Asia Offers So Many Exotic Hotels To Stay And Take Awesome Photos

Sometimes, we get the same feeling when finding a good accommodation for our trip to a certain country. We just enter a room, throw our luggage down, look around and recognize that it looks similar to anywhere, right? So, if you want to catch something unusual and interesting for your journey to Asia this year, don’t miss a chance to discover and stay at some exotic hotels in our list below. We’re sure that you will be surprised at its weirdness and don't forget to take awesome photos right away.

1. Sheraton Hot Spring Resort, Huzhou, China (From $360/night)

Exotic Hotels

The beauty of Sheraton Hot Spring Resort on Lake Tai

Looming over the skyline of Huzhou, near Shanghai, the Sheraton Hot Spring Resort (or also nicknamed as “Doughnut Hotel” and “Horseshoe Hotel”) is rated as a proof of China’s new wealth. Located on Lake Tai, this luxury resort has 321 rooms, 40 suites, 37 villas, a presidential suite, four restaurants, a café, fitness & wellness center, a children’s pool, and parking facilities.

Moreover, it highlights a gorgeous and showy lobby with 20,000 Swarovski and European natural crystal lamps together with a gleaming floor made of Afghan White Jade and Tiger's Eye Stone from Brazil. The person who designed this stunning building is the Beijing-born architect, named Ma Yansong.

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2. Tulou Fuyulou Changdi Inn, Yongding, China (From $25/night)

Exotic Hotels

Get a bird view of Tulou Fuyulou Changdi Inn

Another exotic hotel to stay in China is Tulou Fuyulou Changdi Inn in Yongding. 18 out of 160 rooms are used for renting while the remains are home to farmers. Since the inn is situated in the Hakka Earth Dwelling Folk Culture Village, you can relish some exciting activities such as cycling, tasting the authentic Hakka cuisine or learning how to cook at the restaurant in there.

3. Masbro Village, Malacca, Malaysia (From $63/night)

Exotic Hotels

An odd row of colorful triangle huts at Masbro Village

If you have a chance to visit Malacca in Malaysia, you should try spending a night in Masbro Village. When first setting your eyes on odd rows of triangle huts, along with their oval gardens, you might think about colorful houses of Brighton Beach in Melbourne. Each hut is fully equipped with two queen-sized beds, a television set, sofa bed, and mini kitchen. Although this homestay is 7 km from the city, it’s also close to popular sites as the Tanjung Bidara Beach and Gadek Hot Spring.

4. The Waterhouse at South Bund, Shanghai, China (From $179/night)

Exotic Hotels

A rugged exterior of The Waterhouse at South Bund

The exotic hotel in Asia is a four-story boutique hotel. After a transformation from Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, this concrete building has added a kind of weathered steel, called Cor-Ten steel. That’s why it makes the 2,800-square-meter hotel a modern and rough appearance that reflects the industrial past of the docks. Contrary to the exterior, the hotel’s interior gives a unique five-star experience.

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5. Sharma Springs in Green Village, Bai, Indonesia (From $795/night)

Exotic Hotels

Inside Sharma Springs

Among so many exotic hotels to stay in Asia, you might say WOW when staying at Sharma Springs, a six-story hotel with a roof of six large and overlaying petals. Inspired by a lotus, this place is made mainly out of boron-treated bamboo. The only way to enter Sharma Springs is a tunnel bridge that connects all the rooms together. Additionally, don’t miss coming to the sixth floor to behold the best scenes of the sunset over Ayung River Valley.

6. Keemala, Phuket, Thailand (From $909/night)

Exotic Hotels

An exotic yet attractive appearance of Keemala in Phuket

Keemala is a 38-pool resort that primarily focuses on wellness and nature. With four kinds of villas, they include tree, tent, clay, and bird’s nest. Besides, it offers an amazing lot with ten villas that look like white mushroom caps and some tree houses resembled round fruits. To the Thais, this architecture comes from Thai mythology about the harmony with nature.

7. Xiangshawan Desert Lotus Hotel, Inner Mongolia, China (From $370/night)

Exotic Hotels

Xiangshawan Desert Lotus Hotel is located at a massive and remote Xiangshawan Desert

About 350 miles west of Beijing, China, Xiangshawan Desert Lotus Hotel is described as a beautiful architectural lotus and enclosed by golden sand dunes. All of the hotel rooms are made of steel panels that are not attached to the shifting sand with concrete.

Since it’s built within a massive and remote Xiangshawan Desert, many tourists want to come and stay there to experience unique and natural phenomena. During time at the site you will join exciting outdoor activities such as sand surfing, camel riding and so on.

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8. Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam (From $49/night)

Exotic Hotels

Get a whole view of Hang Nga Guesthouse

Hang Nga Guesthouse (or also called as Crazy House) has ten rooms designed by a Vietnamese architect named Dang Viet Nga. It’s an exotic range of wire, concrete, wood, and glass buildings that highlights unusual ladders shaped like towering tree houses with notched tops, tree roots, freaky Swiss/Indonesia style chalet, or even weird cubby holes. Therefore, this guesthouse always attracts lots of foreigners to come and see.

If you truly want to experience something different for your next vacation in Asia, eight exotic hotels to stay should be on your list. Explore them, take as many awesome photos as you can, and bring back home unforgettable memories.

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