Can't wait to see with your own eyes 10 of most famous attractions in Argentina

Being the second largest country in South America, Argentina possesses a diversity of landscapes, including high mountains, forests, flat plains and ocean. Such geographical features result in a variety of attractions destined across the country, from the mighty Iguazu Falls in the North to the Glacier Perito Moreno in the South. Collecting and evaluating those destinations, we shall provide you with top 10 favorite places in Argentina.

1. Ibera Provincial Reserve

Ibera Provincial Reserve is a protected area located in Ibera Wetlands. It is the second largest natural preserve area in the world. The total area of this destination is from 15,000 to 20,000 square kilometers. Shaped by water depth, soil origin and the elevation, Ibera is combined by over 10 distinct natural communities such as open water, grassland savanna and gallery forests.

Meanwhile, the number of wildlife species in this protected land is also incredible with approximately 1,600 species of plants, 360 species of birds and so on.

famous attractions in Argentina

Ibera Provincial Reserve is really for nature lovers

2. Ushuaia City

Ushuaia is known with another nickname of “The End of the world”. Surrounded by Magellanic forest and Martial mountain, Ushuaia welcomes thousands of tourists every year with its magnificent, yet intriguing beauty.

famous attractions in Argentina

A cruise port at Ushuaia City

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3. Mendoza City

famous attractions in Argentina

Mendoza City shines at night

The city of Mendoza is considered as “the heart of wine industry” in Argentina. Tourists shall visit the city at the Eastern side of the Andes range. Also at this destination, the grapes garden is uniquely grown on the highest location in the world. Additionally, in recent years, various corporations have successfully been optimizing the city tourism by offering customers with different types of traveling activities such as rowing or ice-skating.

4. Monte Fitz Roy Mountain

famous attractions in Argentina

The picturesque beauty of Monte Fitz Roy Mountain

Thanks to the irresistible beauty of the landscape, this 3,375-meter-high spike becomes a prominent attraction among international tourists, especially for photographers. In 1952, Monte Fitz Roy was first discovered by Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone. Nowadays, it welcomes millions of tourists every year with a huge number of activities, hiking, climbing, and mountaineering, and many more.

5. Beagle Channel

The Beagle Channel is the start point of the most exciting adventures when visiting Argentina. To be more specific, visitors may leave from Ushuaia, sail along the channel to admire various unique wildlife species such as birds, sea lions and even penguins.

famous attractions in Argentina

Penguins at Beagle Channel

6. Valdes Peninsula

famous attractions in Argentina

You can see many species of wildlife animals on Peninsula of Valdes

Setting feet on Peninsula Valdes, tourists will have the opportunity to witness the actual habitat of several endangered species, to name a few, Southern right whale, Southern elephant seals and Southern sea lions.

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7. La Boca

With many habitants originated from Italy, the area retains lots of European features. One of the most popular soccer stadiums in South America is also located in La Boca, along with a number of tango street performances. These attractions contribute together and swarm travelers with the infectious energy of South American’s lifestyle.

famous attractions in Argentina

La Boca - a famous destination in Argentina

8. Bariloche Town

famous attractions in Argentina

The peaceful beauty of the town

Commonly called Bariloche, the famous town has its full name of San Carlos de Bariloche. The destination is well-known for the Swiss alpine-style architecture and its chocolate. Spending a trip in this town, tourists shall easily visit several surrounding attractions such as Andean Lake, and Andes Mountain. Main activities you can't miss are aquatic sports, mountain hiking and ice skating.

9. Glacier Perito Moreno

Possessing such a magnificent beauty, Glacier Perito Moreno is the top rated attraction in Argentina. The ice formation is the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water. Transporting by bus in two hours from El Calafate Town, visitors will arrive the glacier and admire the massive ice avalanche by their own eyes. Cyclic phenomenon of forward and backward movement causes glacier’s ice falling from its front walls.

famous attractions in Argentina

A wide-angle view of Glacier Perito Moreno

10. Iguazu Fall

Iguazu Fall is 2.7 kilometers in width and from 60 to 82 meters in height. In order to reach the destination, tourists are required to travel through a tropical forests and sail across the Iguazu River. The elevation combining with the breath-taking charm of the waterfall system undoubtedly makes the beautiful waterfall one of the most spectacular treasures of our natural world.

famous attractions in Argentina

The massive Iguazu Fall

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It cannot be denied that Argentina offers tourists with a large number of natural and man-made attractions. If you want to experience magnificent wildlife wonders or a vivid lifestyle, this country should be a perfect place to visit.

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