African Cuisine Offer More Than You Think through These 15 Amazing Dishes

As Africa is a multicultural continent, its cuisine is truly excellent with exquisite special foods. If you pay a visit to Africa, don't leave this area without tasting at least a few of these following dishes.

1. Pap en vleis/Shisa nyama, South Africa

African Cuisine

This food will absolutely satisfy you

"Pap en vleis" means "maize porridge and meat" and Shisa nyama can be understood as "burn the meat" in Zulu. The combination of maize porridge and barbecued meat is dearly beloved in many countries in Southern Africa. Interestingly, Shisa nyama restaurants are usually situated beside butchers’ shops, so people can choose their own meat and then have them cooked.

2. Piri piri chicken, Mozambique

African Cuisine

Those who like eating chicken will have an interesting experience

Mozambique’s cuisine is a blend of African, Portuguese, Arab and oriental flavors with fragrant spices such as hot piri piri, creamy coconut sauces, cashews and peanuts. Seafood is often the first selection of tourists, but you should not miss a great feast of chicken cooked with piri piri sauce, coconut milk, garlic, pepper and lime. In addition, it is traditionally served with a dish of cassava leaves and peanut sauce called matapa.

3. Jollof rice and egusi soup, Nigeria

Jollof rice, which is really popular in West Africa, should not be missed when you are on the trip to Nigeria. Including chicken, rice, tomato, pepper and onion, Jollof rice is regularly served in gatherings and parties. Besides, the African food is famous for its egusi soup with the main ingredients of fried bananas and sweet potatoes.

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4. Bunny chow, South Africa

African Cuisine

Bunny chow makes people feel hungry

Bunny chow is an expensive street food with hot curry poured in a loaf of bread. People can buy bunny chow in most big cities but Durban may provide you the best one.

5. Kapenta with sadza, Zimbabwe

African Cuisine

Use your hand to eat this dish so as to have the best feelings

Kapenta is a specific dish of Zimbabwe. Like many other foods in Africa, Kapenta is served with sadza - a popular type of corn porridge. The main ingredient of Kapenta is freshwater fishes from Lake Tanganyika. They will be stewed with tomatoes, groundnuts, onions, and served with green vegetables. However, you should use your hands instead of chopsticks, spoons or forks to enjoy Kapenta.

6. Chambo with nsima, Malawi

African Cuisine

Visitors should not miss this special cuisine

This is a traditional dish with Chambo fish - the main ingredient. The cuisine is sold along the shore of the lake, usually served with French fries and nsima - a dish of porridge which is similar to Zimbabwean sadza or South African pap.

7. Namibian venison, Namibia

This is a simple dish made with roasted deer meat. It will be much more delicious when you eat it together with maize porridge, mahangu and sip a glass of wine or beer of Namibia.

8. Muamba de Galinha, Angola

This is a traditional dish of Angola but strongly influenced from Portugal. Muamba de galinha is known as Muamba Chicken, which is spicy and stewed with oil or palm oil, garlic, okra and chili. This food is famous throughout the Congo River area, where Muamba de galinha is usually served with cassava leaves and rice.

9. Cape breyani, South Africa

African Cuisine

You will never forget this flavor once you taste it

The African food is a specifically aromatic dish made with marinated meat, rice, lentils and some spices combined with crispy fried onion and boiled eggs. A pot of Breyan is really suitable for celebrations or family reunions.

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10. Zanzibari biryanis and pilaus, Zanzibar

This dish is made of mashed-up fruits, meat, seafood, fried rice, cardamom, pepper and cumin. It will be much tastier when you eat with kachumbari, a fresh onion and tomato salad.

11. Nyama na irio, Kenya

Nyama na irio is so wonderful that visitors must taste once they've arrived in Kenya. Made with mashed potatoes, corn, beans, peas and onions, this famous food in Africa is usually served with roasted meat.

12. Koshari, Egypt

African Cuisine

If you have any problems in sleeping, eat Koshari

Travelers to Cairo (the Egyptian capital) often try Koshari, which is a perfect combination of rice, pasta, lentils, green beans and spicy tomato sauce. Additionally, according to local people, koshari is good for sleep.

13. Ful medames, Egypt

African Cuisine

Ful medames will provide enough energy for people in the morning

Ful medames is one of the Egyptian national dishes, including fava beans cooked with spices and olive oil. Dried beans are usually cooked overnight and served with eggs and pita bread in the morning.

14. Potjiekos and stew, South Africa

African Cuisine

The food is cooked in a traditional pot

Potjiekos, which means "pot food", is cooked in layers in the traditional three-legged cast-iron pot. However, it is similar to the slow-simmered stews of chicken, beef, and mutton which are popular among Southern African countries. Besides, stews are traditionally served with pap and other staples like samp and beans, wild greens, dumplings and steamed bread or pot-baked bread.

15. Pastilla au pigeon/b’stilla, Morocco

African Cuisine

The pie is definitely appealing

This dish is savory and sweet, delicate and substantial. A pie comprises shredded cooked pigeon or chicken mixed with egg sauce, and it is wrapped by a thin layer of pastry.

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These famous foods in Africa look as delicious as they really are. Why don't you visit Africa and taste all of them?

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