China is world-famous for numerous imposing mountains

China – a large country located in the Southeast Asia is a hot destination that tourists shouldn’t miss. It’s famous for majestic mountains with natural beauty and long history. If you are a big fan of climbing, let’s take a visit to the most imposing mountains in China to have the best experience than ever!

1. Mount Emei

Emei is located in the south-western of Sichuan province. With its highest peak, Wanfo Top, at 3,099 meters, it’s known as the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. Emei has about 26 Buddhist temples and shrines.

Golden Summit in there was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Besides, this mountain is also an ideal place to see autumn leaves. In autumn, the mountain is outstanding with golden-red leaves, creating a romantic view to admire. Wannian Temple, the Elephant Washing Pool, and the Golden Summit are three places for tourists to get the best view.

mountains in China

Amazing view of Mount Emei

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2. Yellow Mountain (Mount Huangshan)

Huangshan Mountains is located in Huangshan City. This is a famous spot that can’t be ignored when traveling to China. In there, you will have the chance to admire the amazing white clouds floating on the top of the mountain and wonderful sunrise scene. It has many special features like imposing peaks, steep cliffs and fantastic caves that make it outstanding among others. In 1990, the famous mountain in China was recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO.

mountains in China

Mount Huangshan is covered with white clouds

3. Mount Taishan

Mount Taishan situated in the middle of Shandong Province is a typical symbol of the Chinese traditional mountains with a long history and an outstanding historic status. With a total area of 426 sq km, it’s known as "Chief of the Five Sacred Mountains". Jade Emperor Peak is the highest peak of Tai Mount with the height of 1,545 meters above sea level.

At the top, there are many temples and other architectural works like Dongyue Temple, Master Shrine, etc. On the mountain, there are 20 architectural ensembles and more than 2,000 historical and cultural relics. According to historical records, there are more than 10,000 trees that are over a hundred years old and more than 3,300 trees between 330 and 1,000 years old. Along with the ancient trees are the streams with pure and cool water.

Today, Mount Tai is still one of the most attractive mountain in China.

mountains in China

Poetic scenery of Taishan Mountain, Shandong Province

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4. Mount Lushan

Mount Lushan is located in southern Jiujiang City. It has a total area of 302 square kilometers. Dahanyang Peak, which is about 1,474 meters above sea level, is the highest peak of Lushan Mount. The mountain is famous for its fascinating landscapes with cliffs, waterfalls and clouds. Therefore, it’s an ideal summer destination for tourists to relax and immerse in the beauty of nature.

Some popular attractions at Mount Lu that you should pay a visit include Luling Lake, the Immortal Caverns, Three Tiled Springs, Five Old Men Peaks and the Peach Blossom Garden. Thanks to its rich culture and long history, Lushan Mountain deserves to be a UNESCO World Heritage.

mountains in China

Spectacular scenery of Mount Lushan

5. Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai (Five Terrace Mountain) is an exotic mountain that has natural beauty and cultural heritage. The mountain is well-known for its Buddhist culture, historical relics and ancient folk art. Mount Wutai has many temples which are made of various materials like brick, wood, iron or glazed glass. Here are the five temples that are the most famous in Wutai: Luohou Temple, Xiantong Temple, Manjusri Temple, Shuxiang Temple, and TayuanTemple. Along with temples, Mount Wutai also owns breath-taking natural views such as high peaks, odd-shaped rocks, steep cliffs, gorgeous caves, clear streams and bubbling springs. mountains in China

The fascinating scene of Mount Wutai in sunset

6. Mount Hua

Situated in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, Mount Hua is well-known for its narrow paths and natural steep crags. At the height of 2,155 meters, five peaks of Hua Mountain create an exotic and fascinating scenery. The best site to see the sunrise is The East Peak. The site also has many outstanding Taoist temples like Jade Spring Temple and Xiyue Temple.

mountains in China

It's a fantastic experience to climb to the summit of Mount Hua

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Here is the list of imposing mountains in China that you should set feet on when traveling to the beautiful Asian country. Let’s come and get the most unforgettable experience ever!

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