Be Impressed By The Great Cuisine In South America's Countries

With a variety of characteristics including Spanish, Italian, Native American, Portuguese, Indian-South Asian, and African, you can get a memorable experience of the great cuisines in South America’s countries for sure. No matter where you are standing in front of street vendors or sitting at restaurants, you can find out lots of tempting dishes to delight your stomach. And to help you enjoy the best food in this continent, follow us right now!

1. Ceviche, Peru

Great Cuisine In South America

A stunning dish of Ceviche

Ceviche is a popular seafood dish not only in Peru but also in the coastal areas of both Central and South America. It’s made from fresh raw fish preserved in citrus juice (lime, lemon or Seville orange), spiced with chili peppers, and decorated with cilantro and onion. However, you need to know the best time to enjoy Ceviche is at lunch when the fish attains the best freshness.

2. Feijoada, Brazil

Great Cuisine In South America

Feijoada is a traditional and national dish in Brazil

We believe that you will be impressed by Feijoada, the traditional and national dish in Brazil, for the first bite. It’s a delicious stew of black beans that is cooked with meat (beef or pork) and then served with rice, assorted sausages, vegetables, farinheira (a Portuguese smoked sausage), and a choice of side dishes such as farofa (a toasted cassava flour mixture).

Similar to Ceviche, Feijoada is traditionally eaten on Saturdays. But, don’t worry too much because you can enjoy this wonderful dish at Casa da Feijoada anytime you want. And remember to order Brazil’s national cocktail, called Caipirinha to enjoy.

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3. Curanto, Chile

Great Cuisine In South America

Curanto is a combination of shellfish, meat, chapaleles and milcao, and other vegetables

For a visit to the Chiloé Archipelago off the coast of Chile, you should try entering Kuranton to taste the best Curanto. Some typical ingredients consist of shellfish, meat, chapaleles and milcao, and other vegetables. Next, all will be covered with Chilean rhubarb leaves, dirt, grass chunks, and wet sacks. Then cook it in a hole dug in the ground and concealed with stones about one hour. Owing to this cooking method, Curanto will give you a special and unforgettable flavor between the meat, the shellfish, and vegetables.

4. Empanadas, Argentina

Great Cuisine In South America

Remember to try Empanadas when coming to Argentina

Empanadas, one of South America’s countries, Argentina’s cuisine, is famous for its small pies with a “croissant” shape, called Empanadas. They are made of dough stuffed with various delicious fillings such as ground chicken, beef, spinach, cheese, etc.

One interesting thing is that you can find tons of signature savors whenever setting feet in each province of this country. But, the best one might be found in the Salta Province because you can taste the baked Empanadas instead of fried ones. And don’t forget to dip them in a spicy red salsa sauce to increase the flavor.

5. Bandeja Paisa, Colombia

Great Cuisine In South America

A nutritious meal of Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa is made of rice, corn cakes, plantain, minced meat, black sausage, chorizo, fried pork rind, avocado, and garnished with a fried egg for good measure. Previously, this national dish of Columbia was to help peasant workers get enough energy to work throughout the day. That’s why the mega-calorie meal is described as an important lunchtime meal and eaten on particular events in Columbia.

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6. Acarajé, Brazil

Great Cuisine In South America

Enjoy a crispy flavor of Acarajé

Acarajé is an excellent example of the African influence in Brazilian cuisine. A great mixture of shrimp and peeled black-eyed peas is rolled into a ball and then deep-fried to bring a crunchy and savory flavor. This dish is mostly found in the Bahia area and served as popular street food in Salvador Market, Brazil. One interesting thing is that you can find varieties of Acarajé in many countries from Africa such as Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, or Togo.

7. Lomo Saltado, Peru

Great Cuisine In South America

Eat Lomo Saltado with rice and French fries

Lomo Saltado symbolizes an excellent fusion of classic Peruvian ingredients and Chinese stir frying. Moist strips of soy-marinated beef, tomatoes, onions, Aji chilies, and some typical spices are stir-fried until the beef is just cooked while the onions and tomatoes turn into a meaty, robust gravy. This savory dish is often eaten with either rice or French fries, or both. But, the secret thing to bring a rich unique taste for Lomo Saltado is all about the wine during the cooking.

8. Sopaipillas, Chile

Great Cuisine In South America

Sopaipillas are the most popular street food in Chile

Sopaipillas are made from a mixture of flour, pumpkins, and butter, then flattened into circles. Then they’re deep-fried and often served with tomato salsa and chili. It’s because Sopaipillas is a mouth-watering street food, you can find it anywhere in Chilean towns.

9. Arepa, Colombia

Great Cuisine In South America

A dish of Arepa brings a various array of savory fillings

It can be said that Arepa is the most commonly street food in Colombia. It’s mainly made from cornmeal and then packed with a various array of delicious stuffing, from steak to melted cheese and sweet dulce de leche. Aside from Bandeja Paisa, you definitively become familiar with Arepa as it’s widely served across Columbia.

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Are you impressed by the great cuisine in South America’s countries that we’ve just listed above? Which dishes do you want to try most? Ceviche in Peru or Feijoada in Brazil or Empanadas in Argentina? So, just save this list for your next trip to one of these places now, guys.

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