Vietnam’s unfold beauty

Vietnam’s unfold beauty

Hang Rai, Ninh Thuan:

As lovely as the nickname it is given, this “sleeping beauty” is considered as the golden spot for professional photographers. Mysterious and enchanting, Hang Rai possesses desirable features which perfectly suit for trekking. The unique figure forming this natural masterpiece will completely satisfy those who carry passionately artistic spirits.

You can have your climbing experience in this outstanding view or let yourself cool off in the fresh water; fishing and observing the natural system would additionally add more excitement on your trip.

If you find this scenic location is beautifully amazing under the sun light, it would be even more romantically attractive when the sun goes down. Visiting this heavenly destination will be one of your worth living experiences.

Trang An Nature Reserve:

The spectacular complex Trang An, which amazes viewers from the very first sights, has the giant total area, 2168 ha. Located in the northern of Vietnam, this placed has been recognized as one of Natural World Heritage since 2014.

With various routes, travelers can choose either to go on their expedition by their own foot or to take a boat floating on the river; hiking can also be a good choice. Limestone mountains and various caves awaits you to explore.

Spiritual travel in this place which is a unique type of expedition will only take you three hour to experience. Going through various caves like Dia Linh, Nau Ruou, Seo, Ba Giot, etc. and praying at Tran temple, you could get a step closer to the brilliant heroes who had contributed their hearts and souls to the freedom of the country.

Pongour Waterfall:

With its extraordinary appearance, Pongour Seven Level Waterfall gifted by Mother Nature is 40 meter in height and spans more than 100 meter. Surrounded by the primary forest system which is up to 2.5 ha, the waterfall owns a charming outlook which easily enchants any visitor.

Lied in Duc Trong district, 50 km from Da Lat city, Pongour Waterfall is associated with the ethnic minorities in traditional festivals in which organize a range of activities and folk games and open for the social connection between villagers as well as travelers who come to observe the beauty and research the ethnic culture of residents. Attaching to legendary history, Pongour holds sacred meanings to local people.

Ghenh Da Dia:

Although not being very well-known by travelers, this rock masterpiece is still claimed as one of the most beautiful cliffs of plate stones in the world.

Located in Phu Yen province, Ghenh Da Dia possesses the pristine scenic look which incredibly suits for photograph. For those who fancy capturing nature beauty, this place is the perfect choice to show off your skill.

Forming from lava streaming from volcano thousands of years ago, Ghenh Da Dia is about 50m wide and stretches over 2,000m long. The cliff contains 35,000 rock columns; each one is approximately 60-80 centimeter in height and 20-30 centimeter in width. With the position nearby the sea, the place offers outstanding views which is perfectly relaxing and calm. 

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