaceful

When coming to the house, it is interesting to see the simple architectures in the first floor with wooden things, religious artifacts and lovely paintings telling stories about San Diego family’s generations. The second floor can be reached by walking some steps on the wooden stairs. If you go outside, you can find a small patio and wooden canoe.

After exploring all things about the house, remember to come back the house at night to enjoy its romantic beauty thanks to colorful lights and peaceful atmosphere. If you love this place, come to it between 9 am and 6 pm from Monday to Sunday and pay a small entrance fee.

Jumalon Buttefly Sanctuary and Art Gallery

Want a place to get close to nature? Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery is the place to be. You can visit the site every day of the week. The place opens within eight and a half hours starting from 8.30 in the morning. Various kinds of butterflies flying around and lovely flora can be found there.

You will not only have the chance to enchant the gorgeous beauty of the species in different colors and shapes in the garden, but will be given an opportunity to learn about its life-cycle also. That is the main reason why many parents come there to help their children learn about nature in lively way.


Beautiful butterflies you can see in Jumalon Buttefly Sanctuary

Then come to the butterfly collection section to get more knowledge about 24 types of specimen for studying and researching. Other collections such as seashells, rocks, eggs, coins, etc are also wonderful things for you to take and bring home awesome pictures. The place also offers a mini-museum and art gallery. The gallery is particularly interesting because most of the paintings there are made from recycled damaged butterflies and moth wings.

In addition to beautiful landscapes and seascapes, Cebu also offers such historic sites as Cebu Taoist Temple and The Heritage of Cebu Monument for those who want to get to know about mysterious things in Philippines’ national history. For nature lovers, Jumalon Buttefly Sanctuary and Art Gallery won’t make them disappointed. If those things are worth for a visit, come to the city whenever you get the chance and take home wonderful memories.

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