Asia insider guide: Top most luxury hotels

If you only think of luxury and modernity in Western countries, you would be regretful. Asia, a land of not only stunning natural scenery but also unique cultures will impress you by many luxury hotels. Do not forget to check-in at these must-stay accommodations around Asia.

1, Song Saa, Cambodia

You would be regretful if you only thought of luxury in Western hotels and resorts. Asia, a beautiful continent has a lot to offer you, including Song Saa in Cambodia. In Khmer language, Song Saa means “fall in love”, so it is perfectly suitable for couples seeking a place for their honeymoon.

luxury hotels in Asia

Love nature? Let's stay at Song Saa

As one of the most luxury hotels in Asia, the whole resorts cover a large area with a variety of rooms and excellent services. You can choose from 27 villas to make the most of your holiday. During your honeymoon, it would be so romantic to hire a small groom house right in the midst of the blue water sea and enjoy the stunning scenery. For adventure lovers, joining thrilling aquatic activities (diving or windsurfing) will leave you strong impression.

Address: Koh Ouen Private Island, Koh Rong Archipelago, Sihanoukville

2, The Raj Palace, India

When you think of India, you must imagine about a large space of sand and camel. However, the luxury in this interesting spot is sure to change your mind immediately. Ideally located in the heart of Jaipur, The Raj Palace should definitely be your next destination.

All 29 rooms are well-equipped with a myriad of modern facilities, large yards and beautiful gardens. How wonderful it is to stretch your body in the comfortable lounge and admire the surrounding scenery.

luxury hotels in Asia

Your Presidential room at the Raj Palace is covered by gold

The most predominant feature of this hotel lies in the room system of Presidential in such a huge area of 1,500 square meters. It is considered as one of the biggest room in Asia with convenient pools, exclusive museums containing invaluable items and balconies with a perfect view of Jaipur city.

Address: Jorawer Singh Gate, Amer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

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3, The Lombok Lodge, Indonesia

For many tourists, Indonesia leaves them a wonderful impression of unique architecture in temples and buildings. If you have a chance to visit this destination, remember to have a rest in such a convenient hotel, the Lombok Lodge.

luxury hotels in Asia

Relax at the Lombok Lodge

This splendid building is designed by Vittorio Simoni, an Italian architect. It is easy to recognize an utmost simplicity and some traditional features of Indonesian culture. When you first enter the rooms, you can freely engross yourselves in the state-of-the-art electronic devices of Apple or delicate interior bathrooms of Hermes. This is sure to bring you the most enjoyable experiences and memorable moments.

Address: Medana, Tanjung, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara 83352

4, Ritz-Carlton, Japan

This is another resting heaven that you should check-in when travelling to Japan. Right from the name, you can imagine that Ritz-Carlton is an international hotel for all kinds of tourists.

It has been built since the dynasty of Mutsuhito king and was completed in 2014. Although the hotel in Asia has been operating for 3 years, you can believe in the high-quality services and a variety of activities to rock your holiday. The main highlight of Ritz-Carlton lies in the Presidential room, about 300 square meters, with modern furniture and spacious environment.

luxury hotels in Asia

Rooms at the hotel offers beautiful view of Tokyo at night

It would be a memorable experience to see the majestic beauty of Fuji Mountain or admire the bustling capital city of Tokyo.

Address: Tokyo Midtown 9-7-1 Minato-ku, Akasaka, Tokyo, 107-0052

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5, La residence Phou Vao, Lao

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this interesting destination will impress you at first glance. It is situated deeply in the forest of Luang Prabang, so tourists can notice the charm and romance of French architecture.

The most appealing feature of La residence Phou Vao is the spacious pool for you to relax and enjoy your time. From the pool, you can get a far view over the majestic mountains and mysterious forests of the country. This is sure to leave you a peaceful atmosphere to recharge your batteries. The rooms are designed with open inferior and long aisle to maximize your harmony with nature.

luxury hotels in Asia

A peaceful corner in La residence Phou Vao

Address: Lao PDR, Luang Prabang 84330

6, The Upper House, Taiwan

Any crazy fans of dim sum cannot exclude Taiwan in their travel diary. This is one of the most luxury hotels in Asia located in the vicinity of Victoria Harbor.

The Upper House is part of the modern complex with Pacific Palace and many other services, ranging from shopping, eating to relaxing. There are 117 rooms in total, all of which are nicely designed, delicately decorated and fully furnished with excellent gadgets.

luxury hotels in Asia

The interesting design at the Upper House

If you are too lazy for searching somewhere to eat out, you can enjoy your meals at Grey Room where serves light meals and refreshing beverages from many countries in the world. One plus point of this restaurant rests on its perfect location which makes tourists be able to admire stunning changing landscapes of Taiwan at night.

Address: Pacific Place, 88, Queensway, Admiralty

7, Mandarin Oriental Pudong, China

China is famous for not only long traditions and unique culture but also for a wide range of luxury hotels and spas. Mandarin Oriental Pudong is not an exception. Primly situated in the center of commercial road, Eastern Street, it becomes a popular attraction of both Chinese and foreign visitors.

luxury hotels in Asia

The best hotel is really worth staying

You can choose from a variety of rooms and services to make the best of your time. However, the Presidential should be a can’t-miss option. Located on the 25th floor, this is truly the most modern room well equipped with piano, space for gym, bar, wine store and two gardens overlooking the sparkling Shanghai at night. Sounds like a small hotel inside a hotel, doesn’t it?

Address: Shanghai Shi, Pudong Xinqu, Pudong Road

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8, Layana Resort and Spa, Thailand

Thailand strikes you as the land of awe-inspiring beaches, unique temples with impressive architecture and a heaven for shopaholics. If you travel to Thailand, remember to check-in at this interesting place, Layana Resort and Spa. Ideally located opposite the white sandy beach, this promises to bring you best experiences.

luxury hotels in Asia

Indulge in the blue water pool in Layana Resort and Spa

There are a wide range of rooms with different services for you to enjoy an absolute escape from the daily busy lives. Because this resort specializes in spa and beauty treatment, female visitors will have great time to relax in there. Adventure lovers are able to engross themselves in diving and other fascinating aquatic sports.

Address: Sala Dan, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150

9, Park Hyatt Seoul, Korea

Have you ever dreamt of traveling to a land of romance, mix yourselves with on the beautiful autumn and sail along the river while listening to music? If the answer is yes, Seoul will be the place to be. Located in Gangnam, Park Hyatt hotel will strike you at first sight. With a huge number of rooms (185) and modern furniture, tourists are sure to make the most of their holidays in there.

luxury hotels in Asia

Luxury comes from simplicity in Park Hyatt Seoul

When you first enter the rooms, you may be appealed by the creative decorations and delicate designs. Each room has a balcony overlooking the city, making it a wonderful place for you to wake up early and admire the beautiful sunrise. Interestingly, if you are living in the Presidential room, you will have your own housekeeper.

Address: 606 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Your trip in Asia at these luxury hotels will leave you a strong impression. You are sure to take home beautiful moments and absolute comfort.

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