7 days exploring the beautiful country of Oman in the Middle East

7 days exploring the beautiful country of Oman in the Middle East

Not flashy like the neighbor - Arab, Oman - an interesting point in the painting of the Middle East attracts a huge number of tourists by the green bay with many beautiful fishing villages.

Traveling to Oman, you will be impressed by the skyscrapers, the 5-star luxury hotels as well as the bustling shopping places. Let’s explore Oman - the wonderful country to enjoy the great tourist attractions along with the dishes of the Middle East.

Day 1, The Zighy Bay


The charming beauty of the Zighy Bay, Oman

The Zighy Bay is located in the north in the small region Musandam where has the most exclusive location of the Gulf areas.

Over many centuries, local people can get there by boat only because it is surrounded by the ocean. However, to encourage the development of the tourism, the Oman’s government has built a road sited next to the craggy cliffs, which helps visitors access to this beautiful bay easily.

Located in the quite remote area, Zighy has a charming beauty. Every night, tourists have an opportunity to admire “the giant fireflies” shining in the dark, which are created by the torches along the beach.

There are more than 80 modern apartments which have the private swimming pool, providing guests with the wonderful relaxation moments with the wind, sea, white sand as well as a lot of delicious dishes cooked from many types of unique seafood.

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Day 2, Muscat


Staying at the Chedi hotel is also a brilliant experience

The Muscat capital doesn’t have the towering buildings with the modern thick glass, but it doesn’t mean that this place makes visitors boring.

Traveling to Muscat, the majority of tourists is impressed by the harbors situated next to the old city of Matrouh Souq. The small alleys with the green trails or the humor of the honest street sellers create the bright beauty in the heart of visitors.

Located in the west of the ancient city, the beach area of the Chedi hotel is one of the greatest destinations in Muscat. The hotel designed in the traditional Omani style provides 182 rooms with the high ceiling and the alluring, magnificent beauty.

Day 3, The Royal Theater


The Royal Theater, one of the worthy destination in Oman

The Royal Theater Muscat offers 1,000 seats. It usually serves for the concerts, ballet performances, and stage plays. The building is constructed in the traditional Omani architecture but invested with the modern equipment and the audio technology reached the international standard.

This theater used to welcome some international performances such as the Placido Domingo or the London Symphony Orchestra.

Day 4, The “Green” mountain


Enjoy your whole day at the Jabal Akhdar mountain

If you love going on a picnic, exploring the forest along with the wild nature, Oman is definitely a great destination. When standing on the 3,048-meter Jabal Akhdar top of the Hajar mountain, about several hours driving from the Muscat capital, you will not regret this intelligent choice.

Jabal Akhdar means “green mountain” in Arabic. The green meadow surrounded by trees, bushes, etc. has the temperate climate during the year, which make it suitable for going picnic, exploring the nature, and especially, conquering this brilliant peak.

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Day 5, Going on boat in Oman


Feel free to explore the whole beauty of Oman on a boat

Many centuries ago, the Omani is famous for seamanship. They used to dominate the Indian Ocean region. The talent of going to the sea of Omani sailors is compared with the legendary sailor Sinbad on movies. The evidence is that they used their wooden boat to expand the south area of this Gulf Kingdom.

The Oman’s government hopes that the maritime cultural heritage left by the ancient people will attract tourists all over the world. It is a small, narrow, isolated bay area with the stunning white sand beaches located near the islands with many kinds of marine species.

In addition, the government funds the project classes training the Omani children controlling the modern rowing technology to serve those who want to admire the sunset on the sea or some night tours enjoying the twinkling stars in the sky.

Day 6, The Wahiba desert


The Wahiba desert trip

Camping on the desert and enjoying the stars in the dark sky are considered as one of the most interesting activities when traveling to Oman. The vast “sand beach” Wahiba is an ideal destination to join this activity.

Here, tourists will experience the pedestrian trip in the desert, camp overnight and enjoy the cozy, comfortable atmosphere thanks to the “hotel” service with more than 1,000 unique tents equipped with the modern facilities like that of 5-star hotels, including the air-condition, bathroom, TV, mini-bar, etc.

Day 7, Tasting Shuwa


Shuwa - a typical Omani dish

Shuwa consists of the delicious lamb marinated with many kinds of spices. The main components of the dish are coriander, black pepper, cumin, and cardamom. After the lamb infuses the spices, it is stewed by a traditional stove under the thick layer of sand heating by charcoal. It will take about a day to cook this dish; therefore, this special dish usually serves in the important occasions or the hearty meal.

However, this delightful dish is not the problems for those who do not have much time. They can absolutely enjoy Shuwa after a few minutes booking in advance at several upscale restaurants in Muscat such as the Kargreen restaurant.

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Obviously, Oman is an intelligent choice for you to get a nice trip with many unforgettable moments. Hoping that with these suggestions, you will have a good plan to the great country in the Middle East.

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