A beautiful Guatemala will impress you at first glance

It is true that a trip to an unknown land is worth exploring. They will broaden your horizons about different countries and diverse cultures in the world. If you have the chance to visit Guatemala, beautiful scenery and delicious foods in there will impress you at first glance.

Beautiful scenery

The scenery in Guatemala ranges variously from hilly mountains, awe-inspiring beaches to hustle and bustle markets. They all bring you a sense of absolute harmony with wild nature.

El Mirador

A journey acts as windows to the past and the glorious history of a country. You can find this great inspiration in El Mirador. This city used to be the habitat of ancient Maya people which flourished in the 6th century. Although it began to fade out in the 9th century, there are still remains of that period.

The beauty of magic and mystery in Central America is sure to catch your attention at first sight. El Mirador is covered by thick forests so that you should definitely make a trip to explore the forthcoming surprises deep into the lush greenery.


A trip to unveil the mystery of nature in El Mirador

The visit is more suitable for tough and mentally strong tourists. On the way to Carmelita, a beautiful nearby village, it is possible to face lots of bugs and insects. It may take you 4 days in the jungle, but believe me, what you gain is truly wonderful.

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Atilan Lake

Apart from mysterious jungle, a splendid country of Guatemala cannot lack the splendidly beautiful scenery to calm your soul down. Atilan Lake is not an exception. You would find it interesting that Atilan is primly located among 12 towns and 3 volcanoes.

It dated back to 84,000 years ago when the lake is covered by an active volcano. Gradually, water filled the surface and made Atilan one of the deepest lakes in Central America.


A perfect mixture of green mountain and blue water

You can be impressed by the stunning beauty of blue water flowing gently and lively-reflected trees. When the sun sets in the region, tourists will have great time admiring the romance of faintest sunbeams kiss the water. It’s joyful experience to walk along the Santander path with a variety of souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants. Imagine how wonderful it is to enjoy mouth-watering dishes by the lake and take part in exciting activities.


Beach lovers can not miss this ideal destination to rock your holiday. The first impression comes into your minds lies in the serenity, which is suitable for anyone seeking solace after hard working days. Like any beach heavens, Monterrico has white sand dunes, green trees and clear blue water. After exploring the sea, you can stretch your bodies in the sand, looking at the sky and letting your hair down.


Indulge yourself in the romance of sunset

The strong tide waves are not ideal for any aquatic sports such as swimming or windsurfing. However, you can still make the most of your visit by participating in environmental programs. This is the perfect chance for you to gain a deeper insight into marine lives at a conservatory center. How meaningful it is to combine your trip with such fascinating actions.

Chichicastenango market

You must have wondered where to buy beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones in Guatemala. The answer is Chichicastenago market. This is the heaven for shopaholics to satisfy their craves.

Such a wide range of products are nowhere to be seen except form this bustling market. The colorfully designed packages will draw your attention at first sight. The commodities are sold variously in size, shape and types, ranging from clothes, cosmetics, fruits and vegetables.

You are sure to kill your time by wandering around all the areas of Chichicstenango market. It’s enjoyable to both watch the products and listen to the deafening sounds of sellers inviting their customers. This is how a daily life would be.


This may be the most crowded market you have ever seen

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Delicious food

Rellenitos Colocha

This is a tasty desert which is usually served in Guatemalan meals. They are actually stuffed plantains with many sauces. The plantains are nicely cut and deep fried in boiling oil to create crispy texture. Then it is filled with black bean puree prep so that you will feel the sweetness melting from inside.

The most interesting feature of this dish rests on the caramel sauce made of butter, whisk, sugar, cream and milk. After boiling plantains, people place it in the plateful of caramel and garnish. You can feel the perfect combination of crisp and sweetness to make you happy.


Simple but amazingly delicious

Tomato salad

There is nothing healthier than a plate of vegetables and fruits. If you are fed up with fried stuff, this food will whet your appetite at first sight. Tomatoes are carefully chosen so that the red color is really appealing. They are drizzled with slat to retain the freshness before being mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper.


How a traditional Guatemalan tomato salad looks like

It is interesting to sprinkle some cheese on the top. Cheese will gradually melt in the mixture and fill the whole salad. The spicy of pepper and sour flavor of tomatoes are partly offset by the juiciness and sweetness of cheese. It can be served singly or together with other delicious foods to make your meals diverse and memorable.


As most of you know, tamales are a famous dish in Mexico. However, Guatemala also makes a name for not only delicious tamales but also different kinds of tamales. The key difference from Mexican recipe is the use of banana leaf to wrap before steaming.

The inside may vary depending what kinds of tamales you choose. Raisins, meat (chicken or pork), chilies, tomato sauce are added in red tamales or tamales Colorado. They are the nicely decorated with annatto seeds to appeal you immediately. Other kinds of tamales (black or Negros tamales) will be filled with chocolate so that the sweetness will melt into your mouth and whet your appetite.


Enjoying tamales with a cup of tea is really wonderful

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In some regions, local inhabitants also make use of potatoes and rice flour so the taste is differently enjoyable. If you have time, try to taste all these tamales to rock your culinary tour in Guatemala, Central America.


You may not have chance to try all the delicious stuffs in Guatemala, but Peipian cannot be missed. This is a traditional food in every family in this beautiful country. Peipan, in fact is the part stew or curry to eat with corn tortillas and rice.

Interestingly, Spanish and Mayan cooking methods are combined harmoniously to create such a tasty food. The highlight of Peipan lies in the sauce of meat (pork, beef or chicken), tomatoes and roasted spices. When you first try, you will be impressed by the variety of flavors, freshness of meat and juiciness of tomatoes. It is nicely garnished, so you are sure to be knocked out at first sight.


A colorful bowl of peipian will appeal you immediately

You will have great moment and unforgettable memories through this enjoyable visit to Guatemala. The country of beautiful scenery and delicious foods in Central America definitely leave you abiding impression and urge you to come back many times again. Do not hesitate to wrap your luggage and head for this wonderful spot right away.

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