Adventure Travel: The Most Imposing Waterfalls to Set Feet in Asia

Asia is a wonderful land with various natural masterpieces. If you’re planning for an adventurous trip to Asia, why don’t you visit the most imposing waterfalls here? Now, let’s check out top attractive waterfalls where you should set feet in Asia now!

1. Jeongbang Waterfall – South Korea

This is a well-known waterfall in Jeju Island. It’s about 23 meters in height, but in the rain season, its height can reach 31 meters depending on the amount of water. More amazingly, this waterfall is located near the sea, and it’s one of a few waterfalls flowing directly into the sea. Another impression of Jeongbang waterfall is that there are three other water lines pouring down a small bay. Jeongbang is one of ten most beautiful landscapes in Jeju Island.


Jeongbang Waterfalls, Jeju

2. Huangguoshu Waterfall – China

Huangguoshu is one of the most spectacular waterfalls all over Asia which is also called Golden Fruit Waterfall. The fall is situated in Guizhou province. It’s about 77.5 meters high and 100 meters wide, the A-level landscape of China. Moreover, it’s the background of many famous films, for example, "Journey to the West". You can walk inside the cascade and view it from the back of cliffs, or follow the path to explore more beautiful scenery.


Vegetation around the waterfall

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3. Shifen Waterfall – Taiwan

This is a beautiful cascade and a famous tourist site in Taiwan sited in the upstream of Keelung River. In autumn, Shifen is 20 meters in height and 40 meters in width, making it the widest waterfall in Taiwan.

4. Umphang Thee Lor Sue Waterfall – Thailand

It’s the highest waterfall in Thailand and also recognized as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Asia in general and all over the world. This site is located in northwest Thailand.

5. Ban Gioc Waterfall – Vietnam

Located right in the border between Chongqing province of China and Cao Bang province of Vietnam, Ban Gioc is one of the biggest and most beautiful cataracts in the world. It’s over 30 meters high, divided into three floors with a lot of lines separated by big stone. Nowadays, this cataract is exploited by both Vietnam and China.


Ban Gioc Waterfall is a spectacular and beautiful waterfall of Vietnam

6. Ka Chong Waterfall – Cambodia

Ka Choung is situated in Ban Lung, Ratanakiri province, Cambodia. It’s about 7 kilometers to the west of the capital.

7. Fukuroda Cataract – Japan

The width of Fukuroda is 73 meters and the height is 120 meters. What's more amazing is that the fall is iced during winter. Fukuroda is the most beautiful waterfall in Japan, followed by Kegon, Kegonnotaki and Nachi.


Fukuroda Falls, Japan

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8. Jurong Waterfall – Singapore

Jurong is one of the highest artificial waterfalls in the world, about 30 meters high, located in the same-called natural reserve. The water flows in a winding stream, which makes it an ideal habitat for birds, fishes, and flora.

9. Sipisopiso Waterfall – Indonesia

This beautiful cascade is rooted from Batak highland in Sumatra Island. Sipisopiso is formed from an underground river flowing from a cave above a lake. The lake is the mouth of the former volcano – Toba.


Sipisopiso waterfall, North Sumatra Indonesia

10. Limunsudan Waterfall – The Philippines

Limunsudan is a natural heritage of the Philippines. It’s a two-story waterfall in Rogongon province. With the height of 870 feet, it’s the highest waterfall in this country.

11. Nachi Waterfall – Japan

Nachi is located next to a pagoda in Wakayama province with a really beautiful view, which makes an impressive and solemn scenery. This waterfall runs on a rough cliff. From the pagoda, you have a lot of beautiful view to take the most impressive pictures of Nachi. Nachi is also the highest waterfall of Japan which is 133 meters high.


Nachi Falls in Nachikatsuura, Japan

12. Yinlianzhuitan Waterfall – China

Placed in Huangguoshu National Park, the highlight of this waterfall is the waterline flowing on big stones instead of pouring down directly as usual. The speed of the water is different in each stage depending on the slope level of stones. Although Yinlianzhuitan waterfall is not big, or as famous as Huangguoshu waterfall, it’s still a favorite site for the unique beauty.


Yinlianzhuitan Waterfall in Guizhou, China

13. Tad Fan Waterfall – Laos

As Matador Network, Tad Fan is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This waterfall contains two symmetrical waterlines flowing from the canyon surrounded by lush bushes. Tad Fan Resort facing the waterfall offers visitors a large view of Tad Fan.

14. Bua Tong Waterfall – Thailand

Bua Tong, also called Sticky Waterfall, is a unique cascade located in the north border of Chiang Mai city. This waterfall amazes you by its special feature that you can climb up the falls. The limestone mines located upstream make the water thick and sticky. The ropes rolled over the top of the head and the moss-clinging stones make the flow slippery and dangerous. It looks quite easy but in fact, this is a big challenge for adventurers.


Sticky Waterfall - Chiang Mai, Thailand

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There are lots of other attractions of these impressive waterfalls which make your adventurous trip more interesting and unforgettable. So, let’s visit and explore top imposing waterfalls of Asia and enjoy your Asia adventure trip!

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