Beyond places to stay: Montana Magica and Elqui Domos in Chile offer much more

Beyond places to stay: Montana Magica and Elqui Domos in Chile offer much more

Chile is an interesting and thrilling country to discover. For many nature lovers, it is a perfect place for a unique travel adventure as well as a biological, geological and cultural experience that they literally may not find anywhere else on Earth.

However, the most daunting issue that makes travelers overwhelmed when visiting a new country is where to stay. It is quite true to say that location is everything. Today, let us introduce to you the best accommodations to stay in Chile which go beyond your imagination for sure: Montana Magica and Elqui Domos.


Welcome you to the beautiful country of Chile!

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The glamour of Montana Magica Lodge

Located in the heart of a natural biosphere reserve of Huilo-Huilo, Chile, the Montana Magica Lodge hotel inspires tourists’ mind by its unreal construction and untouched beauty. The hotel is built from stone and wood, with the shape of a volcano.

From a distance, it is easy to realize that the whole building is mostly covered with lush vegetation. Instead of lava, crystalline waterfalls from the “top of the volcano” are constantly “erupted”. Montana Magica Lodge is not only the unique hotel in the reservation, but it certainly has the most impressive and splendid architecture.


Montana Magica Lodge hotel is gorgeous in snowy days

The only accessible way to reach the hotel is to walk over a thrillingly suspended wooden bridge. In general, there are about 13 rooms which are all appointed with the facilities of a modern hotel. The highlight is that furniture in each room is made from wood, even including hot tubs. Having Chilean traditional decorations and a rustic design, the hotel gives you a chance to stay close to nature at best.

Besides, the best hotel in Chile also amazes guests with a mini-golf course, conference room, spa, sauna, restaurant, lecture hall, bar and place for kids only. Along with soaking up in the fresh atmosphere from the rain forests and natural terrain, you are allowed to participate in many healthy activities, such as playing diverse sports, going fish, riding, going kayak, going skiing, or just visiting the highlanders’ villages.


The subtle interior of the best hotel in Chile

It seems a pity to ignore traditional culinary specialties as well as acclaimed Chilean wines. Every year, Huilo Huilo reservation attracts a huge number of tourists to come and explore the depths of nature. For certain, Montana Magica Lodge is a breathtaking point of attraction and architecture of the reservation. In general, prices at the hotel usually range from $225 to $390 per night.

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The uniqueness of Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel

Situated in the Elqui Valley, Vicuña Town, Chile, Elqui Domos is one of the seven astronomical hotels in the world. Actually, the valley gains its fame for its gorgeous clear skies. Taking advantage of this, Elqui Domos were established in 2005. The hotel includes a collection of 7 geodesic domes with windows to the stars as well as 3 observatory rooms.


The upper level of one dome in Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel

Each dome is said to give simple accommodation with a 2-storey floor plan. While the first level features a bathroom and a spacious living room, the second level is furnished with a doubled bed cleverly positioned beneath a detachable roof cover. Designed with stargazing in mind, these domes allow guests to freely open the top hatch for the purpose of enjoying the cool air and checking out the stars.

Especially, the "observatory rooms" are 3-storey cabins which are open to provide a view of the enormous sky from your lounge, bed, or even private rooftop terrace. Of course, both the observatory cabins and geodesic domes are appointed with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes for stargazers to use.


Inside the hotel

Moreover, the best hotel in Chile also arranges an astronomy tour to help guests to familiarize with the stellar evolution and expand their knowledge about cosmology of the skies. Or, they are freely invited to night-time tours of horse riding or simply attend astronomy lectures that are held in the on-site observatory.

Daytime activities are equally fun and exciting, like horse riding, hiking, wine tasting, mountain biking, and practicing yoga. On the whole, a couple must spend $120 for a night at Elqui Domos.

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So, what do you choose to stay? A natural and cool experience in Montana Magica Lodge? Or a view of star sky at Elqui Domos? Whatever your choice is, a trip to Chile is always worth your time and money

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