Brazil's Top 7 Museums

Brazil's Top 7 Museums

Because of the affluence in terms of culture, art and history, there is no surprise that as passing by Brazil, tourists will find it easy to caught sight of or visit museums. These are the best museums in this South America country.

1. Imperial Museum

To begin with, let’s contemplate the beauty of Imperial museum known as the summer palace of Brazil’s final monarch-king Dom Pedro II. It is situated in the town's historic center in the mountains, about 65 kilometers above Rio de Janeiro. This most attractive cultural point used to be Emperor Pedro II's favorite residence.

The attraction of Imperial museum lies in the furniture and art objects belonging to the royal family in Petropolis. There are 250,000 original documents of archives dating from the 13th to the early 20th century displayed. Also, the Imperial museum is decorated with furniture used by the king family’s members. Among which, the set of a table and chairs put in the eating room and the Princess Leopoldina’s bed in rococo style are prominent instances. However, since 1943, the most precious item in the museum is Emperor Pedro II's crown. The rest treasure is from jewels worn by Pedro II's wife, Empress Leopoldina. The museum spends 45 minutes with sound and light every week reenacting moments of Emperor Pedro II's reign.


The overview of Imperial museum

2. Inhotim Museum

One of Brazil’s best and most unique museum is Inhotim which attracts 200,000 people to visit every year. There is no doubt that it is a perfect combination of natural landscapes and art you should not miss in the tour to Brazilian museums. Its location is in the small town of Brumadinho, approximately 60km far from Belo Horizonte. The museum has an amazing collection of 350 works made by 80 artists all over the world. They have been exhibited throughout the countryside in a nonlinear sequence of pavilions inside beautiful botanical gardens. Stretching nearly nine acres and being the habitat of over 5,000 species of plants, Inhotim museum is truly not only an outstanding natural park of a subtropical area housing art but also a museum for an eco-preserve.


Inhotim Museum

3. Niteroi museum

Niteroi museum is also called the UFO museum. As soon as being completed in 1996 in Niteroi city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the museum became ideal tourist destination for worldwide travellers due to the uniqueness in its structural design. It was designed by Oscar Niemeyer - a talented engineer. This famed engineer said that he had planned the museum like a flower floating on the water surface of Guanabara - an immense bay surrounding Niteroi. However, many visitors said that it looks like an unidentified flying object (UFO).


In distance, the museum is like a flower

That building - a structure with audacious structure like Niteroi museum makes Niteroi - the new capital of Brazil become an impressive declaration about future belief and a symbol for modern architecture. Niteroi shows a very strange beauty as if coming from another civilization. This has been appreciated by all architects as well as people keen on art and creation.

In details, the museum is three-storey building, owns the height of 16 meters and the dome of 50-meter diameter. There is a supporting pillar beneath the three floors. Coming inside, you can capture in your eyes various collections of carved, weaved and lacquered works which are indoor or outdoor. The most exciting thing is that these collections will be changed according time and topics. Besides, standing in the high position of the museum enables you to sight beautiful landscape of the deep blue Guanabara bay and imposing Sugarloaf mountain.

4. Oscar Niemeyer Museum

You cannot ignore Oscar Niemeyer museum which was well-known for extremely exotic museum. Oscar Niemeyer is a masterpiece of modern visual art, architecture and design. Because of ocular shape in the design of the building, it has the name “museum of the Eye”. A visit to Oscar Niemeyer, where the majority of Niemeyer works are found gives you a chance to visualize the postmodern architecture such as bold geometric forms, striking sculptural curves that contrast with rectangular items, winding pedestrian ramps, vast areas of white concrete, vivid murals, and contemporary paintings. Putting Oscar Niemeyer attraction into your holiday, you will have the best time ever and change your previous ideas about museum.


The ocular shape of Oscar Niemeyer Museum

5. São Paulo Museum (MASP)

The São Paula museum is one of high-quality and interesting museums. The building was a design of Italian-Brazilian Lina Bo Bardi. Completed in 1968. São Paulo Museum houses Latin America’s most comprehensive collection of Western art. It has been considered as a great classic of modernism and an abomination.


São Paulo Museum

6. The National museum

The National museum is located in the ancient palace of the emperors of Brazil called "O Palacio São Cristovão". To give an encourage for scientific research in Brazil, the King of Portugal Dom João VI ordered to build this museum as the Royal Museum in 1818. Its first location was at the Santana park in the city center. Until after the imperial period of Brazil, the National museum was removed to the emperors’ old Palace in Quinta da Boa Vista. At starting time, the museum was a residence for the botanical and animal species in Brazil, particularly birds, so it has the nickname "House of the birds”.


The ancient National museum

7. Aleijadinho museum

Being a small museum is in Ouro Preto, Brazil’s most beautiful colonial city, Aleijadinho museum, nevertheless, houses an extremely impressive collection from the colonial-born sculptor - Aleijadinho’s father from 1727 to 1770. Among master works by Brazil’s most famous sculptors, which are really important museums of history in much more historically important locations, Aleijadinho is not very striking, but the gem of Santa Catarina in downtown Florianópolis makes the place possess over-the-top interiors. The ornate parquetry floors and outrageous 19th Century ceilings in the governor’s palace in front will leave you slack-jawed and make you unable to scan through Instagram filters quickly enough.


Inside Aleijadinho museum

If you are passionate about art and historical discovery, no places could be ideal than Brazilian museums where house masterpieces revealing special features in Brazil’s culture and history.

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