9 exotic heritages in Cuba to come and explore

Cuba is not only well-known as the country of cigars but also famous for 9 exotic world heritages. Traveling to Cuba, you will be impressed by the great beauty of these heritages. Surely, you want to start your journey to Cuba immediately. This writing will provide you some useful information about those wonderful heritages to help you have an unforgettable experience during trip in the beautiful country in the Caribbean.

1. The old street of Havana

exotic heritages in Cuba

Havana, Cuba with old classic American cars on the streets

The old street La Habana is recognized as the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site in 1982. It is the main area of Havana city built 400 years ago by Spanish, which features with many administrative, cultural, along with military buildings. These architectures bring neoclassical style Baroque.

Located in La Habana bay with a lot of historical monuments that is carefully taken care of by Cuba people, La Habana street expresses its enduring vitality. This is one of the reasons why this old street is famous all over the world.

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2. Trinidad city and De Los Ingenios valley

exotic heritages in Cuba

Visit Trinidad, Cuba to have many interesting experiences

Trinidad city was born in the early 16th century in honor of Holy Trinity. This city is the pioneer for the conquest of the American continent. The buildings were built from the prosperity of sugar trade.

De Los Ingenios valley is a group of three connected valleys including San Luis, Meyer, and Santa Rosa. This valley of Trinidad, Cuba was the largest center that produced sugar in the world in the 18th, 19th century. It still kept the colonial houses, the cobbled streets, the beautiful square, the ancient little church and so on, which attracts a huge number of visitors.

3. San Pedro de la Roca castle, Santiago de

exotic heritages in Cuba

San Pedro de la Roca castle can't be missed in Cuba

Located on the Caribbean, about 10 km from Santiago de Cube, San Pedro de la Roca castle makes you impressed by the blue water bay and a stunning view of the sea. It was built in 1637 as a fortress with the aim of protecting the port city - Santiago. The architecture is based on basic design principles of Italy and of the Renaissance.

4. The Desembarco del Granma national park

exotic heritages in Cuba

Enjoy the fresh atmosphere in the peaceful park

Located in Granma province, in the Southeast of Cuba, the Desembarco del Granma national park was named after a ship carrying Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, Che Guevara, along with 79 other people from Mexico to Cuba in 1956 to start the Cuba revolution.

The park becomes the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999 because of its wonderful beach, pristine cliffs as well as beautiful waterfalls.

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5. Viñales valley

exotic heritages in Cuba

Viñales valley - where the finest tobacco in the world is grown

Vinales valley is covered by other mountain ranges and valleys. Its beauty is more brilliant thanks to vernacular architecture of farms and villages.

This valley is also famous for tobacco and other crops. Besides, Vinales valley is the place where preserves many rare animals as well as attracts visitors by its charming beauty. In 1999, the famous attraction in Cuba becomes one of the UNESCO World Heritage.

6. The first coffee in the southeast of Cuba

exotic heritages in Cuba

The site will impress you at first sight

The archaeological landscape of the first cafe in the Southeast of Cuba belongs to two provinces: Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo. This is an important historical monument of the world coffee industry.

Around the attraction, there are many trees radiating shadow, especially coffee trees. In 2000, this landscape contributes another UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in Cuba.

7. Alejandro de Humboldt national park

exotic heritages in Cuba

The park is a wonderful spot with a number of birds

The famous attraction in Cuba is located in the East of the La Habana capital. It was given name after the German scientist - Alexander von Humboldt visited this island between 1800 and 1801. This national park becomes a UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 2001 because of the geological strata structure, diversity of terrain, and the wealth of the endemic plant species.

In the park, there are 95 species of bird, in which Tocororo is considered as the national bird of Cuba with three colors: white, blue and red. The color of this bird becomes the color of the national flag in Cuba.

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8. The Cienfuegos historical center.

exotic heritages in Cuba

A famous historical place - Cienfuegos is worthy visiting

Cienfuegos is a beautiful city on the South beach of Cuba. The full name of this city is Fernandina de Jagua in honor of Ferdinand VII of Spain. Known as the pearls of the South, Cienfuegos still keeps many unique structures such as the Cienfuegos Town Hall, the San Lorenzo university, the Opera House.

This place has the architectural design, harmony between the natural landscape and the buildings, which brings the modern ideas of the 19th century. Nowadays, this city is the trade center of sugar, coffee, and cigars of Cuba.

9. The Camaguey historic center

exotic heritages in Cuba

Urban Historic Center of Camagüey

Camagüey, the third largest city in Cuba, is one of the first settlement of Spanish in Cuba. It was built with many dead roads as well as the junction leading to the square with different sizes to prevent the enemy. Until the 16th century, Camagüey has developed into a city bringing the European middle ages style combined with the traditional building technique of the native people.

These are 9 World Heritages of Cuba that you should know to help your journey become more meaningful. Surely, traveling to Cuba and enjoying these destinations will not make you disappointed. You will want to come back to see them without thinking. Hoping that you will have a nice trip in Cuba.

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