Overview of The Bahamas

Known as “the paradise in real life”, Bahamas attracts a large number of tourists thanks to its wonderful natural scenery as well as friendly people. Before taking a trip to this wonderful destination, don’t forget to learn some basic information about the beautiful attraction in Caribbean. Let’s us help you!

Bahamas - at first glance

  • Capital: Nassau
  • Other major cities: Freeport, West End, Coopers Town, Marsh Harbour, Freetown
  • Population: 388,019 (2015) - World Bank
  • Main Religion: Protestants
  • Official language(s): English
  • Ethnic Make-up: 91% black, 5% is white, 2% is mixed black and white
  • Dialing code: +1

Overview of The Bahamas

The amazing scenery in there won't make you disappointed

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  • Location: Located on the Caribbean island, bridges to the North Atlantic, Southeast Florida, North East of Cuba
  • Geographic coordinates: 15.8700° N, 100.9925° E
  • Area: 13,940 square kilometers
  • Highest point: Mount Alvernia on Cat Island (63 m)
  • Lowest point: Atlantic Ocean (0 m)
  • Coastline: 3,542 kilometers

Overview of The Bahamas

Bahamas on the world map

Bahamas culture

Bahamian culture is a mix of African and Europe. The most famous music style of this country is Junkanoo. Besides Junkanoo, other indigenous music forms are known internationally through Joseph Spence. The marching bands play an important role in life. They play in funerals, weddings and other ceremonial events.

Overview of The Bahamas

Junkanoo Summer Festival in Bahamas

During time at the beautiful destination in Caribbean ou can visit the Straw Market in Nassau – the capital of Bahamas to buy some traditional crafts including hats and baskets. Besides, you can see the Canvas art or Coral and stone art in Bahamas.

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The Bahamas has a sub-tropical climate, so the weather is quite warm and pleasant. It’s a great place to enjoy the sun, especially in winter. However, in summer and fall, this country often encountered many hurricanes such as large storms rain, tide, etc. Therefore, the most suitable time to visit Bahamas is the winter. Once you have arrived, you can surf, ride a bike, swim and enjoy all the natural beauty.

Main attractions

Cabbage beach

The site is known as one of the best beaches as well as tourist destinations in Bahamas. With the coastline stretches along 2 miles, Cabbage beach is definitely an ideal place for you to sunbath and build sand-castle. The clear and warm water in there are really suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

Overview of The Bahamas

White sand and blue water in Cabbage beach

Besides, there are various entertaining areas nearby the beach for you to enjoy such as Casinos, restaurants and hotels. The beach has many tropical trees like coconut, casuarinas and sea grape. It’s great to enjoy the wonderful summer in Cabbage beach with your friends and family.

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Andros Island

Known as the largest island in Bahamas, Andros Island is absolutely a natural wonder that Mother Nature bestowed for Bahamas. It’s an ideal site to hold a wedding or enjoy the honeymoon as well. Visiting Andros Island, you can take part in many exciting activities such as kayaking, bird watching, hiking, snorkeling, diving, etc. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to explore the world's largest coral reef on this island which stretches out more than 100 miles.

Overview of The Bahamas

Castle and lighthouse in Andros island

Lucayan National Park

Lucayans National Park is another main attraction in Bahamas that tourists shouldn’t miss. It has one of the world’s longest charted underwater cave systems with the length is more than six miles. The park has many pine trees, mangrove and palm. Located in the Freeport city, Lucayan National Park also attracts many visitors by the beautiful white sand beaches and the impressive Gold Rock Creek. Besides, tourists can also contemplate one of the world’s longest underwater limestone caves.

Overview of The Bahamas

Pine Forrest is located at the entrance of the Lucayan National Park

Nassau Island

It is capital city of the Bahamas with many beautiful natural landscapes. It has a peaceful atmosphere that makes a large number of visitors love this site. Besides, you are also able to discover many famous and beautiful beaches in there such as San Dalavador, Exumas, Eleuthera, etc.

Overview of The Bahamas

Don't miss this wonderful island

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For all useful information above, we hope that you can know more about the Bahamas – one of the most beautiful destinations in Caribbean. Don’t hesitate to plan a trip to Bahamas and experience all incredible things in there!

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