Beautiful lakes in China to come and explore

As a large country with a great number of destinations, China attracts a lot of visitors with impressive natural landscapes and man-made monuments. In addition to grandiose mountains and majestic waterfalls, the most beautiful lakes in China are also favorite stops of many travelers.

1. West Lake

lakes in China

West Lake in Hangzhou City is known as "the Heaven on Earth"

Location: Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Highlight: West Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in China and is known as "the Heaven on Earth". The scenery of this place is so gentle and charming that it attracts many people to visit. During the day and at night, West Lake always offers visitors with different types of gorgeousness. The picturesque natural landscape makes it a World Natural Heritage recognized by UNESCO.

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2. Erhai Lake

lakes in China

Erhai Lake is one of the most visited lakes in China

Location: Dali City, Yunnan Province

Highlight: From a far distance, Erhai Lake looks like a sapphire crescent moon. While walking around the lake, visitors enjoy the calm and picturesque atmosphere. In each season, the spot has its own attraction that is worth your time.

3. Qinghai Lake

lakes in China

The impressive overview of Qinghai Lake

Location: Qinghai Province, China

Highlight: Located in the northwest of China, Qinghai Province has mild temperature and abundant rainfall. In this area, Qinghai Lake has long been famous for clear water and the surrounding green mountains. There is also a fresh pasture with lovely sheep.

4. Lugu Lake

lakes in China

The "Pearl of the plateau" lies among pristine mountains

Location: Sichuan Province and Yunnan Province

Highlight: Lugu Lake is widely known as the "Pearl of the plateau" as it is a long-standing lake, located among pristine mountains. In the Southeast of Lugu Lake, there is a tranquil valley with crystal-like springs. The most special asset of the area must be the unique Mosuo culture of local people. Alongside stunning natural beauty, cultural experiences around also draw the attention of a great number of tourists.

5. Tian Chi Lake

lakes in China

Winter Olympic Games were held in the Tian Chi Lake area

Location: Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China

Highlight: Tian Chi is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in China but also famous around the world which has attracted even the Winter Olympic Games. Besides clear blue water, forest scenery, grasslands and snow mountains are the best things to see. Tian Chi Lake has long been an ideal spot for both native and foreign travelers in summer time.

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6. Yamdrok Lake

lakes in China

Yamdrok Lake, the precious gemstone of the grassland

Location: Tibet, China

Highlight: The lake of Yamdrok means gemstone lake in the grassland. It is hailed as one of the most beautiful lakes in China with impressive natural landscapes. In different times of the day, the water surface of the lake shows different shades of green depending on the sunlight. Moreover, the plateau around is also home to sacred temples and wildlife.

7. Kanas Lake

lakes in China

Kanas Lake is a special asset of the Kanas Nature Reserve

Location: Xinjiang, China

Highlight: The Kanas Nature Reserve is located in northern Xinjiang, China. It is famous for its beautiful natural ecosystem formed by lakes, rivers, glaciers, forests and grasslands, most notably, Lake Kanas.

It is recommended that tourists should come there in autumn to contemplate the mix of yellow, red and green in the nature.

8. Namtso Lake

lakes in China

Namtso Lake is as subtle as an oil painting

Location: Namtso, Tibet, China

Highlight: The highest plateau in the world is not only famous for its arcades and historic monuments but also for sacred blue water lakes looking like oil paintings, among which the most distinctive one is Namtso. In Tibetan, "Namtso" means "Lake of Heaven" which is the highest and the largest lake in Tibet.

From a distance, the spot looks like a giant mirror reflecting the sky and nature. The road to Namtso is so beautiful with yellow sunshine, white clouds and blue sky.

Every 12 years in exactly the year of the sheep in the Tibetan calendar, Namtso Lake Festival attracts thousands of pilgrims. It is believed that walking in a full circle around the place brings a happy and peaceful life.

9. Dongting Lake

lakes in China

Chinese history lovers can't miss Dongting Lake

Location: Hunan Province

Highlights: Located in northern Hunan, Dongting Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in China. Besides picturesque view, the lake is rich in history and literature which impress every visitor. Local people and international tourists gather to see and take part in the Dragon boat race.

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Lakes play an important part in daily life of Chinese, so one of the best ways to understand and stay closer to Chinese history and culture is to explore the most beautiful lakes in China. They not only provide you with great natural beauty but also fresh air and a sense of freedom. There is nothing more relaxing than walking around a stunning lake to exercise, to chat with lovely friends or just to enjoy yourself.

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