Can't believe you can travel to New Zealand year on year

From the bright orange beauty of autumn to the crisp months of spring, New Zealand is indeed a paradise for travelers to arrange their own vacations any time. Not only may the weather here rapidly change, the country’s climate also varies day by day. In general, the North is often mild and humid, while the further South you visit, the cooler it becomes. No matter the season, the majority of attractions here are usually open year-round. That’s why you are able to travel to New Zealand year on year.

Today, let’s learn more about the country’s 4 seasons (spring, autumn, summer, and winter) so as to know what season is a good choice to start your trip.

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A brief view of the New Zealand seasons

travel to New Zealand

Let’s plan and go backpacking in New Zealand right away!

Just like other countries that set in a temperate region on the Southern or Northern Hemisphere, New Zealand also has 4 main seasons, including autumn, winter, summer, and spring. However, the seasons in this country are usually the opposites of the ones on the Northern Hemisphere. For that reason,

  • The summer here tends to fall into December, January, and February
  • The autumn here tends to fall into March, April, and May
  • The winter here tends to fall into June, July, and August
  • And the spring here tends to fall into September, October, and November

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the spring (from September to November)

Spring may bring New Zealand unique weather and climate, from frosty mornings and nights to hot days. So, there is nothing greater than preparing extra layers.

travel to New Zealand

A colorful panorama of New Zealand in spring

Interestingly, new growth can be beautifully seen during this season. This is the best time of the year to contemplate spring blossoms. The presence of snow allows you to go skiing early. To be sure, a boat trip along Milford Sound gives guests an occasion to see a number of imposing waterfalls that are usually invisible at other times of the year.

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Have fun with the summer Christmas (from December to February)

What to expect from New Zealand’s summer are high temperatures, sunshine, long daylight hours, cool evenings and nights. This season is perfect for the huge variety of outdoor activities that you can join in with joy. Also during time of school holidays, the citizens are eager to take their long vacations during such months. Ensure to book accommodation and activities in advance. Then, freely make the most of the warm and pleasant weather by doing anything you like, from swimming, sunbathing and surfing, to water skiing, sailing, or walking in the bush.

travel to New Zealand

Summer is when you come across Santa Claus on sandy beaches

If you travel the country during the Christmas holidays, then don’t be amazed to find yourself sampling a delicious Christmas dinner and watching “cool” Santa Claus with a pair of slippers and glasses on the beach. These Santa Claus also leave you enthralled by their prominent surfing skills.

Feel calm during the peaceful autumn (from March to May)

Such autumn months are idea to marvel at the splendid natural scenery in New Zealand when the average temperature seems to be a bit colder than during summer. As a result, the comfortable weather here becomes excellent with many outdoor activities for families to plan, such as trekking, walking, swimming, and camping.

travel to New Zealand

Watch yellow falling leaves during autumn

Don’t miss a chance to see foliage falling on the South Island and other places on the North Island. Taking striking photos, going for a stroll around the street, and keeping your mind in peace are what you can enjoy from this tranquil trip.

Stir your zeal with the bright winter (from June to August)

During this season, there is much more rain to some areas of the North Island while snow is likely to cover the top mountains of both the North and South Islands. However, the snow-capped and snow-topped ranges do give a breathtaking backdrop to the scenery. Furthermore, the great choices of winter sports are also in abundance. This is the ideal time of year for the residents to make the most of winter sports and mountain regions as well as partake in skiing and snow-boarding.

travel to New Zealand

Challenge your bravery with some adventurous sports games in winter

Although the South Island is often colder than the North Island, there is not always going to be much rainfall in many regions. In fact, some areas may even remain dry. Besides, make sure that you plan visits to other areas of natural beauty (i.e. the glaciers) since they are all outstanding and magnificent. The only disadvantage is that travel may be sometimes disrupted, because of ice on the road, snow, or heavy rainfall.

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So, there is no reason to hesitate anymore. Let’s choose one best time among these wonderful seasons in New Zealand so as to feast your eyes on the beautiful natural scenery, feel the uniqueness in the weather here, as well as experience lot of fun activities that the country has to offer.

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