Best European cities where offer a cheap 5-star hotel

Wonder whether you can stay in a cheap five-star hotel during your trip to Europe? Of course, this possibly happens. One night in a luxury hotel at the Polish capital, for instance, just costs you around $136. So, what are the best European cities which can offer a cheap 5-five hotel and make guests satisfied with their choice? Enjoy the list below!

1. Warsaw, Poland – Average cost: $136 per night

As a capital of Poland, Warsaw is where you cannot only find many tourist attractions, take a horse-and-cart ride around the Old Town Square, admire a line of Baroque and Gothic buildings, but also have a cheap stay at many 5-star hotels. After booking a room, you should head towards one of the lively bars in the Old Town to enjoy a cool glass of cocktail and mingle with the chaotic atmosphere here.


Feel amazed with the change of Warsaw, Poland

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2. Thessaloniki, Greece – Average cost: $141 per night

Along with Athens, another tourist destination that catches much attention from travelers is Thessaloniki city, Greece. Just about $141 in hand, guests can warmly be welcomed to a sumptuous room at any 5-star hotel in there. Furthermore, there are also many meaningful activities for them to do, such as learning more about Greek history at the White Tower, enjoying the historic glamour of the Ano Poli neighborhood, as well as taking a romantic cruise around Thermaikos Kolpas and sipping a cup of ouzo.


Hotel Nikopolis in Thessaloniki city, Greece

3. Bucharest, Romania – Average cost: $159 per night

In general, many average 5-star hotels in Bucharest, Romania have the rate of $159 for 1 person/night. Of course, these are worth your money and experience as you will be treated like a royal member. The city welcomes a huge number of tourists every year to broaden their knowledge about art in many imposing museums.

Some travelers love visiting University Square to spread their eyes over the bullet-pocked buildings. Bucharest becomes more lively and vivid at night. Instead of staying in a hotel all night, you should check-in the oldest pub, namely Caru' cu Bere. Enjoy your night!


A colorful night in Bucharest, Romania

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4. Lisbon, Portugal – Average cost: $183 per night

$183 is what you must pay for one night in a 5-star hotel in Lisbon capital, Portugal. Coming to there, tourists will feel engrossed with the ornate architecture of Mosteiro dos Seronimos – one of the city’s landmarks. Going for a stroll around the breathtaking streets of Alfama is also a nice idea. If you have much time to travel, then visit Campo Pequeno Bullring to watch a bullfighting match.


Roam around the streets of Alfama, Lisbon capital, Portugal

5. Budapest, Hungary – Average cost: $185 per night

Where else to stay with a cheap price? You can only pay $185 for a night in a 5-star hotel in Budapest. Some hotels also offer private spas and luxurious dining experience. Furthermore, feel inspired with the city's skyline from a soothing cruise on the famous Danube River or simply pique your flavor with delicious Hungarian dishes at Central Market Hall. To be sure, soaking up at one of the bath parties in Budapest can help you gain memorable experiences. The city in Europe becomes a perfect spot for those who are interested in music, architecture and art.


A trip to Budapest, Hungary

6. Brussels, Belgium – Average cost: $198 per night

Save your energy after a long day of discovery by a stay at one chic hotel in Brussels, Belgium with only $198 per night. During your journey to the city, it seems a pity to miss drinking several glasses of Belgian beer! An excellent starting point for your departure is Brewers' House. Then, continue your discovery with other attractions, like the Le Grand-Palace, the Atomium Tower, etc.


Brussels, Belgium – another city in Europe you can find cheap 5-star hotels

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7. Prague, Czech Republic – Average cost: $224 per night

A trip to the beautiful city in Europe just costs your about $224 for a night in a 5-start hotel. After all, you will feel satisfied with what you pay for. To make the most out of your travel, do not forget to wander around the 516-meter-long Charles Bridge for incomparable views of the city's buildings or marvel at the beauty of Prague Castle. For those whose hobby is art, a visit to John Lennon Wall can win their heart. It is where they can appreciate all the creative and commemorative graffiti painted by the Beatles fans.


Go for a stroll around the 516-meter-long Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

As a result, if you take a trip to Europe, don’t forget to visit the mentioned cities above and indulge yourself in one of the cheap hotels with 5-star experiences. It is a good way to save your money but still have a memorable vacation.

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