Check out the best places in the world for mudbath

If you want to find a completely unique way of healing, relaxing and beautifying at the same time, mud bath is highly worth a try. Mudbath is increasingly popular these days with the beauty-conscious, including both man and woman. Any sludgy thing tends to get a bad skin, but take a look at the following locations where it is rumoured to keep you healthy, pretty, and spry. Let’s check out the best places in the world for mudbath !!!

Boryeong, Korea

Korea is a country of festival. But when it comes to international attendance, none can rival the Boryeong Mud Festival. Each summer, thousands of holiday-makers across the globe head to Boryeong Daechoen Beach to attend the famous Mudfest, where ultimate happiness is laced with every moment.

places for mudbath

Whether for fun or for beauty, Boryeong is a dream destination

Normally a tranquil and placid coastal city, Boryeong has changed its look into Northeast Asia’s premiere shit show each summer. The festival was created in 1998 to promote Korea’s mud cosmetic industry. Boryeong mud is high in minerals, especially germanium and bentonite, radiating infrared rays which are considered skin food.

Calistoga, Napa Valley, US

Nestled in the pure heart of the Napa Valley, in the serene town of Calistoga, the Golden Haven Hot Springs makes a perfect getaway for who’re tired of a bustle and hustle of city life. Come to experience the magic of the healing mudbath and rejuvenating spa treatments.

places for mudbath

Enjoying while beautifying. It’s life !

The Calistoga’s mud has a long history, beginning with the eruption of MtKonocti that covers all region with the mineral-rich volcanic ash dating back to 8 million years ago. The ash is mixed with hot spring water, making a light texture mud which can soothe your muscles and detoxify your skin. Highly recommended !

Hell’s Gate Mud Bath Spa, New Zealand

Overlooking New Zealand’s spectacular scenery, Hells Gate Mud Bath Spa will capture your heart with a body-and-soul retreat. The spa offers excellent mud bath experience with boiling muds and steaming waters - the beast and the beauty of historic geothermal mudbath and sulphur spa.

places for mudbath

A great body-and-soul retreat will captivate your heart !

Treat yourself to a revitalizing therapy. The best choice is taking a tour of the geological wonders in daylight before settling in at the extensive spa for all things mud - from face to foot treatment and full-body baths. Come for an ultimate relaxation!

Volcán El Totumo, Colombia

Should “jumping into a volcano” be on your bucket list, book a trip to Volcán El Totumo, Colombia and make the dream come true! The surroundings offers amazingly panoramic views of mountains, forests and lakes. Enjoy a tour of the beautifully landscaped region before heading to the volcano itself - the highlight of your trip!

places for mudbath

An once-of-a-lifetime experience!

Sit inside the mud volcano and admire beautiful views of the Santa Catalina region. You also can make some friends with other visitors when playing together. The mud is not only relaxing but its minerals help rejuvenate your skin. This is a funny Colombian experience you won't forget!

Wadden Sea, German

Along parts of its Danish, Dutch and German shorelines, the North Sea comes with a different name: Wadden Sea. A wonderful creation of Mother nature: tide goes, leaving mud flats strech as far as the eyes could see. Playing around or walking across the mud is a well-loved pastime.

places for mudbath

Where the land and the sea meet and blend !

You will feel different, far far away from daily life when experiencing the open horizon, salty wind and watching clouds of birds. Don’t miss to soak in the salty, mineralized mud, which is said to help you brighten your skin !

Milky Way Lagoon, Palau

A cluster of tiny islands dotted with virgin forest and laced with aqua waters, the Palau seems to hold ancient mysteries. All pretty much expected. But, there is something very unexpected - the mystical beauty powers of white limestone mud in blue Milky Way Lagoon.

places for mudbath

Heavenly Milky Way Lagoon!

Be wowed at the breathtaking scenery with crystal blue water in the spotless white background of mud. Coat yourself in the excellent white sludge before jumping in the warm tropical waters. Locals say you’ll look like 10 years younger. Just a thought of it makes me thrilling!

Mud sometimes emerges as a horribly disgusting stuff but when it comes to medical field, you may think it twice. Mudbath is now a repeated keyword in every beauty forum. Come to some of best places for an ultimate mudbath with a sense of adventure and have the first try of a true mudbath experience, it won’t make you disappointed !

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