Best Islands Ever: South America's Can't Miss Islands

South America always knows how to comply visitors from over the word. Its mainland can give you unforgettable destinations while the beautiful islands bring you a relaxed coastal feel, unique highlights, and environments to explore. And now, we will introduce some can’t-miss islands that definitively give you a different experience for traveling on this continent. Are you willing to make a tour of finding the best islands ever? Let’s start!

1. Ilha Grande, Brazil

Islands in South America

A stunning corner of Ilha Grande Island

Situated 93 miles from Rio de Janeiro, the small island of Ilha Grande is made up of 74 square miles of beautiful unseen beaches and mountainous jungles. Since there are no motor vehicles, you can enjoy exotic sounds of birds and the calls of animals from the thick forests with ease.

Furthermore, some hiking trails back and forth the island will bring you some impressive landscapes across the blue waters, abandoned white sand beaches, and hidden waterfalls. So, jump on a ferry boat or catamaran and spend a couple of hours to arrive at this ideal island in Brazil.

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2. Chiloé Island, Chile

Islands in South America

Take a look at colorful and nice Palafitos on Chiloé Island

It can be said that Chiloé is one of South America’s best islands ever of myths and legends, culinary traditions, and unique folklore. At first, you come to this extraordinary place, its particular identity will allure you by surprise. Take a stroll around and uncover some unusual, colorful houses that are built on stilts above the water, called Palafitos. Or talk with the Chilote people about their old traditions to help you know this island’s unique character.

In addition, don’t miss visiting and seeing colorful wooden churches, some has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. One more thing that you should remember is to try the traditional Curanto and different kinds of potatoes on the beautiful island.

3. San Andrés, Colombia

Islands in South America

Enjoy the azure and clean waters at San Andrés

700 kilometers from the seaside of the Columbia mainland, San Andrés is described as a small heaven where the influence of the Spanish and English has come together to create a rich culture. It’s a perfect island to relish beautiful beaches, play water sports, dive, and join eco-tourisms. A day starts by relaxing on the beach, shopping and eating in the free port. Then the night comes with lively music and dances that make you unforgettable for sure.

4. Easter Island, Chile

Islands in South America

Easter Island looks stunning from a high view

Easter Island is a mystic volcanic rock placed in the heart of the Pacific Ocean that you just take a 5-hour flight from Santiago in Chile. It’s one of the most distant inhabited in the world and has for centuries attracted everyone who has come there.

The highlight is not only numerous of giant Moai statues scattering across Easter Island but also cinder cones, extinct volcanic craters, wood carvings, and unique petroglyphs. Don’t miss taking some hikes to volcanoes or lying on white sandy beaches.

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5. Uros and Taquile Islands, Peru

Islands in South America

Some small and beautiful houses are on Uros Island

Uros and Taquile are both man-made islands where you can behold lots of beautiful unique houses. Made of buoyant totora reeds, the houses are floating on Lake Titicaca, the biggest lake in South America. And both are famous for its handicrafts and textiles made using ancient methods. However, islanders in Taquile Island know how to use solar panels to create electricity to increase their life. A cruise trip is a great choice to help you get a closer look at the locals who are living there.

6. The Falkland, Argentina

Islands in South America

The Falkland is rich in interesting animals

The Falkland Island lies between East Falkland and West Falkland, about 300 miles east of Patagonia, Argentina. Located in the cold waters of the South Atlantic, there are more than 700 small isles that were the infamous battleground between Argentina and Britain. However, the true beauty of The Falkland is all about its rugged terrains, large albatross colonies, unique birds, and abundant mammals such as penguins, fur seals, and elephant seals. The best experience to this beautiful island is to take an Antarctic cruise and then get away from the noise of the cities.

7. Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Islands in South America

Lie on the beach with sea lions in Galapagos Island

Galapagos is a small archipelago including six main islands, twelve smaller ones, and over 40 tiny islets. The separation of these islands has led to their creatures inhabited by unique kinds of insects, reptiles, birds, and plant life that has amazed the world for centuries.

In case that you want to learn more about the significant facts of this island such as the red-sand beaches, the soaring volcanoes, the popular, giant tortoises, and the colonies of albatrosses, you should walk with an expert naturalist guide. Especially, don’t miss relaxing on the beach with some sea lions so that you can imbue yourself in nature.

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Well, with 7 beautiful islands that you can’t miss when visiting South America, can you pick up one for your next trip? Aside from diving in the most crystal and tranquil waters, you also find out lots of things about nature and history of these countries in this continent, for sure. There is no time for waiting! Plan and go immediately!

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