Are "sexy" beaches in Central America you're looking for?

Beach vacation is always Number One choice for escaping normal daily life and Central America is the ultimate destination for beach lovers. Beaches here are not only stunning but also carry a hint of sexiness in them. Let’s explore Central America with us through the list of 10 hottest beaches in the area.

1. Bocas Del Toro (Panama)

Central America

How amazing Bocas del Toro is!

Belonging to Panama, Bocas del Toro is a crowded province with a mainland and 9 main islands. Looking from above, you can see long coastal lines around the province, which provide amazing beaches at every corner. Waves of Bocas del Toro are fierce enough to make it one of Central America surfing capitals.

On the other hand, offshore area is a favorite spot for divers with colorful reefs and various types of fish. Besides sexy beach, Bocas del Toro is also well-known for some protected natural parks and one of them - La Amistad International Park - is even a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua)

Central America

Sexy beach curve from the Christ of the Mercy

Not only well-known to tourists, San Juan del Sur is also a place where locals come for chilling out. Peeking from the statue of the Christ of the Mercy, you will see a magnificent view over the curvy sexy beach. Moreover, San Juan del Sur has also become a boiling pot for international surfing competition every year.

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3. Roatán (Honduras)

Central America

You can never forget the reef scenery in Roatán

Roatán is a paradise island lying at the northern side of Honduras. It is the largest island in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Roatán is bordered by the second-largest barrier reef in the world. With the continuous effort from the local government and international support, all reef systems throughout the Bay Islands are under strict protection.

It is so strict that every week there is a clean-up session along the beach to guarantee that there are no metal or plastic pieces left in the reefs. Therefore, beaches here are spectacularly clean. Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, etc., you name it and most water sports can be thoroughly enjoyed on the island of Roatán.

4. Playa Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica)

Central America

Perfect combination of blue ocean and green forest

Playa Manuel Antonio has won multiple awards for being a paradise destination with its sexy beach. Manuel Antonio is blessed with abundant tropical reefs, flora and fauna. The beach looks like a forest from above with massive greenery. Fishing, snorkeling and hiking are popular activities around the beach of Manuel Antonio.

5. Playa Avellana (Costa Rica)

Central America

Can you believe in this surreal scenery at Playa Avellana?

This so-called “little Hawaii” of Central America is truly a paradise for experienced surfers. Its sexy curves of waves will make any surfing lover thrill. But fear not if you don't surf, because Avellana beach is stunning with amazingly smooth white sand featuring tranquility of the ocean. While tourism blossoms, people here don’t forget about the environment. Some conservation areas in Playa Avellana are home to many endangered sea turtles.

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6. Máncora (Peru)

Central America

OMG! How sexy Máncora is!!

Situated to the northwestern of Peru, Máncora is famed for having best beach resorts in Central America. Weather is constantly warm, dry, yet breezy throughout the year. Because of its special geological trait at the bay, surfing and kitesurfing rise up as preferred sports in the area.

7. Los Cobanos (El Salvador)

Central America

Catch sunset at the beach

Though this part of Central America coast is covered volcanic sand, Playa Los Cobanos stands out because of its bright colored sand. Stretching along the coastline of Los Cobanos is 157 kilometers of coral reef. This long line of reef is naturally protected by remnants of cliffs; therefore, visitors can enjoy their bath without any fear of damaging reef or hurting themselves. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you may catch sight of some rare herons in the area.

8. Lima (Peru)

Central America

Unique urban beach of Peru

While Máncora is more of a rural (but crowded) area, Lima beach is quite urban with side-by-side cosmopolitan city. Lima is the capital of Peru and its rising population can easily be explained with the access to nearby Miraflores beach. This sexy beach is topped up with several hotels and resorts overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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9. Punta del Este (Uruguay)


Don't forget to pose with this unique hand statue by the beach

Being a developed port city, Punta del Este in Uruguay no doubt deserves a place in this list. Punta del Este coastline has 2 regions: Brava and Mansa. Brava beach side is coated with fine white sand, while the Mansa side is glistered with golden thick sand. Whatever your choice is, it is guaranteed that you will have a great time in Punta del Este with vibrant nightlife and relaxing time on the beach.

10. Placencia (Belize)

Central America

Look at the pristine beauty of the beach!

Placencia is a rising destination for beach lovers because of its affordability. Anyone can come here and enjoy the best time of their lives with unbelievable crystal clear sea water and Hawaii-like vibe. Coral reefs are stunning, food is great, locals are friendly, and this place is free from cruise tours! Yay! You will have serenity and utmost relaxation to yourself in Placencia of Belize.

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