Bali - The Island Of The Gods

Bali  - The Island Of The Gods

Bali island is the city of the beautiful land named Indonesia, which located in West pole of Nusa Tenggara archipelago with its shape like a cock. Bali Indonesia is famous not because of very beautiful tourist attractions but because of extremely mysterious beauty of more than 20,000 majestic and supernatural temples with the architecture mixing India style with Bali style as well. In each corner of Bali’s roads, you will be surprised at several giant statues describing the Gods. That is a reason why Bali is known as the island of the Gods. In addition, Bali weather is so advantageous for traveling.

Bali Island

Bali - the island of the Gods

There is no surprise that the number of tourists traveling to Bali accounts for more than 80 percent out of total number of tourists who visit Indonesia every year. Some of them even choose Bali is only destination in the plenty of 1,700 islands of this country.


Due to the stable weather, Bali is worth for visiting any time 4 seasons. The best ideal time to travel here is in Summer because weather in this period time is so nice. And it is so cool that you can’t use fans or air-conditioner at night. You can be spoilt for take part in several activities but don’t worry about weather. If you want to look for a quiet space, 3 first months is the best choice thanks to a little of visitors compared with Summer.


You can travel there by plane and land safely in Ngurah rai National Airport. There are several plane makers to Bali such as Lion Air, Air Asia or Tiger Airways. If traveling by Tiger Airway, you will get the airport of Singapore and apart from here, you continue to take plane to Bali. When coming to Bali, renting car or motorcycle is the best way to reach destinations with the cheapest cost because Bali hasn’t public transportations like other countries. If visiting in the plenty of members, you should rent a private car to save your time. With regard to one or 2 member, renting motorcycle is a good choice, but don’t forget bring your map to avoid being lost.

Bali Island

The temples with the unique architecture catches the plenty of tourists in around the world

Considered as the island of the Gods such as mountain of God, Goddess of river or God of monkey, it is certainly that you can’t miss more than 20,000 majestic and supernatural temples, especially the Hindu temples in unique architectures style when visiting Bali island.

1.Tanah Lot Temple

Bali Island

Tanah Lot Temple - one of the main temple in the series of temple worship Bali’s Gods

Coming to Bali island, Tanah Lot is a mysterious temple as a part of Bali mythology in several centuries that you should not missed. It located in the Southwest of Bali, about 13 kilometers far from Tabanan city, Bali and it is one of the main temple in the series of temple worship Bali’s Gods. It is also known as the most beautiful destination in the world for enjoying the sunset.

Bali Island

The most beautiful destination in the world for enjoying the sunset

The temple situated in the top of giant flagstones in the central of Indian Ocean with the deep blue sea water, immense scene. If wanting to reach this temple, you must take a walk in the across road created by stones and black sand in the length of 50 meters from Pura Tanah Lot. When the tide is coming, this path is disappeared, which make the temple so mysterious in the vast sea. Thanks to that, Tanah Lot attracts a lot visitors in around the world for traveling and discovering throughout the year.

2.Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

Situated in Bedugul plateau, about 50 kilometers from Ngurah rai National Airport to the North, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple – one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Indonesia is 1,239 meters above sea level. Coming here, you can look at the temple reflected in Bratan lake with the magnificent scenes of the highest mountain in Bali surrounding. It is certainly another interesting spot for visitors who love exploring the history, culture and spirit of Bali’s people.

Bali Island

The wonderful picture of the temple when the sun goes down

According to Hindu religion, this temple worships Buddha and the goddess of river named Dewi Danu and who brings the source of water for all of Bali’s people and helps them to break out of the soul of evil spirits. The main highlight of the temple is interfering between HinDu religion and Buddhism that is different from others.

As soon as had set your foot on this work of 500-year-old, you can come across the unique architecture with full of green grass moss covering the towers make it more antique. And you can get a good opportunity for exploring 4 small temples in different Gods on the cluster of temples here. Lingga Temple worship the God of Siva; Penataran is Vishnu Gods; Terate Bang Temple worship Brahama God and Dalem Purwa Temple is the place for worshipping Danu Gods - the goddess of river.

3.Gunung Agung Volcano

Bali Island

Gunung Agung Volcano has the Gods of mountain defending and protecting for the people of Bali

It is so wonderful that you can see with your own eyes the highest mountain in Indonesia and also the most supernatural mountain towards Bali’s people. They believe that the Gods of Gunung Agung has defended and protected for the people of Bali and Pura Besakih located at the foot of this mountain as well to avoid eruptive volcano.

4.Pura Besakih Temple

Bali Island

Pura Besakih Temple in the island of the Gods

Located at the foot of Agung mountain, Pura Besakih Temple also called Mother Temple is a cluster of 21 small temples and other sanctuaries with the unique and mysterious architecture. That is a reason why it catches almost tourists for traveling every year.

To reach the beautiful temple, you must conquer a long road with several stone ladders. When the legs are tired, let’s stop a while and you can see the temple appears so imposingly in the series of other small temples. The roof temple is covered by the palm leaves mixing with the green grass moss, which make the temple more serious and mysterious. You can be spoilt for get some fresh air and admire the peaceful and quiet beauty here.

Bali Island

It is the famous temple in Bali island

Traveling here, you will be explored Trinity Temple that worship 3 Gods named Brahama, Shiva and Visnu decorated colorfully in different colors. The scenes of Bali island looks so beautifully with the charming beaches, immense rice fields when seeing from the top of this temple. You will feel relaxed after a stressful working days.

5.Uluwatu Temple

Located in the South of Bali island, about 50 kilometers away from Kuta town in a large cliff in the height of 100 meters jutting out of Indian Ocean, Uluwatu is one of the most sacred ancient temple in Bali because of its mysterious and unique beauty. This is an ideal place that can not missed in the itinerary of exploring the island of the Gods. The temple is the place to worship the Gods with the purpose of helping Bali’s people to avoid the soul of evil spirits.

Bali Island

The road leading to Uluwatu Temple

It is a special work carved by black coral reefs with the unique architecture of the roof covering by the layers of black limp leaves heaping up together. The impressive thing here is a tottery temple on the immense ocean, which make almost tourists very surprised and satisfied. Enjoying the sunset here is an interesting experience that not to be missed when the sky is turned pink because this is the most beautiful moment of Uluwatu.

Bali island is an ideal tourist attractions that is worth for exploring the history, culture as well as spirit of Bali’s people with the number of more than 20000 enigmatic temples. The island of the Gods always catches in great number of visitors in around the world. It will leave the good memories and unforgettable experience for you if traveling Bali Indonesia once.

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