6 “THE HOBBIT” Filming Locations That Really Exist in New Zealand

6 “THE HOBBIT” Filming Locations That Really Exist in New Zealand

Film Hobbit series based on the story of author J.R. R Tolkien did shedding millions of hearts of the faithful Saturday arts. The monumental landscapes, unexpected details mixed bit fascinating and mysterious made attractive for the story about the adventures of the dwarves in the village of Hobbiton.

So have you ever wondered what the monumental scenes, the beautiful landmarks like the fairy in the film is the product of technology photoshop or real? The answer will be soon here ...


Location: The Pelorous River can be seen from Havelock, Canvastown and along State Highway 6 in the area, Marlborough, South Island.


Pelorus is famous for the underground gold mine, where forests have been devastated by Europeans to mine. Later in 1903, recognized the importance of the landscape here, a landscape protection act was the Government of New Zealand.


In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the epic scene where the dwarves plummet down the river in barrels was filmed down Pelorus River in Marlborough. You can take a kayaking tour to the exact filming location or get the idea of it safely from the river banks!



Location: Access via State Highway 8, Canterbury, South Island

townThe giant snow-capped mountains make up the majestic scenery here.

Twizel provided the scenic backdrop for when the orcs and wargs chase The Company in The Unexpected Journey. It is also the location of Gondor’s battle scene in The Lord of the Rings.

thorin-20oakenshieldThorin Oakenshield, the dwarves are on the scene in The Hobbit


Location: The Earnslaw Burn Track starts on the left bank of the Earnslaw Burn on the Glenorchy-Paradise Road, 20 minutes from Glenorchy, Otago, South Island.

earnslaw-20burnEarnslaw with stunning waterfalls

Remember that time Bilbo and the crew left Rivendell and there were all those pretty waterfalls? Well, that was in the Glenorchy valley of Earnslaw Burn. You can either get there by chopper or hike the 8-12 hour return Earnslaw Burn Track.

hobbit-20trailerCompare with scenes in the film, mount Earnslaw-life is even more beautiful


Location: Fiordland National Park, Southland, South Island.

fiordland-national-parkFiordland National Park is very biodiversity with many species of birds, even dolphins and seals

The Eagles save Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves then fly over Fiordland National Park, we mean, somewhere in Middle Earth. The best way to enjoy this view would be with a scenic flight taking off from Queenstown, Wanaka, Te Anau, Invercargill or Milford Sound.


Fiordland seems unchanged over time. Here you can admire the landscape on Earth millions of years ago, when that man did not appear. Previously in the 1960s, the Government of New Zealand even to "encourage" the hunted species of Red Deer as they overcrowded and threaten the ecological system of Fiordland.


In the film The Hobbit, Hinuera Valley was used as the demon spiders and forests is situated very far from the village of Hobbits. However in real life, Hinuera Valley is place near Hobbiton for the film school.

mirkwoodFascinating, mysterious landscape of jungle Mirkwood on film

Under the Valley, tourists can see a beautiful rainforest with Emerald color and fascinating tales. In the film, a forest named Mirkwood.


park1A road runs through the Hinuera Valley forest in film


This must be the most familiar surroundings for those who have ever watched the series about the Hobbit. That is the Hobbiton village, inhabited by the dwarves have height equal to half the normal person.


VIEW MORE: Hobbiton – The Real Hobbit Village in Matamata, New Zealand

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