Best places for street foods in Paris - from Pozzetto to L'avant Comptoir

Love enjoying a sit-down dish during a trip to France? Then, your steps are settled in a right place. In Paris, it is hard to skip the best of street eats that do resonate with every gourmet fan, ranging from quick café glasses to crêpe cakes on every corner. The following are some of our suggestions about the best places for favorite Parisian street foods. Let’s check and experience on your own now!

1. Gelato, Pozzetto

Head towards Pozzetto store, where you can enjoy only 12 traditional flavors, such as sicilian pistachio, melon, yogurt, stracciatella, etc. The ingredients and color are all natural, too. Gelato – a colorful ice cream – becomes a favorite street food for many tourists.

street foods in Paris

Colorful gelatos at Pozzetto store

2. Pastrami sandwich, Frenchie to Go

One of the most reliable and perfect addresses for you to enjoy a tasty loaf of toasted bread is Frenchie to Go restaurant. What makes the bread irresistible and yummy is its ingredients, including pastrami, cheddar, and coleslaw.

street foods in Paris

Frenchie to Go is where you can enjoy the best Pastrami sandwich

There are also lots of more other options with eye-catching looks and wonderful flavors, such as bacon sandwich, good sticky buns, maple-syrup-and-bacon scones, etc.

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3. Dosas, Épices & love

Home-made Indian dosas can be found in this hippy food truck. Actually, it is simply a lentil-rice flour wrap that is stuffed with onions, potatoes, and spices, and then topped with chutney and pickles. This simple but nutritious dish is ideal for Indian travelers who would like to savor local source ingredients and food as close to home as possible.

street foods in Paris

Savor Dosas at Épices & love

4. Tacos, Cantine California

California Cantine was considered the first truck to serve Tacos and hamburgers on the streets of Paris. To make high-quality dishes, Jordan Feilders – the owner – tries best to make with natural ingredients from local vendors. Feilders and his team also developed an interesting menu of 2 types of tacos and 4 burger options.

street foods in Paris

Head towards California Cantine to enjoy tacos

5. Kebab, Grillé

Kebab is a traditional street food in Paris that tickles eaters’ taste bud by its grilled meat and tangy white sauce. Accompanied by a can of Cocoa, this snack makes you full after a long time of walking or running. In general, kebab at the Grillé restaurant is cooked by home-made bread and meat from the notable butcher Desnoyer.

street foods in Paris

Fulfill your stomach with Kebab

6. Burger, Le Camion qui Fume

Burgers become more and more popular in Paris in the last few years. That’s why you are able to see them everywhere, from street stands to restaurants. However, it is worth pointing out that Le Camion qui Fume is the only place in the city you may relish the best fast food which is worth waiting for long hours.

street foods in Paris

You must wait for a long queue before eating burger at Le Camion qui Fume

If you visit MK2 Bibliothèque to watch a film, then it is easy to recognize a long queue outside the theater. Actually, these people are waiting to buy burgers from this original food truck.

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7. Fish and Chips, Sunken Chip

Fish and chips in Paris were still uncommon until the Sunken Chip came into operation. This dish impresses eaters by its ingredients, including flabby fries and frozen fish filets. In fact, fresh fish is daily caught from the coast and then frozen and transferred to the land. It is hard to leave your eyes off from thick-cut fries and green mushy peas.

street foods in Paris

Fish and chips are famous in Paris

8. Baguette sandwich, Chez Aline

Baguette sandwich is the classic and typical street food in France. It is said to be really convenient for busy office staffs and starving students. Due to a wide range of bread stalls on every corner, some of you can think that looking for a decent sandwich is not a daunting task, right? But, the truth goes beyond your expectation.

street foods in Paris

Baguette sandwich is best at Chez Aline

The best way to enjoy a tasty French sandwich is to check-in Chez Aline, where the butter is imported from a peaceful farm in Normandy, the bread is imported from the Landemaine, and the ham is straightly imported from Yves Le Guel – the last real producer of Jambon De Paris.

9. Grilled-cheese sandwiches, Mabel

Simply going for a stroll around Montorgeuil, you’ll find it easy to see plenty of stalls that sell the best grilled-cheese sandwiches. These get perfect with many ingredients, such as tuna melt, pulled pork, hot pastrami, and classic cheddar (of course). Grilled-cheese experience will be incomplete without tomato soup.

street foods in Paris

You can find it difficult to resist Grilled-cheese sandwiches at Mabel

10. Crepes, L'avant Comptoir

Paris is surely jam-packed with crêpe stands. So, you have to wait for a long time to get one in Yves Camdebore’s Le Comptoir du Relais at Odéon. At that time, heading to L'avant Comptoir that is next to Camdebore’s is a good idea since the store also boasts the best crêpes in the city. There is nothing more wonderful than grabbing a delicious crepe and sampling it in the Jardin de Luxembourg.

street foods in Paris

Crepe – a typical street food in Paris

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After fulfilling your stomach with favorite Parisian street foods we suggest above, you should continue your trip around the city and try to gain a lot of meaningful experiences. Have a nice vacation!

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