A Day Getting Around Paradise Islands In Caribbean Region

A day getting around paradise islands in Caribbean region will be a great treat for your next vacation. However, how can you head to about 28 islands nation and more than 7,000 individual isles in this area? Hence, if you feel hard to choose which place to visit, we’re ready to give a list of nine gorgeous islands so that you can find out your loved destination. Follow us now, guys!

1. Jamaica

Islands In Caribbean Region

The wild beauty of Jamaica

You love discovering amazing wildlife and exotic flora, don’t you? Or you want to experience and know more traditional Reggae music? No matter what kind of traveler you are, Jamaica is always a perfect choice, and it can give you all when you decide to take a flight to there. This paradise island is blessed with long rivers, lush mountains, and stunning beaches. Moreover, it offers a warm weather, delicious local food, and an enormous hospitality from the Jamaica residents.

2. Aruba

Islands In Caribbean Region

View Aruba from the air

Aside from enjoying beautiful beaches, Aruba brings a various number of cool activities for everyone of all ages. Besides, there is a large assortment of casinos so that you can savor its lively nightlife. Or you can bring your kids to some family-friendly places while you’re relaxing on a beach chair from Aruba’s resorts. Especially, if you stay there about one week, you can definitively discover different but amazing landscapes from other Caribbean places.

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3. Cuba

Islands In Caribbean Region

Cuba is known as a paradise island in Caribbean region

It’s a big mistake if we don’t mention about Cuba – the largest paradise island in Caribbean region. You can get anything when spending a long trip there, such as fabulous beaches in Havana, top-notch beach resorts in Varadero, excellent cigar factories in Pinar del Rio, colonial structures in Trinidad, and so on. And if you want to have the best time in Cuba, remember to travel from December to April.

4. Barbados

Islands In Caribbean Region

Don't miss joining a colorful carnival when coming to Barbados

Gifted with a rich natural beauty, Barbados is known as a famous island near Puerto Rico. Moreover, it’s a heaven of cultural events and fascinating carnivals, like the Crop Over Festival and Congaline Festival. That’s why thousands of travelers come there to take part in these exciting celebrations as well as viewing beautiful scenes of the city of Bridgetown or the island’s most stunning attraction of Harrison’s Cave.

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5. Vieques

Islands In Caribbean Region

Relax on a beautiful beach at Vieques

Although Vieques Island is not famous than others in the Caribbean region, many tourists consider that a great place to come. Indeed, it’s described as the best getaway for those who want to search for peacefulness and simplicity.

With about 10,000 people, it gives a little of deserted island look for the travelers. So, if you’re looking for an ideal honeymoon destination, Vieques will be your perfect choice. Also, it’s common for eco-visitors, who are attracted by Mosquito Bay.

6. Antigua

Islands In Caribbean Region

Take a look at Antigua Island

Placed in the West Indies, Antigua is extremely renowned for superior food, top-notch boating, fanciful cocktails, and family-friendly activities. Stretching about 280 square kilometers of a beautiful coastline, this paradise island in the Caribbean Sea will give you the best experiences and a huge array of entertainment.

Many tourists simply while away their time by strolling along the beaches, reading a book, sipping cocktails, or viewing a stunning sunset. Especially, if you reach there at the end of July or the first week of August, you can join the best festival in Antigua ever.

7. Mustique

Islands In Caribbean Region

Enjoy a calm crystal water when staying at Mustique

Mustique is also known as one of the most beautiful paradise islands in the West Indies. Since this place is privately owned by the Mustique Company, it just holds a maximum of 500 visitors at a time. And there are about 1,200 people on Mustique Island.

If you want to immerse yourself in a crystal-clear water and lie on white sandy beaches, you need to book a trip from St. Lucia or Barbados. It might be one of the most VIP-like holidays you can take, but it’s worth.

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8. Puerto Rico

Islands In Caribbean Region

A charming corner of Puerto Rico

Since Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US, this famous destination in Caribbean is extremely ideal for American tourists. Furthermore, with a pleasant tropical marine climate, its weather is quite mild throughout the year.

If you love marveling historical attractions as well as enjoying great food and joyful nightlight, Ponce and San Juan cities can give you all. With many stunning beaches, it’s easy to experience cool activities such as diving or snorkeling.

9. Eleuthera

Islands In Caribbean Region

Soak up the warm sunset at Eleuthera

You might hear about some pink sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea, right? And a journey to Eleuthera definitively makes your dream come true. Maybe, this destination sounds strange to many travelers; however, its beauty is undeniable.

Also, with a mass of coral reefs, we’re sure that this spot is a real heaven for divers and snorkelers. Although it’s a lesser traveled isle in the Bahamas, there are three airports, as Rock Sound Airport, North Eleuthera Airport, and Governor’s Harbor Airport.

Whether spending a day getting around paradise islands in Caribbean region through reading our post is enough for what you’re waiting for. Which isle do you want for your next holiday in this year? Cuba, Jamaica, Antigua, or all if you can? Well, no time for considering anymore, plan and head to one now!

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