8 attractive hidden islands in America for a perfect getaway

Get bored with the crowds and want to find a hidden gems to indulge yourself into the nature?. Actually, you can easily access to the secret islands in America and you don’t have to fly far away to be in the middle of nowhere. Here is a list of 8 attractive hidden islands in America for a perfect getaway. Let see and find out your new destination!

1. Great Diamond Island, Maine

Only away from Portland with about 20-25 minute by ferry, Great Diamond Island is one of the most gorgeous place in Maine. It is not easily accessible by motobikes, but bicycles and golf carts are primarily allowed, which makes the island a kids-friendly spot. Additionally, cars are not allowed on this island that makes it become much more peaceful then anywhere else.

hidden islands in America

Great Diamond Island, Maine.

Surprisingly, it used to be a military base in the 19th century, the concrete artillery batteries are abandoned at the island’s east. The community is not open to the public, the Diamond’s Edge restaurant is the only opened place here.

hidden islands in America

Great Diamond Island is such a quiet place to relax.

Some interesting activities are picnicking, hiking, staying in an inn, a marina and a 5-star restaurant. Biking and going around the island by golf cart while taking in the beauty of the island are also considered new things to experience here. Diamond Cove is an outstanding ferry stop at Great Diamond Island’s northeastern side, where you can look at the historic Fort McKinley as well as take tours of the grounds. Note that you might have to reserve a tour in advance to make sure it will be ready as you arrive.

2. Rabbit Island, Michigan

Also called as Traverse Island, Rabbit Island is well-known as an artists’ retreat in America. Located 3.5 miles east of Keweenaw Peninsula in Lake Superior, Rabbit island is largely uninhabited, making it a perfect getaway for you to spend time.

hidden islands in America

Rabbit Island, Michigan.

It is a sandstone bedrock and still as much as it was when it was discovered in the 1800s. Eagles and herons nest are still there and waters are full of salmon and trout. Rabbit Island is also a place for creative souls, where artists, woodworkers, composers, photographers,.. gather each year. Only five people are allowed at one time, and stay from two to four weeks. Especially, there is no power or plumbing and water is filtered from the Lake, food is fished or brought by boat.

Coming to this island gives you a special feeling that no matter how things change, this hidden island is still the same and is an inspiring place for those who want to escape the bustle and hustle of the city life.

3. Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts

Cuttyhunk is 8 miles west of Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard and 12 miles south of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Cuttyhunk is definitely a perfect getaway for those who want to connect with their inner selves, as it is an isolated ocean and famous for relaxing and fishing.

hidden islands in America

Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts.

Cars, bars, malls, traffic,.. are what you can not find here, peace of mind is what makes Cuttyhunk attractive to many people. In addition, it does have a small beach, a great harbor, a few houses, tasty ice creams, stunning hiking trails.

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4. Whiskey Island, New York

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, then Whiskey Island Lodge in the Tousand Islands promises to be a wonderful place to head to. Located at the southwest of the Thousand Islands which is along the border between the US and Canada, Whiskey Island is just 2.5 hours from Montreal, 3 hours from Toronto,…

hidden islands in America

Whiskey Island, New York.

Coming here, you won’t be dissapointed by the spectacular sunrises, crystal river, panoramic views that await you to erience. This getaway is an insprising source for writers, musicians, and artists alike. Such activities as fishing, boating, swimming in a quiet place will make you feel more refresh. Futhermore, it can be rented to 15 people for a week with the price of $8.500, and Whiskey Island could be yours.

5. Sapelo Island, Georgia

Sapelo Island is one of the hidden islands in America for a perfect getaway! Only 30 minutes by ferry from McIntosh, Georgia, Sapelo Island is a quiet island where you can experience its unique culture and history and emmerse yourself into the spectacular native of Sapelo. The mansion of the R.J. Reymold takes you back to the glory days and Sapole Sights promises to give you a journey back in time.

hidden islands in America

Sapelo Island, Georgia.

There is plenty of thing to see though the island is only 11 miles long, from visiting the old French’s tabby ruins, check in Nannygoat Beach, to seeing the restored Sapelo Lighthouse. What is even more exciting here?, You can join in a series of exciting activities such as gospel choirs, making fishing nets, and other customs with the locals in October to celebrate their annual festival .

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6. Admiralty Island, Alaska

If you are really into wildlife and animals, don’t miss a chance to visit Admiralty Island!. It is actually a National Monument and is a reserve place of wilderness. Covering nearly one million acres of old forest, and 100 miles of rugged coastline, Admiralty Island has been home to the brown bear and the Tlingit people for centuries. Pack Creek is a great spot for bear viewing.

hidden islands in America

Admiralty Island, Alaska.

Other popular activities here are kayaking in Seymour Canal, hunting, bird watching, fishing, photography. There are surely endless outdoor activities to do here. This place is ideal for you to wallow into the natural atmosphere given by Mother Nature.

7. Niihau, Hawaii

For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a few days, Niihau is a truly attractive for them. There are no roads, cars, stores, internet, guns,… Aslo known as “Forbidden Island”, it is hard to get here, but if you can sign up one of the limited tours, Niihau offers you a fantastic glimpse of Hawaii’s past and future.

hidden islands in America

Niihau is one of the most remote island on earth

It has been owned by the Robinson family since 1864, tourists can access by taking part in a half-day helicopter tour controlled by the owner, or a safari day trip. The helicopter take you to a white sand beach where a Hawaiian village habited with some simple houses is still a polular language. It is an expensive tour ($385 for one person, plus $15 charge for the half-day helicopter tour) but worth your money, walking on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, seeing monk seals snooze are just a few things to experience there.

hidden islands in America

The fantastic slimpse of the Niihau.

8. San Miguel, California

Located at the westernmost of the islands of Channel, San Miguel is the nearest remote place you can get from California. Be sure to visit the mission where you can see the historic cemetery. Wildlife is impressive with dolphins, porpoises, gray whales, blue whales, birds,…

hidden islands in America

San Miguel offers a plenty of cultural resources.

Beside that, San Miguel offers a plenty of cultural resources. There are more than 600 fregile archeological sites, including the oldest one dating back to 11,600 years and also a memorial to commemorate the explorer Cabrillo on a bluff.

To get a sense of tranquility, don’t hestitate to head to one of these 8 attractive hidden islands in America for a perfect getaway! Enjoy your vacation!

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