Best of Oceania: Most romantic places for a honeymoon trip

Travelling with your lovers is great, but it appears even more wonderful if you two enjoy honeymoon in such idyllic destinations. If you are planning to visit Oceania, do not forget to spend your time in these romantic honeymoon places to mark your love turning over a new page.

Southern Ocean Lodge - Australia

White sandy beaches are always the preferable destinations for honeymoon trips of all couples. In the country of Australia, Southern Ocean Lodge is an ideal option. Overlooking the splendid kangaroo island, it is located on a secluded cliff where you can have a paranormal view of rugged nature on rolling hills and romantic scenery of the island.

places for a honeymoon trip

Time for sightseeing with your lover in Southern Ocean lodge

There are 21 luxurious suites for you to choose, all of which are well-equipped with large beds, lounge, glass bathroom and other amenities. This intimate and comfortable atmosphere is sure to bring you absolute romance. Imagine how wonderful it is to hands in hands admire the sunrise on the turquoise water from your room’s windows or have romantic meals in the balcony with twinkling candles.

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Silky Oaks Lodge - Australia

places for a honeymoon trip

Get lost in the green forests of Silky Oak

If you and your lover get fed up with beaches, it’s interesting to give it a shot to this destination located amidst rain-forests. From Silky oak, you can explore further the Daintree National park or far North Queensland. The lush greenery is dotted with luxurious lodges to provide you relaxing accommodation. The lodges are designed in a harmonious way with nature. All the rooms including bars, reading space, and lounges are connected to the balconies where you can indulge in natural landscape.

Stretch your bodies in a lavish lounge or meandering rivers is a wonderful way to enjoy the sheer romance. For adventurous couples, there are canoeing, biking, dream walking, forest hiking, paddling and snorkeling to rock their honeymoons. This site surely paints your trip with beautiful moments.

places for a honeymoon trip

Silky Oaks Lodge will give you romantic moments

Abel Tasman region - New Zealand

What can be more perfect to celebrate your first time together than spending in a secluded cottage in New Zealand? You both can enjoy a getaway from hustle and bustle of city life and just engross in love. It is advisable to stay in Kina Beach Vineyard cottage as it is within walking distance to both stunning sandy beaches and diverse National park. The alleys leading to the beach are covered with vine grape trees. When it comes the season, you can admire a green foliage dotted with fresh purple grapes.

places for a honeymoon trip

Take a seat by the vineyard in Tasman

The cream texture and wooden floors of the cottage will bring you an absolute comfort. From you room, it is possible to capture the moment of sunrise and sunset by Tasman bay. Breakfasts would be very exciting with wineries and cafes to sweeten your honeymoon.

places for a honeymoon trip

Engross in thrilling activities in Tasman bay

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Coromandel Peninsula - New Zealand

Another famous tourist attraction that you can visit is Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. The landscapes here are diverse, ranging from hilly mountains to awe-inspiring beaches along the endless coastlines. It’s great to capture your romantic moments with the turquoise water sea. You can have a swim in the morning and follow the coastal walkway track on lush greenery between Stony bay and Fletcher bay. Wherever you stop, the majestic view of blue beaches always come into your eyes.

places for a honeymoon trip

The paranormal view of Coromandel from the sky

Besides, if you go father to the eastern part, you can find Hahei beach village. This is home to unique rock formations and small food stores savoring of salty sea food. This is also famous for the ancient Kauri trees with large shades and overwhelming height. Exploring the wild nature with your spouse is truly rewarding.

Yasawa Island Resort and Spa - Fiji

places for a honeymoon trip

Open atmosphere with blue water sea will take you aback

The honeymoon in Oceania region cannot miss exploring Yasawa island (meaning “heaven”) in Fiji. You will be taken aback by the long rows of palm trees coupled with unspoilt beaches. Hidden behind these stunning landscapes lie the Yasawa Island Resort and spa.

There are 18 bungalows featured with outdoor shower, hammocks, daybeds, kitchens and your spacious rooms. These things provide you with a variety of ways to relax, ranging from lying in the hammocks and listening to the trees flickering in the breeze or bathing out in the morning. Couples can go to the beach, enjoy swimming or dive into the ocean painted with colorful coral reefs.

places for a honeymoon trip

Love is all around you when you're at Yasawa Island Resort and Spa

Matangi Private Island Resort - Fiji

Primly located on Horshoe Bay, this breathtaking beach is one of “1,000 places to go before you die”. How wonderful it is to fulfill this with your spouse! The perfect combination of paradise beaches, tropical rain forests, diverse coral reefs and crystal water will leave you at a loss of words.

places for a honeymoon trip

Mix with nature in Matangi beach for a wonderful honeymoon

Thanks to these splendid appeals, many couples choose this site as their wedding venue and honeymoon destinations. There are many packages for lovers to make the most of their holidays, including Romance, Renewal of Vows or island wedding. Right from the name, you can easily imagine romantic moments in the most beautiful places.

Another activity not to be missed is to enjoy the couple massage service with numerous treatments. It is an ideal way to nurture your body, your mind and your love by trying Fijian Bobo, Lava Shell, Hot Stone or Earth sea salt.

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Palau Pacific Resort - Palau

Palau is a beautiful island in the region of Oceania, so there are a lot of offer couples, especially the getaway to the impressive beaches. You can spend time in Long beach, one of the most stunning destinations in Palau.

Swimming in the turquoise water or diving into the sea to admire schools of fish or coral reefs is equally fascinating. It’s advisable for couples to try hot air balloon or jet ski to get a paranormal view of the whole charming island.

places for a honeymoon trip

The romantic scenery in Palau

If you want to explore the island, Palau pacific Resort will bring you best experiences during your honeymoon trips. The villas in the shape of cottages extend over an area of 64 acres where the island is added with lush greenery. As night comes, the whole complex is lit up with hundreds light, making it the perfect time to take a stroll with your lover around the resort.

You will never have to regret by choosing Oceania's countries for your next honeymoon destination. They are the most romantic honeymoon places ever with stunning scenery and exciting activities. Do not hesitate to paint your love album with the glorious photos and memorable moments in many countries in this beautiful region.

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