Caribbean: Best resorts for the best summer holiday ever

Travelling in summer is more wonderful than ever before with beautiful blue beaches, white sand dunes and blooming flowers in Caribbean. This splendid destination will bring you stunning scenery at the following best resorts. Let's check it out!

St. Lucia: Calabash Cove Resort & Spa

This is one of the most favorite destinations that you should definitely stay in Caribbean. They are nicely designed to harmonies with the nature so that couples can enjoy their perfect honeymoon and recharge their batteries.

resorts in Caribbean

A nice corner to watch the stunning beach in there

The complex is divided into 13 rows of rooms, overlooking stunning Mosaic beach. From the balcony of your room, it is possible to admire crystal water and shady trees. There are a lot of state-of-the-art facilities for you to relax. St Lucian crabs or tempura octopus mixed with sour ginger are famous foods that you should give a shot.

It is a can’t-miss experience to indulge in the private swimming pool with a bar. You can not only watch the sunset in water but also enjoy fresh cocktail with your lovers. The price starts from $595 per night.

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Antigua: Jumby Bay Resort

resorts in Caribbean

A modern and spacious room at the beautiful resort

If you prefer new experiences, Jumby Bay is an ideal option among best resorts in Caribbean. Completed in 2009, this hot spot is not only spacious but also exciting, which attracts thousands of visitors. There is a residence area with 40 rooms and 14 villas in proximity to the beach. You can choose among such various options to rock your holiday.

When you enter the room, you are sure to be knocked out by the incredible space and glorious lighting. It looks like a palace well-equipped with modern equipment. Most of the rooms facing the beach, so enjoying a stunning scene of the sun setting down on the blue water is a joyful experience.

resorts in Caribbean

Have a sunbath in a nice day in Jumby

If you want to have mouth-watering meals, do not hesitate to come to Verandah. There are a variety of sea foods to make you full. Lovers should certainly hire a seat on Pasture Bay at night to watch a star-full sky and sip a wonderful cup of wine together. The price is a little bit high, from $1,550, but it’s worth a try.

Antigua: Hermitage Bay Resort

Another famous place that you can choose to stay during Caribbean trip is Hermitage Bay Resort. It is sited along the white sandy coastlines and only takes you 10 minutes from the bustling center. The resorts are designed delicately, combining trees, swimming pools and residences. This offers you an absolute escape from your busy lives.

resorts in Caribbean

Escape from your life by a romantic meal with your lovers at Hermitage Bay Resort

The main highlight of this beach resort in Caribbean rests on the diverse cuisines from different countries such as India or China. Especially, it’s possible to take part in cooking classes where you have chances to prepare mouth-watering dishes for your loved ones. How wonderful it is to spend the morning on the beach and enjoy your self-made meals in the evening! Remember to book in advance as they will run out of seat quickly. All these exciting experiences only cost you from $920.

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St. Lucia: The Body Holiday Resort

This is a perfect resting heaven for anyone who likes body treatment. As suggested from the name, you are sure to have beautiful moments relaxing and indulging in a variety of therapies. Each day, there will be a 50-minute treatment organized at the foot of the hills. After spending at the spa, it’s possible to stay in spacious and nice-looking rooms.

resorts in Caribbean

Perfect settings for a relaxing spa body treatment

Besides, stores and restaurants are also predominant features of The Body Holiday Resort. For special occasions, you should visit TAO restaurant where foods are delicately decorated and full of flavors. Prepare your budget as it costs at least $900 per night.

Antigua: Curtain Bluff Resort

resorts in Caribbean

Stretch yourself in the gateway to stunning nature

It is true that a beautiful resort in Caribbean cannot lack the presence of splendid beach. Antigua is not an exception. It is considered one of the best resort in the famous tourist destination. With white roofs and charming curling, Curtain Bluff looks like clouds floating on the sky.

The main attraction of this place lies in the design and furniture. All the 72 rooms are provided with crystal glass windows, ceilings and floors to bring a sense of spaciousness and harmony with the beach. The furniture is in black and white style, making them look not only modern but also luxurious.

resorts in Caribbean

Have delicious dinner by the beach at Curtain Bluff

For tasty meals, Tamarind Tree is the best option with dim light and cozy atmosphere. You are sure to have unforgettable memories with your family and friends in there. Prices start from $760, depending on your room type and services.

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Your summer holidays cannot miss the time on beautiful beaches along the coastlines with greenish trees. Caribbean would be a perfect destination to fulfill you dream journey with your lover. These best resorts in there will leave you the most memorable moments ever.

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