8 of the must-see attractions in Guatemala

What comes to your mind when thinking of North America? Is there anything else apart from Caribbean? If the answer is no, your holiday to Guatemala will broaden your horizons about this fascinating area. Do not forget to visit these 8 interesting destinations to make your Guatemala journey memorable.

El Mirador

El Mirador was an ancient city of Maya which flourished in the 6th century and began fading out in the 9th century. Therefore, it’s possible to experience the glorious history of Guatemala. Because of the remote location in the deep forests, most of the remains of El Mirador is a mystery to many people. The whole area is trill thickly covered by tropical forests so that the journey is perfectly suitable for tough visitors with strong physical state and well-prepared mental set.


Are you curious about El Mirador?

From El Mirador, you should visit Carmelita village by car and enjoy the peaceful pace of life. It is also located in proximity to other historical sites to explore about this interesting destination. The trip may take to 4 to days in the jungle, making friends with insects; however, the feeling is truly unbeatable.


It is not an exaggeration to say that Livingston is a hidden pearl of Guatemala on the sea. You can only move to this hot spot by boat, with ferries used on a daily basis. The towns are considered as the heart of Garifuna culture, so that enjoying diverse local cuisines and trying new activities are enjoyable. The foods are well prepared and deliciously seasoned to retain the strong original flavors. You will feel the salty taste of the sea immediately.


The boat to the sea is worth a visit in Livingston

Another highlight of this exciting place lies in the great performance of music and dance from different nearby regions. This is the chance to engross yourselves in the lively and fascinating parties to make the most of your holiday. Tuna is the famous dance that you should not miss to try.

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Praque Central Quetzaltenango

Any crazy fan of architecture will definitely visit Praque, one of the 8 interesting destinations once in a life time. Parque is the centre of Quetzaltenango with lots of interesting features in culture, politics and administration. Strangely situated among three huge volcanoes, the city will create a sense of awe-inspiring aura and wild nature. It’s easy to spot old buildings in white in the midst of the lush greenery and diverse landscapes.


The stunning beauty of Praque central

In vicinity to the city, you should have a trip to explore Fuentes Georginas, the sulphur stream and admire the extraordinary color. It’s also joyful to take a trip to the ancient Maya villages and solemn lake, Laguna Chicabal. You are sure to have abiding impression on the serenity of Praque central and want to come back this land many times again.

Volcan Pacaya

Have you ever wondered what a volcano would be like or how can it have explosive power? If the answer is yes, your trip to Guatemala cannot lack this destination. The last time it stopped erupting was in 2010. Although the journey to this volcano is tough, challenging and for only strong visitors, you can overcome all the fears and worries in case of good preparation.

Once you reach the peak, the hard path is worth the stress and tire. In front of you will be the splendid scenery of trees, flowers and colorful houses. They combine son harmoniously with each other and bring you a sense of absolute relaxation and comfort.


Do you want to join the trip to Volcan Pacaya?

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Monterrico is a perfect destination for anyone holding a great passion for beach. The beauty of white sand dunes, clear water sea and green trees will take your breath away at first sight. However, this beach takes priority over other destinations because of the serene atmosphere. You can enjoy an absolute escape from your tiring working place or stress in life. It should be a “can’t miss” experience to admire the mind-blowing scene of sunset when the whole sky is dyed in such a romantic color.


The charm of Monterrico at sunset will knock you down at first sight

Due to the influences of tide waves, it is not advisable to swim and take part in aquatic sports. Instead, joining environmental programs will help you learn about the marine life and protect marine species from humans. You can start by visiting a conservatory center and see a turtle given with a lot of care and attention. How wonderful to combine sightseeing with such meaningful action.


Flores is ideally located in the center of Peten Itza Lake, which is linked to other towns like Santa Elena and San Benito. This has played an important part in the Guatemalan’s wars against Spain under Maya dynasty. You can have chance to take a stroll and enjoy a variety of historical buildings in Guatemala.


Indulge in the picturesque beauty of Flores

However, the main highlight of Flores like in the appeals of an island city. You should definitely admire the stunning beauty of the sea and join in thrilling activities. In proximity are modern hotels and spacious restaurants to recharge your batteries. Enjoying mouth-watering dishes and looking at the marble roads in the sunset is a joyful experience that you cannot miss.

Chichicastenango market

Shop-aholics must love this place so much because this is truly the heaven for shopping in Guatemala. It only takes you 2 hours from the center of Guatemala to reach this bustling and dynamic market.

Nowhere else in this country can you find such a diversity of commodities as in Chichi. The products are colorful in packaging and varied in shape and types, ranging from clothes, crafts, pottery to vegetables and fruits. You will be knocked out by the spacious area with hundreds of things. Sometimes, the sounds of sellers inviting the customers can make you laugh and relax.


See what you want to buy in Chichi

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Besides, if lucky, you can come at the right time of festivals. At that time, it’s possible to join the exciting atmosphere and watch thousands of commodities are being traded.

Santa Catalina Church

Antigua used to be the capital city of Guatemala until an accident occurred in 1773. The city savors of old architecture unique cultures, from universities, churches to palaces. Greatly inspired by Spanish styles, Antigua is truly considered as the irresistible pearl of Guatemala.

You can admire this charm by visiting the Santa Catalina church. Covered in white, the church draws the attention of visitors to the stunning designs and the harmony with surrounding nature. This place provides a best escape from hustle and bustle of big cities to engross in a pang of nostalgia and enjoy an absolute relaxation.


The stunning sunset at the site will take your breath away

Your trip to explore Guatemala cannot exclude these 8 interesting destinations. Each possesses a distinctive beauty and combines so perfectly with each other to create a spellbinding and fascinating Guatemala which will stay vivid in your mind forever.

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