5 mysterious but so wonderful islands in Caribbean to escape hot summer

Caribbean is truly a hot destination for summer vacations, but can you choose a specific place among 7,000 islands in this region? Don’t be too worried about it, because we have got your back with 5 wonderful islands in Caribbean that you will not regret setting your feet on.

1. Dominica Island

islands in Caribbean

Stunning Dominica Island

Dominica can be considered as the most least-known one among islands in Caribbean. It belongs to a group of islands named Lesser Antilles (or Caribbees) which comprise of 8 independent nations. The island covers 750 square meters and a huge number of plants scatter around the island. While Dominica remains mostly untouched from tourists, its Boiling Lake is the 2nd biggest hot spring in the world and it has become the main attraction of the island.

islands in Caribbean

The lake is literally boiling

Besides sweating yourself at the Boiling Lake, visitors can also spend their time at some stunning waterfalls, coral reefs, black and white sand dunes or even visit a volcano here.

Accommodation on islands of Caribbean is never a problem. Like here on Dominica island, there is a wide range of luxury resorts to middle-range hotels for you to choose from. Many of them are built with solid wood overlooking magnificent view of Caribbean Ocean.

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2. Montserrat Island

islands in Caribbean

Montserrat Island with Soufrière Hills volcano

Among our list of 5 wonderful islands, Montserrat is quite a special one because of its "Modern Day Pompeii" in the Caribbean – the dormant Soufrière Hills volcano. Although the southern part of the island was destroyed by its eruption in 1995, the volcano has remained silent since 2,000 and the northwest coast of the island is quite developed.

islands in Caribbean

Scuba diving at Montserrat Island

This Caribbean pearl holds inside it heritage of people from Iceland and other Mediterranean nations. It is not big though, only 100 square kilometers with 40 kilometers of coastline; but for sure it will wow you with stunning turquoise sea color and cliffs pointing out to the ocean. Those who like trekking, bird watching or scuba diving will for sure fall in love with Montserrat Island.

3. Saint Kitts Island

islands in Caribbean

Majority of Saint Kitts Island is covered in plants

Though it is more populated than other islands in Caribbean, Saint Kitts covers only an area of 175 square kilometers. Among them, Saint Kitts has the biggest area for the National Park - home to some exotic types of plants and animals. Dolphins are extremely friendly here and visitors can book a tour for swimming with them. Sea water is so clear that coral reefs can be seen only by dipping your face into the water and opening your eyes.

islands in Caribbean

Look how breath-taking it is!

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One accommodation stands out on the island: Bella Mont farm on Kittitian Hill. They offer regular rooms, villas and farm-style rooms. The Reggae Beach Bar & Grill nearby welcomes residents with a wide range of freshest seafood and delectable local BBQ dishes. It is your luck if you stay here on Fridays, because there will be camp fire and delicious dishes from lobsters!

4. Martinique Island

islands in Caribbean

Martinique Island from above

Martinique can be ranked as the most diverse Caribbean island among these destinations because of its mixed culture between Caribbean French culture and European one. This harmonic blend is revealed through Martinique amazing cuisine, language, crafts and local lifestyle.

Strange but mouth-watering dishes can be found here are: grilled lobster with papaya and passion fruit Crème Brûlée. The length of coast line of Martinique Island stretches up to nearly 700 kilometers with loads of tropical plants. The bays hug beautiful smooth white sand and clear blue ocean, creating impressive Caribbean scenery.

islands in Caribbean

A local dish in Martinique Island

Besides lying leisurely on the sunny beach, you can enjoy water sports like windsurfing, wave surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling or even horse riding on the beach. At the House of Bélé and Le Grand Ballet de la Martinique, multiple cultural events regularly take place, such as: dancing, local music and traditional costumes.

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5. Guadeloupe Island

islands in Caribbean

Guadeloupe Island

This island is a combination of 2 smaller islands in Caribbean: Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. They are connected to each other by a concrete bridge. Professional divers regularly return to Guadeloupe Islands because of Réserve Cousteau - the so-called top diving destination of the world. Now it has become the famous Réserve Cousteau Underwater Reserve for further nature protection and environment education.

islands in Caribbean

Underwater scene at Réserve Cousteau

In the summer, a special event is annually organized: Fête des Cuisinières - the Feast of the Cooks. Just like its name, in this colorful occasion, local women dress up with their kitchen tools and Creole costumes with baskets full of food on their hands. They would gather for city parade and head to the church for praying.

islands in Caribbean

Festive Fête des Cuisinières

This island is always full of fun activities. You can go trekking, swimming, kayaking, or if you are lucky, meet up with a local Caribbean resident: Iguana. For accommodation choice, unique offers like tree houses or lake hotels are quite tempting to give it a try.

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