Can't believe Morocco also exists fairy-tale destinations to come!

Can't believe Morocco also exists fairy-tale destinations to come!

Morocco is a beautiful country, located in northwest of Africa, opposite to Spain. This is a hot tourist destination that attracts a large number of tourists each year. When coming here, you can not only explore the impressive landscapes of the developed city but also learn more about the beauty of culture, lifestyle and cuisine diversity. Especially, tourists can be lost the way to a fairy tale world with many beautiful mysterious scenery there. Let’s check them out!

The beautiful blue city – Chefchaouen

When arriving at this site, everyone will understand why the place is called “the blue city”. The highlight is Medina area - Sanctuary of the Muslims. It’s an ancient city which is painted by blue only with different shades. In addition, Chefchaouen’s architecture has similarities with the Mediterranean.

Everything from the floor to the roof is blue with the various intensity. Many people think this color is to show respect for the beach of Mediterranean. Others believe that it is to repel blood-sucking animals. According to a craftsman, Jewish people explain that the blue color of the city symbolizes for their beliefs about heaven. Until today, the mystery of this blue paradise has no answer for that.


Chefchaouen - the beautiful blue city

Chefchaouen has not only the unique architectures and landscapes but also the very wonderful cuisines. You will have the great chance to enjoy the specialties here, including: fresh fruit juice sold with the affordable prices, the tasty salt lamb with dried prunes, or Balbout bread with goat milk, honey and black olive oil.


Enjoying a glass of fresh fruit juice helps you relax

Land of God - Marrakech Red City

Marrakech is considered as the tourist capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. All buildings, walls and alleyways are decorated with pink color. Because of its bright color, tourists will have a sense of optimism and happiness when coming here. Besides, this is also the most impressive city of art and entertainment in this country. Performers, acrobats, musicians, storytellers, and folk musicians are always there to bring “the amazing spiritual foods” to visitors.


Tourists will have a sense of optimism and happiness when visiting Marrakech

Casablanca – Morocco’s economic capital

Situating on Atlantic coast, Casablanca is Morocco's largest city and the biggest port in Africa. With the population of 4.3 million, this site attracts many visitors around the world, especially business investors. Because of its diverse economic potential and rapid growth, the result is up to 50% of GDP which makes Casablanca become a top city about economy in the country.


This is Morocco's largest city

Besides, you will freely discover the beauty of the ancient houses in different periods, hundreds of magnificent white buildings and wide boulevards as well. Most of tourists are attracted by the ancient and modern beauty.

Leather City of Fez - The oldest place in Morocco

Fez is the second largest city in Morocco. This area is famous for the exquisite and traditional leather products. You can visit Chouara Tannery – a biggest factory here to understand more about the process of making these products.


Fez is famous for the exquisite and traditional leather products

In addition, Fez is considered as Athens of Africa because it still preserves the richest historical heritages. Tourists should spend time coming to markets at Fez to explore the interesting lifestyle, culture, customs and habits of the locals here.

Sea paradise in Tangier city

Tangier – one of the most beautiful sea cities in Morocco - is located on the North African coast in the West, bordering between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean at Spartel. This is also the gateway for European tourists to visit Morocco and explore beautiful beaches and modern residential markets in there.


The romantic beauty of Tangier city

What makes the city unique is the white houses on the hill, you will enjoy the romantic and poetic beauty of scenery. Besides, Tangier has many impressive places to visit such as: art museums of Moroccan, Gran Teatro Cervantes Theater, U.S. Embassy and so on.

Merzouga town

Merzouga is a desert town, located on the Erg Chebbi impressive sand dunes - the largest sand dunes of Morocco. This the most beautiful place where visitors can experience the interesting sand bath and relax. If you want to take a sand bath, you should bury your body in the sand, except for the head, keep within 10 minutes. After that, the staffs there will make your sweaty body cool about half an hour. The last stage is to take a shower by the warm water and massage with refined camel grease.


You will have the chance to take a sand bath here

Morocco is an ideal destination for travelers to discover. When visiting this land, you can spend a week relaxing in the luxurious and small islands of Marrakesh, Fès or Rabat, going shopping in the colorful markets of Moroccan, or taking a stroll and playing on the desert, etc. All those things are waiting for you to visit and explore in this country.

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