Best accommodations to enjoy your holiday in Jamaica (Part 1)

Jamaica is an island nation which was colonized by England. Ideally situated on the Caribbean Sea, it is the perfect combination of many diverse cultures. Not only can you enjoy stunning beautiful scenery but you can also engross in the exciting activities. If you plan to visit Jamaica, do not forget to have a look at these 10 most famous hotels.

1, Jamaica Inn

accommodations in Jamaica

Picturesque view from Jamaica Inn hotel

This hotel is located in proximity to the city center (about 2,7 km) and many other tourist destinations (including Dunn’s River). Therefore, you have no worry when travelling to other interesting places in the country.

You will be amazed at how modern the rooms are. They are all well-equipped with a variety of modern furniture and excellent services. One special feature of this hotel lies in the main tone of white and blue, which perfectly matches the sky and the crystal beach. Each room has a balcony overlooking the blue water sea and lush greenery so that you can admire the splendid beauty of nature.

Besides the nicely decorated rooms, Jamaica Inn also offers you a myriad of spas, exotic parties and kayak boating to rock your holiday. The price is incredibly reasonable, only $235 per night.

2, Round Hill

From this hot spot, it’s easy to visit many interesting places such as Montego Bay (13 km away), Kool Runnings Park and the bustling city center. Round Hill has become the favorite resting heaven for lots of celebrities (Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Cole Porter), so there’s chance that you will come across them one day.

accommodations in Jamaica

Round Hill has an unbeatable beauty

Fully furnished with 36 living rooms and 27 villas, the hotel is sure to bring you the best services and unforgettable experience. The rooms are beautifully decorated in pink, white and blue, which creates a sense of calmness and comfort.

accommodations in Jamaica

A comfortable room in Round Hill hotel

After a long day wandering, it’s wonderful to relax in a myriad of services, ranging from swimming in the pool, playing aquatic sports to indulging in the spas. All these state-of-the-art facilities will help you relax at your utmost and make the most of your holiday.

However, Round Hill is a little bit expensive (about $303) without providing breakfasts at the restaurants inside the hotel. however, many people still regard it as among 10 most famous hotels in Jamaica.

3, Sandals Royal Plantation

One unique feature of this hotel is that it exclusively caters for adults; therefore, going with friends or couples seems the best option.

accommodations in Jamaica

Such a beautiful scenery of the hotel will knock you down at first sight

Like many accommodations, Sandals Royal Plantation gives you great access to a wide range of tourist attractions including Turtle Sea, Dunn’s River waterfall, White Reggae, Prospect village and Coconut grove shopping area. All these hot spots are sure to rock your holiday.

You can relax freely in 74 Italian-styled rooms with luxurious facilities and convenient services. It is enjoyable to spend your trip in stunning natural beauty of the hotel and fascinating activities. You can flee yourself from all the stress and pressures by joining aquatic sports (diving to admire marine lives, windsurfing), playing golf and visiting red Spa. When night approaches, heaving delicious meals in one of the 6 modern restaurants and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere by the sea is truly the mind-blowing experience.

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4, Golden Eye Resort

From this hot spot, you can pay a visit to Reggae sea, Dunn’s River waterfall, Dolphin bay and turtle sea. You will never have regret booking this convenient hotel.

accommodations in Jamaica

Golden eye resort is sure to give you a sense of comfort

It’s ideal to have great time in relaxing environment of 22 spacious rooms and Feming Villa which inspires many authors to write Casino Royale. All rooms are well-furnishes with a variety of equipment to give a feeling of being at home.

How wonderful it is to wake up in such a spellbinding nature and loot at the blue sky! The scene when sunbeams kiss the grass and blooming flowers will surely take your breath away. Booking a massage or diving in the sea should not be missed in your travelling to-do list. After a exploring day, remember to enjoy mouth-watering Jamaica sea foods in Gazebo restaurant or relaxing drink a martini classic in Bizot Bar.

5, Half Moon, A Rock Resort

Ranked among 10 most famous hotels, Half Moon is where you can find a wide range of spacious rooms and excellent services (minibar, satellite and air-conditioned resting room). If you go in groups of friends, it’s ideal to relax in 33 Royal Villa fully provided with 5 to 7 bedrooms, private swimming pool).

There are so many interesting features that you can find nowhere else except Half Moon. This is a perfect destination for golf lover to satisfy their passions in Semi Circle, Three Palms Ocean, Ironshore golf club. You will have great time exploring all the facilities in such modern golf courses.

accommodations in Jamaica

Half Moon is where you can find romantic arrangement

The hotel in Jamaica also meets the needs of anyone who show a passionate love for animals. There are a wide range of cute species such as naughty Atlantic dolphins and 28 horses.

Interestingly, couples should not miss this stunning destination to make their love memorable. Half Moon serves as the ideal backdrop for wedding venues because of romantic scenery and spacious yards covered in greenish trees, blooming gorgeous flowers.

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6, Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa

If you are seeking a place for your honeymoon in the Caribbean, this hotel will be the most ideal option. All the rooms (360) are nicely designed with a balcony overlooking the white sandy beaches. It’s wonderful to wake up, hands in hands and admire the beautiful sun dawn. There is an absolute privacy so that boys can prepare lots of surprises for their beloved girls.

accommodations in Jamaica

The stunning beauty in Sandals Whitehouse will take your breath away

You should definitely explore Bubbling Spring stream to relax and recharge the batteries. How great your holiday is to enjoy traditional dishes at Jamaica Bluefields Beach Club, Giuseppe or any star restaurants. The mouth-watering cuisines are sure to bring you memorable moments.

accommodations in Jamaica

Relax in the sunshine

One plus point of Sandals Whitehouse European Village lies in the reasonable price ($1296 per night) for all the excellent services and mid-blowing experiences.

7, Couples Sans Souci

This is another “can’t miss” destination for couples to enjoy the utmost romance of their love. Primly located in vicinity to the sea, it’s possible to engross in the beautiful scenery of blue water sea and green trees reflecting in the water.

accommodations in Jamaica

Couples Sans Souci is really for couples

You are sure to have great time and memorable moments. The hotel provides tourists with a variety of rooms and services for you to choose. All the rooms are so spacious and nice that they will take your breath away at first sight.

At night, there are always entertaining programs to rock your holiday. It’s ideal to feel the melodies and dance with your lovers. Besides relaxing activities, you can also find exciting bars with delicious beverages and deafening sounds.

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8, Sandals Negril Beach resort and Spa

One of the most dominant features of Jamaica hotels lie in the awe-inspiring landscapes of the sea. This hot spot is not an exception. You will immediately fall in love with the fine sandy beaches from your room’s widow or from the restaurant Tuscan Sandals Negril. It’s perfect to order mouth-watering dishes, listen to the gentle melodies of piano and relax.

accommodations in Jamaica

The beauty of Sandals Negril Beach will make you speechless

Concerning accommodation, this is where you can find hundreds of convenient services to make your trip memorable, ranging from spacious rooms, swimming pool to spas. Spas are the predominant feature of Sandals Negril that you should definitely try. There are diverse packages for you to choose, all of which will certainly bring you a sense of absolute comfort.

9, Spanish court hotel

It is undeniable that the hotel in Jamaica is a perfect resting place for sports lovers. Situated in the heart of Kingston, this ancient villa will catch your attention at first sight. The designs are so attractive with nice decorations inspired by natural beauty of this country.

Inside the hotel, it’s easy to notice the state-of-the-art facilities and furniture. You are sure to enjoy your trips by convenient services and friendly staffs.

If you are really keen on sports, Spanish court hotel offers you a variety of different types. Golf, tennis and other activities will help you release all the stress and pressures. There are also health care sections to give you the best experiences such as gym or massage. Moreover, the price is incredibly cheap, costing you $169 per night.

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10, Couples Swept Away

accommodations in Jamaica

Let the spellbinding of nature in the hotel sweeten your sweet love

As suggested from the name, this destination is a wonderful place for couples and lovers. Besides providing you with the absolute relaxation in nicely designed rooms, this hotel also gives you chances to join fascinating activities. It’s great to take part in aquatic sports like diving and admire the lively marine lives. You can book the glass boat from the resort and explore on your own.

Another highlight of Couple Swept Away rests on the wide range of minibars, each of which serves a different kind of cocktail. They are amazingly delicious and refreshing with many flavors. Pack up your luggage and head for this land of love and cuteness.

If accommodation is one of the biggest concerns when you travel, you can flee from any worries after reading this piece of advice. You will have abiding impression in these 10 most famous hotels in Jamaica. It’s truly the most memorable experience in your trip to this spellbinding country.

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