Central America: Reasons to spend your holiday in Nicaragua

Have you ever heard of Nicaragua? If you have not, it is truly your loss. There are countless reasons why you should spend our holiday in Nicaragua, but before knowing that, having some tiny bits of knowledge about Nicaragua doesn’t harm anyone.

Get to know Nicaragua


A volcano in Nicaragua

Situated in Central America, Nicaragua is sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. With the total area of more than 130,000 square meters, it has become the largest country in Central America. One fourth of the nation's population settle their lives in Managua - the capital of the country.

The official languages spoken by Nicaragüenses are Spanish. English speakers can be found mostly in hotels and resorts. People are generally friendly, but can have mood swing due to the weather. The seasons can be split into 2 types: dry months and rainy months. From November to April, it is quite dry and hot in the Pacific lowlands. From May and October, it is recommended not to travel to Nicaragua during this period due to cloudiness and even some hurricane.

Culture of Nicaragua is deeply influenced by Europeans, but it is furthermore enriched by Americans. Therefore, traditional dishes can be quite tempting to those coming from Europe.

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How to get there?


Managua International Airport

There are some points you need to remember before your holiday in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a strange country where they require a small fee (besides visa) to enter the country: US $10. So make sure that you have your change right in your pocket.

There is an international airport in Managua with regular flight from the USA and Europe too. Once arrived, visitors can spot many taxis outside; however, this is quite an expensive option especially when the taxi driver wants to overcharge foreigners. It is better to contact your accommodation first for arranging a welcome shuttle bus.

Besides air flights, you can actually reach Nicaragua by bus or boat among neighbor countries in Central America.

Reasons to spend your holiday in Nicaragua

Because there are tons of activities in this country.

Visit Granada


Surreal Granada

Granada is the most well-known city in Nicaragua with beautiful scenery which can always become a painting from any angle. Tourists can spend their leisure time exploring the depth of history in this city for the whole day. Next days can be filled up with escaping to the countryside.

You can hike onto Volcán Mombacho and get surprised by hot springs around its foothills. Besides that, archipelago waterworld at Las Isletas and hyper beaches at the Peninsula de Asese will satisfy the thirst for water enthusiasts.


Volcán Mombacho

Nature reserve Laguna de Apoyo is another must-see location here with deep old crater lake. If your ability allows, you can swim down to 200 meters to make to the bottom of the lake.

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Bet on your luck at Lago de Nicaragua (or Cocibolca)


Iconic view of Lago de Nicaragua from Isla de Ometepe

Why bet on your luck? Lago de Nicaragua is quite notorious for fierce storms because of strong wind stream coming from the Pacific Ocean. Still, this lake attracts thousands of visitors per year because of its tranquility on the calm lake surface (when there is no storm, of course!). With surface area of more than 8,000 square kilometers, the lake is so huge that it holds 2 volcanic islands: Ometepe and Zapatera and 1 archipelago of the Solentiname Islands.

Twin volcanic peaks on Isla de Ometepe alone can make the hit for your holiday in Nicaragua. Because of fertilized soil from previous eruptions of the volcano, nature here is extremely prosperous with increasing wildlife population. Surrounding water is also crystal clear with wide beaches for your relaxation.

The Solentiname Islands is home to various bird species, fish, and an iconic type of deer named La venada (The Doe).

Leave your heart in León


Cultural León

If Granad is where people "think" as authentic vibe of Nicaragua, León is actually where locals come to enjoy cultural events. At any corner you can stumble on breath-taking churches, unbelievable art collections, fine-dining restaurants and on-going nightlife. Museums after museums, galleries after galleries, they all will make you fall in love with charming León.


Ash surfboarding on Cerro Negro Volcano

Another activity makes León stand out: volcano surfing. Just right out of the town, the Cerro Negro Volcano is a popular spot for surfers who want to experience something different. Here there is not a single drop of water to surf on, but trillions of sand speculators around the active volcano.

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Interested tourists must book a tour with local tourism agencies because this is quite a dangerous sport. Each of you will be provided with jumpsuit in case of danger. You don't have to be a professional surfer to join this activity, as sitting on surfing board is a part of the fun too.

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