Asia: Most famous tourist attractions that you can't afford to miss

Asia always remains an irresistible appeal to not only local people but also westerners. The attraction lies in not only diversely unique cultures of different countries but also the stunning landscapes that always surprise you. These can’t-miss tourist attractions will stay vivid in your mind about a splendid Asia.

1, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Ideally located in the southern part of Cambodia, this is truly the pearl in the midst of the sea. Because the island is quite small, you can easily feel a sense of peace and tranquility. It is suitable for tourists to enjoy such a refreshing atmosphere and let their hair down.


Indulge in the majesty of nature in Koh Rong

The main highlight of the island is the Long Beach. You are sure to be taken aback by the stunning scenery of white sandy beaches and green trees. There are also special wooden chairs to take a sit and admire the charm of nature.

2, Perhentian, Malaysia

Malaysia is universally makes its name famous for the majestic Twin towers that tourists should not miss. Like any beach heavens, this destination will take your breath away at first sight because of the blue water sea and the beautiful natural surroundings.

What sets it apart from other beaches rests on the variety and diversity of activities. It’s advisable to try aquatic sports including diving. Diving in there, you can see the splendid coral reefs. If lucky, you may come across the sea turtles and sharks in nearby areas. It is interesting, isn’t it?


You can even see yourself in the cystal water in Perhentian

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3, Koh Samui, Thailand

If you are a crazy fan of Thai commodities, how about combining sightseeing with shopping? The trip to this land of golden temples and pagodas should not exclude this awe-inspiring spot. Koh Samui, located on the eastern bank of Thailand, has long become a popular tourist attraction in Asia for stunning beaches.


Such a romantic view of Koh Samui can knock you out

Because this area has developed rapidly since 1970s, the beach is quite densely-populated with a lot of locals and foreigners. You should definitely pay a visit to Choengmon in the northeast and Mae Nam in the north to enjoy your whole day. Imagine how wonderful it is to stretch yourselves in the sunshine, enjoy spicy Thai cuisines and have the staff massage.

4, Dubai

If you are seeking a trip with both peaceful moments on the beach and excellent living standards, Dubai should be added to your list of must-see tourist attraction in Asia.


Dubai, the land of so many luxury buildings

It is not an exaggeration that Dubai will take your breath away thanks to its luxury in not only hotels, airports, buildings but also in the meals they serve and the items they sell. This is truly the heaven for tourists to relax, go shopping and enjoy superb meals. Interestingly, you can even see the foods covered some pieces of gold also.

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5, Bali, Indonesia

Globetrotters will find Bali a very popular destination that you must visit once in your lifetime. It is more suitable for anyone who is lured by the charm of the blue water sea. Bali is beautifully painted with many picturesque beaches. You can see your whole body in the water. After enjoying the sea, you should take part in other fascinating aquatic sports such as windsurfing. The feeling of challenging the nature never gets you bored.


Follow the way to heaven in Bali

One special feature of Bali is the green paddy fields stretching over a large area. Take a good seat and you will have an impressive view of the whole peaceful and serene city.

Besides beaches and green fields, tourists should not miss the journey to explore the solemn temples. It’s time for you to calm your soul, wish the best things for your loved ones and enjoy the unique architecture. You can buy some cute souvenirs for your friends in a lot of stores in Bali, one of the famous attraction in Asia.

6, Boracay, Philippines

If you are planning to travel to the Philippines, do not forget to visit Boracay.


Go sailing to enjoy the picturesque view of Boracay

The first impression may be the perfect combination of colors: the blueness of the sea, the yellowness of the sun, and the greenness of big trees. However, the main attraction of Boracay include interesting outdoor activities, especially sailing or diving. It offers you many chances to harmonize with the nature and explore more the marine life. You can hire a tour to get around the whole island and drop by Baling-Hai, one of the most peaceful destinations for an escape. Pack your luggage and unfold what is awaiting.

7, Hong Kong

Hong Kong will impress you at first glance for the contradictory beauty, ranging from rusted items and slums to luxury houses and limousine. This is one of the can't-miss tourist attractions in Asia. The spot is quite suitable for anyone who seeks an interesting nightlife to rock their holiday.


Tai Long Wan is really a great place to visit in Asia

Tai Long Wan Bay is the most famous attraction you have to set feet in there. The overall perfect harmony of different landscapes will take your breath away. The blue water sea goes so well with the blue sky and white sand dunes will help you enjoy peace and serenity.

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It’s so true that the journey to challenge the wildness and enjoy the beauty of nature is always worth a try. If you are wondering where to visit, let’s engross yourselves in these tourist attractions in Asia. They will promise to give you beautiful memories and unforgettable moments.

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