Canada: Most impressive buildings you have to set feet on

Canada is unparalleled for its natural beauty, ranging from its secluded lakes to huge mountains, wild forests and breathtaking glaciers. But, the allure of this magnificent country not only comes with the wonderful outdoors, but it is also recognized as one of the most multi-cultural in the globe by far.

As a result, regardless of whether you are keen on visiting a live theater or enjoying river rafting, Canada will never make you disappointed. But, what makes the country stand out from others is its ancient, unique and imposing architecture easily seen through many impressive buildings here. Keep reading to get yourself well-informed!


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1. CN Tower

The CN Tower should be added to your itinerary during a trip to Toronto. As one of the world’s seven modern wonders, it is the highest standing structure of Canada. Regardless of day or night, some of the city’s most gorgeous views can be watched from the very top, through shooting up the floors by a glass elevator.

Many guests immediately fall in love with enjoying and getting the spectacular views of the Toronto Skyline under a heavy blanket of snow from SkyPod! At that time, a glimpse of the Islands, the Lakeshore, the downtown core, the Harbourfront, and the surrounding areas are gathered in your vision.


The tallest structure in Canada – CN Tower

In general, the best time to check-in the CN Tower without facing the crowds is going early in the morning (from 9 AM to 11 AM) or in the evening (after 5 PM). It is possible to suffer a long 2-hour queue if you visit here during peak hours.

2. Habitat 67

The famous attraction in Canada is really one of the most iconic landmarks in Montreal city. Designed by Moshe Safdie – an eminent architect, this building was said to symbolize the housing complex of the future. At first, Safdie simply wanted to expand the residential complex as well as give the individuality and diversity of private housing in an urban context. However, a lack of funds forced him to carefully review his plans.


The weird design of Habitat 67

The full structure today consists of 354 pre-fabricated concrete blocks, which are assembled to form about 3 pyramids, 12 floors as well as 146 independent units. There are generally more than 150 apartments in total. Each of them contains between 1 and 8 eight modules. At that time, such apartments are well-connected by stairs, walkways, and elevators.

The roofs of the apartments below are also taken advantage of as gardens or terraces for the ones above. Though Habitat 67 gets its name reputable all over the world for its special modular design, what does make it a stunning building is how it relates to the surrounding environment.

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3. New City Hall

Completed on 13th, September, 1965, New City Hall of Toronto remains one of the most iconic structures in the city. The truth is that ideas to expand Old City Hall started as early as 1925. During this period, proposals for a new place to house municipal government and courts of the city were approved. Located on a tract of land north of Queen Street West and west of Bay Street, such modern design was conceived by Viljo Revell.


A corner of New City Hall of Toronto

Thanks to the great harmony of both the new and old Toronto City Halls, guests can feel inspired to spread their eyes over these spectacular buildings. For those who are interested in architecture, then both of them are a perfect place to explore and take imposing photos.

4. Rogers Center

Located in downtown of Toronto’s Entertainment District, Ontario, Canada, the famous attraction in Canada (originally called SkyDome) is a multipurpose stadium. Established in 1989 on the former Railway Lands, the stadium is supposed to be home to the Toronto Blue Jays (the Major League Baseball) as well as the Toronto Argonauts (the Canadian Football League).

Here is where you can watch baseball matches and football games in action, listen to concerts of noted bands, go a behind-the-scene guided stadium tour, or simply enjoy family shows. Make sure to mingle with the heated and noisy atmosphere cheered by nearly 45,000 fans for their favorite sports teams.


Visit Rogers Center stadium and join in the lively atmosphere

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In order to purchase tickets for events, you are advised to check in the stadium’s box office or access the official website of Rogers Center for more information. Feel hungry while visiting the stadium? Don’t forget to make your stomach full by coming to a range of food options. It is quite possible to find everything at hand, ranging from a small market selling food to simple Buffalo wings and hot dogs.

Of course, we all have ever walked by any building and uttered “wow” at least once in a lifetime. So, let these impressive buildings in Canada make use say this word again! To be sure, their sheer beauty, uniqueness and design are what leave you enthralled.

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