Central America Travel: Must-see Attractions To Check-in

Do you know that Central America is just a narrow part of the land that connects the North America with South America? Although this area is made up some small and tropical countries that could be easy to pass on a map, all represent a complicated mix of tropical wildlife, ancient ruins and cultures, stunning beaches, and active volcanoes. Here are must-see attractions to check-in you shouldn’t miss visiting no matter what reason is.

1. Belize

Central America

Check-in Great Blue Hole in Belize

For a Central America Travel, your first destination should be Belize since it’s entirely suitable for those who love discovering nature, underwater world, the jungle, or just want to relax on beautiful sandy Caribbean islands.

Besides, Belize is home to the second biggest coral reef system that attracts many visitors every year. Among them, the Great Blue Hole is known as one of the world’s most popular dive sites. Or you can head inland to enjoy a fully separate range of must-see attractions around ancient caves, river networks, and Mayan ruins.

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2. Costa Rica

Central America

Get a bird view of Manuel Antonio Park in Costa Rica

This is a wonderful country with flawless beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, dark cloud forests, stunning river valleys, and imposing active volcanoes, so it’s able to be understood why a huge number of visitors come to Costa Rica every year.

Try setting feet in Corcovado National Park to know about what the tropical rainforest and coastline has to offer. Or stop at Manuel Antonio Park to discover some natural habitats and an excess of endangered species. Of course, there are numerous beautiful natural wonders so that you can experience all days without feeling bored.

3. El Salvador

Central America

Discover Maya civilization in El Salvador

For the first time coming to El Salvador, you will be amazed by its impressive volcanic landscapes as well as the hospitability and friendliness of the locals. There are various must-see attractions to check-in, including Cerro Verde National Park, Lake Ilopango, Catedral de Santa Ana, Alcaldia Municipal de Santa Ana, and so on. Of course, it will be a big mistake if you forget to visit alluring archaeological sites of the Maya civilization in El Salvador. Additionally, its capital San Salvador is described as the most enticing places than the others in the Central America region.

4. Guatemala

Central America

Visit temples of Tikal in Guatemala

Guatemala is another famous country to travel and ideal for those who want to check out more Mayan culture in Central America. Furthermore, there are many volcanoes and wild terrains to adventure. A good starting point for your journey is Antigua. Since this place offers lots of colonial buildings as well as cobblestone streets, you can feel at ease right after landing.

The next stop should be at Livingston, a small and peaceful town, where you can jump in the crystal-clear water. Continue heading to Flores to uncover mysterious temples of Tikal and don’t miss visiting Lake Atitlán and the surrounding towns before leaving.

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5. Honduras

Central America

Snorkeling and diving activities are the best experiences in Honduras

Not only is Honduras filled with both history and intriguing adventure chances but also one of the cheapest travel destinations in the Central American region. This tropical paradise draws a large number of tourists every year because of picturesque mountains, lush rainforests, and stunning islands.

Furthermore, it gives direct access to the world’s second biggest barrier reef. So, you can enjoy the best snorkeling and diving activities in this place with ease. What’s more, a discovery of Mayan ruins and colonial villages should be in your travel lists.

6. Panama

Central America

Panama offers stunning beaches with crystal-clear water

Arguably, Panama is the most forgotten country in Central America by tourists. But, it’s truly a great place for discovering uninhabited tropical islands, dazzling beaches, exotic native culture, and beautiful skyline.

Also, Panama brings an extraordinary diversity of wildlife (especially birds) and ancient, hidden attractions that you need to take lots of times to explore. A trip to San Blas Islands will give you a chance to meet Kuna tribe as well as enjoying a breathtaking view of crystal clear waters. Or you might fall in love with Playa Las Lajas right after soaking yourself in the warm and calm water. On the whole, if you’re love exploring Caribbean Island and native culture, Panama is your ideal destination.

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7. Nicaragua

Central America

Get the stunning aerial view of Nicaragua

It can be said that Nicaragua is a perfect place for adventurous travelers who love looking for something truly unique and exotic. With many interesting things to do and must-see attractions in this beautiful country, you can uncover colonial cities or a complex yet captivating history or appealing culture and art by yourself.

Or you just sit on a gorgeous beach or take a dip in a stunning lake within lush green forests. Since tourism is quite new in Nicaragua, you will get a big opportunity to sink yourself in a raw, unharmed culture and natural environment.

A Central America Travel to seven countries brings lots of must-see attractions to check-in and tons of interesting things to do. Which place do you prefer to visit for your next vacation? Honduras, Belize, or Panama? Think carefully before choosing one and then arrange your travel plan. Time to set forth and learn new things of a new destination!

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