Adventurers can't miss top beautiful islands in Oceania

Beach lovers are always craving for various destinations in the world to harmonize with the blue water sea. Oceania is sure to meet your demands right from its name. You should not miss check-in at these top beautiful islands where the spectacle of nature will take your breath away at first glance.

Kangaroo Island (Australia)

Located in proximity to South Australia, this is regarded as one of the can’t miss destinations. The blue water surrounds small hills and lush greenery where you can stretch your bodies and enjoy the sunshine.

However, the main highlight of Kangaroo lies on the stunning rock formation you can find nowhere else. Pack your camera because you will be taken aback by their strangeness. Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rock are among the most wonderful natural creations. Moreover, do not miss taking a stroll to come across cute animals typical of Australia such as koalas, goannas or swans. A school of animals walking on the grassland near the beach is the most peaceful scene ever.

islands in Oceania

Make friends with these cute kangaroos

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Whitsunday Islands (Australia)

What makes Whitsunday apart is the turquoise water that it even lights up the pale sky. This special color can be seen in all 74 wonder islands of Whitsunday which lies within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. You can visit some notable options including Daydream, Hamilton, Hayman and Long island where there is not only a lengthened but also widened natural environment. The endless horizon is dotted with stunning beaches stretching along the meandering coastlines.

islands in Oceania

Impressive view of Whitsunday islands will take your breath away

It is interesting to indulge in a wide range of activities for all kinds of visitors. Haring a yacht for relaxing, swimming to explore lively marine species or skimming in a jet ski to enjoy Whitsunday from the sky are among preferable experiences. You can end a day by having a cocktail on the beach and listen to the wave tides every time they reach the shore.

South Island (New Zealand)

islands in Oceania

Indulge in the beauty of Nelson in South Island

South Island should be a can’t miss place in your travelling list to Oceania's top beautiful islands. This site features the purest natural landscapes that you have never experienced before. The most predominant feature of South Island lies in the diversity of sites, ranging from awe-inspiring beaches and endless coastlines in Nelson or Marborough to spacious skiing grounds and majestic waterfalls in Queenstown. Each destination provides you with a different kind of activities to rock your holiday, including swimming, windsurfing, cycling, hiking and speedboat.

islands in Oceania

Majestic-standing Lighthouse - a great symbol of South Island

Besides, you should not forget the romantic Lighthouse located on the cliffs in Otago. From which, you can see the whole city dotted with small spots of houses and blue water.

Taveuni (Fiji)

What will pops in your mind when you hear the name “Garden island”? It is surely the combination of both water sea and lush greenery. You can indulge in this special natural site in Tavenui, the third largest island in Fiji islands.

There area lot for you to explore, ranging from crystal blue water sea, majestic waterfalls, spacious lagoons to impressive volcanic creations. They go well with each other to create a breathtaking scenery in one piece of Oceania.

islands in Oceania

Crystal water in Taveuni Island

Interestingly, no where can you find such a variety of unique ecology as in Tavenui. The large foliage of blooming flowers or a pack of cute animals will take your breath away at first glance, among which the Tagimoucia flower cannot be missed.

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Nacula (Fiji)

Even you are not a fan of beaches, you will still be taken aback by this heaven island in Fiji, Nacula. Primly situated in the Yasawa chain, Nacula features a range of stunning beaches; among them Long Beach is one of the most beautiful sites in Fiji and the world as well.

The wide sand dunes coupled with perfectly turquoise water makes up the splendid beauty that you cannot find elsewhere in Fiji. The color is so special that you even feel it merging with the blue sky to create an endless horizon. It is a joyful experience to engross yourself in snorkeling and swimming to make the most of your holiday.

islands in Oceania

The breathtaking scene of Nacula is from blue water and greenish trees

In proximity to Nacula comes small villages greened over by rolling hills and forests. They contribute to the diverse natural landscape of this spot.

Rock Island Southern Lagoon (Palau)

Palau is itself an awe-inspiring island with a wide range of small ones, contributing to the large bodies of water and diversity of species. Covering an area of over 10,000 hectares, Rock Island Southern Lagoon gives you an overwhelming impression of 445 limestone ones dating back to volcanic explosion.

islands in Oceania

Rock Island Southern lagoon is painted with turquoise water

If you look at the island from the sky, you can see a lot of unique shapes in turquoise color such as the mushrooms. The beauty of this site owes its origin to the variety of coral reef (about 400 species) and dynamic marine lives of sharks and dugong. Swimming or diving can give you a closer view to the glorious colors of different types of coral.

islands in Oceania

Dive into the sea and you'll see cute turtle like this in there

Kayangel (Palau)

To the northernmost of Palau lies another beautiful island that you can’t miss, Kayangel. You can easily reach this site from Koror by speedboat. The overall impression of Kayangel is the natural beauty of the sea and marine species.

islands in Oceania

The familiar scene of white sandy beaches and coconut trees in Kayangel

Kanyangel brims with a diversity of animals, including Manta Rays, Grey Reef Shark and a school of fish. They may lie in colorful coral reef or move further to find food. You can’t turn your eyes on these sparking bands of these species in motion. Moreover, diving is also the strong point of this hot spot to rock your holiday. The swift currents and quickly-changing directions act as challenge to intermediate and advanced divers. You will start from a boat and continue exploring on your own.

islands in Oceania

The water is so crystal that you even see a lot of things beneath

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All the countries in this region is painted with a distinct beauty coming from natural creations. If you are heading there, do not miss visiting these top beautiful islands where you can witness a merge of colors, wildlife and nature at the fullest.

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