Castle hotels: Really for big fans of fairy-tale beauty

Nowadays, old castles are not only places to visit, but also comfortable accommodations for travelers to stay. They are refurbished and repurposed to be castle hotels which perfectly blend the charming antiquity of bygone days and conveniences of modern times. These hotels are appealing many tourists from all over the world, especially those who always wish to be lost in the fairy-tale world.

1. Ashford (Ireland)

Built on 350 acres of spectacular wooded land, the old Irish castle went through extravagant renovations and is now reused as a luxury hotel. Recently, it has been officially ranked as the best hotel in the world. Coming to Ashford, you get the chance to relax in a magnificent and modernly furnished room, and savor appetizing specialties.

You can also participate in a wide range of interesting outdoor activities, like archery, horse riding, clay pigeon shooting, or hawk training. What a noble lifestyle!

Castle hotels

Fabulous castle hotel in Ireland - Ashford

2. Skibo (Dornoch, Scotland)

This castle hotel is mainly home to the exclusive Carnegie Club, invented by Andrew Carnegie who bought the property in the 19th-century. Therefore, the accommodations and facilities of the castle are just accessible to the members and their guests. All the bedrooms are imbued with the 19th century grandeur. There is no bar in there because staffs are always ready to proffer foods and drinks to you whenever you want.

Castle hotels

Skibo - A magnificent castle

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3. Neuschwanstein (Germany)

This picturesque castle is one of the best tourist attractions in Germany. You will be caught up in fantasy by the unforgettable dreamlike beauty of Neuschwanstein. When you look down from the windows of the castle, you will gaze in awe the splendid scenery composed of the deep green forest, the winding river, and small houses scattered over the foot of the Alps. At night, when all lights are lit, the castle appears more glorious, standing out from surrounding dark woods.

Castle hotels

Neuschwanstein looks gorgeous in every corner

4. Schlosshotel Kronberg (Germany)

Schlosshotel Kronberg, formerly owned by Empress Victoria Friedrich, looks more like an art museum than a hotel because this romantic castle is filled with antiques and paintings. The castle itself is sensitively designed and delicately decorated like a work of art. In the afternoon, you can sit in the library enjoying tea, or chill out on the spacious outdoor terrace overlooking the beautiful garden.

Castle hotels

Luxurious banqueting suites in Schlosshotel Kronberg

5. Amberley (England)

Set on a large area in the Sussex countryside, this beautiful castle is still proudly standing after 900 years. Surrounded by great walls is a luxury hotel that offers food and service of the best quality. Amberley’s rich history still remains in the interior design and decoration of the castle. The accommodation also includes a romantic venue designed for weddings.

Castle hotels

The poetic beauty of the 900-year-old castle

6. Peckforton (Cheshire, England)

This medieval castle is recognized as the national heritage with past glory days and is now turned into a multi-functional castle hotel. Stunning bedrooms which are uniquely themed and lavishly designed are equipped with contemporary conveniences. Besides, Peckforton is a well-known venue for meetings, conferences, and especially weddings.

The castle also organizes many fun and challenging activities, such as mountain biking, archery, or air rifle shooting for you to enjoy.

Castle hotels

Beautiful settings for a wedding at the Peckforton castle

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7. Fairmont Chateau Frontenac (Canada)

Located in Quebec City, the iconic hotel Chateau Frontenac boasts the tradition, history, and extravagance of Canada. As an amazing example of a Chateau-style hotel, it is labeled as the national historic site. Stepping inside, you will be overwhelmed by impressive facilities like elegant restaurants, swimming pools, steam rooms, and a gym. From each room, you can admire the breathtaking view of the beautiful city.

Castle hotels

Fairmont Chateau Frontenac - The symbol of Quebec City

8. Dalhousie (Scotland)

Dating back to the 13th century, Dalhousie was the former fortress lying within a quiet woodland. It has 35 en-suite guest rooms, including 29 individually-designed rooms inside Dalhousie, and the others located near the castle. This castle hotel is also famous for leisure activities. It offers the Aqueous spa with relaxing and therapeutic treatments like ottoman, hydro pool, or Kneipp foot baths.

Castle hotels

A dreamlike Dalhousie at twilight

9. Auf Schönburg (Germany)

Because the castle is located at the heart of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, you have the chance to explore its beautiful natural surroundings, including vineyards, wood paths, meadows, and the river. The magnificent view can also be admired from the balcony or terrace of each room in there. Like many other castle hotels, all the rooms are uniquely decorated. The highlight of Auf Schönburg is the splendid garden where guests can linger and chill out under the sun.

Castle hotels

The beautiful castle hotel is located in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

10. Parador de Cardona (Barcelona, Spain)

Here comes another unassailable fortress built in the medieval style. The exterior looks very charming, but it will take you lots of time to explore everything. This hotel is highly appreciated for its tasteful decoration and high-quality service.

Castle hotels

Parador de Cardona - One of the most impregnable fortress in the world

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Many travelers chose those castle hotels not only to relax but also to open their eyes with the interesting history of the castles. That is the reason why those beautiful and unique hotels are worth visiting once in a lifetime.

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