7 days getting around to explore Belize, Central America

Surrounded by Guatemala, Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a famous destination with a world heritage coral reef, jungles with exotic plants and animals and impressive Mayan ruins. There’re so much to explore that many tourists usually have difficulties planning their trips. If you’re one of them, check our plan for 7 days getting around to explore Belize to have some guides for your own journey.

Day 1

After your arrival at the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport, if you get here by airplanes, you can take the highways to get to San Ignacio, where you can enjoy the eco-adventures. Stop by one of town’s restaurants to taste the local cuisine or enjoy the familiar Chinese, American and Indian restaurants. Remember to explore the vibrant nightlife in the downtown, have some drinks and midnight snack if you want. Stay overnight at your booked accommodation.

Central America

Colorful houses on the street of San Ignacio

Day 2

Today, you can enjoy Chaa Creek, located in the private rain-forest outside of the town. After that, canoeing on Macal River to spot iguanas on tree tops, visiting the nearby Mayan archaeological site of Xunantunich to explore the impressive pyramids or wandering in Cahal Pech, another Mayan ruin, is up to you to choose. Horse riding in Xunantunich is very high recommended, so remember to add this to your list.

_Central America

Impressive main pyramid of Xunantunich

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Day 3

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave is where you should head to on your 3rd day in Belize, Central America. In here, you can have the chance to swim, wade and climb in the cave to discover rare ceremonial sites with altars used by Maya royals and more than 1400 sacrificed human remains.

This’s the home to the famous “Crystal Maiden”, bones of a young women which sparks dimly in the dark. Another choice is Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, where you can find reserved native Belizean pine forests and natural caves like the one at Barton Creek and Rio Frio Cave.

Central America

Exploring the spiritual Actun Tunichil Muknal cave

Day 4

Half of your 7 days getting around to explore Belize has passed, it’s time to hit Belize City, the country biggest city. Here, you should visit Belize Zoo, one of the world’s smallest but coolest zoos, home to over 120 species of native animals. At the end of the day, after watching sunset at the zoo, start your journey to San Pedro Town.

Central America

Cute animal of the Belize Zoo

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Day 5-6

It’s time for the ocean! Since Belize is mostly famous for its lovely beaches and islands, it’s recommended that you should spend half of your time on sea. Placencia is your paradise if you’re into snorkeling and diving. If you arrive here in May and June, you may have a chance to witness the yearly congregation of whale sharks on full moon. Else, you can enjoy the crystal water or slow your day by swinging in a hammock. You can find most of the town’s bars and restaurants with the tiny main street.

Central America

Crystal clear water of Placencia

The Barrier Reef and Belize Blue Hole are world famous diving spots that you can’t miss. This coral reef is the world’s second largest with stunning, colorful coral and vibrant marine life that can take you hours to admire.

Central America

The colorful coral of the reef

Among the reef, you’ll find the Belize Blue Hole, a 108 m deep blue hole that attracts many divers to explore the crystal clear water. The hole was also ranked as number one in Discovery Channel’s list of "The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth"

Central America

The stunning, world famous blue hole of Belize

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Hol Chan Marine Reserve is also a great choice to pass your day. As the most well-known marine reserve in the country, the reservation offers a fantastic diving destination with caves, coral reefs and many colorful tropical fish for you to explore. The nearby Shark Ray Alley is where you can have the chance to get close to those sharks and rays during their feeding time.

Central America

Diving with sharks

Ambergris Caye is one of the famous Cayes of Belize. This is the largest and most expensive tourist place in the country with many resorts for family. Maybe, it’s not the perfect place to be if you don’t have a big budget but it’s totally worth with picturesque landscape.

Remember to enjoy the Esmeralda Canyons which is famous for the beauty of unique canyons and the diversity of the marine life with nurse sharks, rays, moray eels, etc.

Central America

Picturesque beach on Ambergris Caye

Day 7

The last in 7 days getting around to explore Belize is to take your time to enjoy the downtown San Pedro, do some more shopping to have souvenirs for your loved ones at home. Pack your bags and then get ready to take a water taxi back to Belize City or just fly directly to the airport and leave the country.

Central America

The central park of San Pedro

There’re so many options to spend days in Belize, Central America. If you’re interested, find out more to plan your own journey and prepare to have an amazing time exploring this beautiful country!

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