Be amazed at top exotic architectures in China

China is considered a huge country. Thus, you might spend months or even years traveling such vast country and exploring all. Along with many tourist highlights, it is also home to some of the top exotic architectures that can leave you enthralled from the first sight.

Once you have done taking the imposing selfie picture in front of the Terracotta Warriors and on the Great Wall, then spend time heading to one of the following incredibly strange tourist attractions below. Try to find what make them a big draw for both local and foreign travelers right now!

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1. World Joyland

Aren’t you a fan of a normal theme park? Then, World of Warcraft - or StarCraft-themed park can tickle your interest. Yes, we’re talking about World Joyland – an unofficial theme park that has been inspired by the Blizzard Entertainment video game series. It is reported to cost about $48 million for construction.

exotic architectures in China

World Joyland is an ideal place to open your knowledge

Open in 2011, the park is based on a sprawling video-game themed attraction. There are 2 distinct sections here. Half of the park is an impressive pastiche reminiscent of World of Warcraft – the famous MMORPG, while the rest is an indeed a science-fiction world that is amazingly similar to Starcraft – the strategy game. Actually, such 2 sections of the park are heavily filled with characters, rides, and images influenced by the games.

2. Window of the World

Every day, a number of tourists discover many recognizable sites in the world to enhance their understanding and feast their eyes. However, there is one place in China where they may see about 130 famed landmarks in just one day.

It is Window of the World, belonging to Shenzen in southern China. In fact, here is a fantasy replica park with an area of about 480,000 square meters. Then, it’s quite possible to find vivid replicas of the world's historical heritages, wonders, and scenic sites in mini versions.

exotic architectures in China

Window of the World

For instance, there is no need to visit Cambodia to see the grand Angkor Wat, Mandalay to see the ancient Mahamuni Pagoda, or even France to see the spectacular Eiffel Tower. Just spending one day in the park, and all of your wishes can come true with ease.

3. Bruce Lee Paradise Park

Bruce Lee has been widely remembered as a Hong Kong martial arts icon in the country. To attract more visitors to Lee’s ancestral home – Shangcun Village in Junan, the local government was ready to invest 158 million Yuan on the Bruce Lee Paradise Park.

exotic architectures in China

Bruce Lee Paradise Park attracts Bruce Lee’s fans every day

The park was officially opened in 2008 with the large number of travelers who come and meet their idol every year. The outstanding feature is the bronze statue of Bruce Lee – the largest bronze one in the world.

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4. Automated live crab vending machines

China always dazzles tourists by a lot of innovations. And one of them is the live crab vending machines, which provide buyers live and fresh crabs to make food. You can see one of these machines on a street in Hangzhou.

exotic architectures in China

You can buy live crabs from the automated live crab vending machines

In general, one Shanghai Hairy Crab typically costs between about $1.50 to $7.50, depending on its size. Of course, the machine will be kept at a temperature that causes all of the crabs to go into hibernation. That’s why live crabs are always guaranteed. If you unfortunately get a dead one, then you will be offered 3 crabs for free by the retailer.

5. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, famous for its giant horseshoe shape, is also an emphasis in China. Designed by MAD and situated on the edge of Taihu Lake, such iconic shape of the building is gorgeously reflected in the waters. What make it apart from others are traditional ink paintings, impressive water view, as well as the arch bridge.

exotic architectures in China

A stay in Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort costs you a lot of money for sure

Basically, the 27-storey building has 282 guest rooms. Interestingly, there are 39 villas around with access to hot springs. Major facilities include a ballroom, restaurants, a wedding center, and conference suites.

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The following are top exotic architectures in China that can satisfy curiosity of those who love the quirky and bizarre. Along with familiar famous historical sites, taking time to visit these attractions can be a great memory that lingers in your mind for a long time.

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