5 most expensive but worth staying once hotels in the Middle East

A trip to the Middle East seems to be a dream of many travelers worldwide since the region is well-known as a billionaire's playground. For that reason, it is just suitable for those who love spending money in a luxurious vacation and peaceful getaway.

Today, we are happy to introduce to you the 5 most expensive but worth staying once hotels in the Middle East that you probably cannot afford. Don’t be jealous! It is a good way to enhance your knowledge, right? Even though you cannot check in, it is quite possible for you to check them out.

1. The Palace Downtown, Dubai

Located in the center of Dubai, the Palace Downtown Dubai is described as a city resort. From a distance, tourists’ heart will be won by its classical and gorgeous architectural style hotel. Another plus point is that it is thoroughly designed so that all of the rooms have a private balcony that helps guests overlook the Dubai Fountain, Burj Lake, or the Old Town.

hotels in the Middle East

Marvel at the magnificence and luxury of the Palace Downtown Dubai

In general, the sumptuous property includes a health club, an outdoor swimming pool, a full-service spa, 242 guestrooms, ample bars as well as international restaurants. Rooms are well appointed with all necessities, ranging from luxury toiletries to complimentary Wi-Fi. For most visitors, the buffet breakfast is one of the most delicious offerings they have ever enjoyed.

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2. The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Enjoy the feeling of how to live as a royalty by a stay in the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. It is worth noticing that the luxury hotel mainly showcases the warmth and glamour of the Arabian culture. It is elegantly furnished and stunningly decorated in pure gold and marble.

From roof to wall, everything is shimmery, shiny, and splendid! Just wandering around the outside of the hotel, you can easily feel the superior comfort and ultra-luxurious ambiance that it boasts.

hotels in the Middle East

The glamour of the Palace Suite in the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

The luxury hotel comes with nearly 400 rooms. Among them, the Palace Suite is considered the most expensive and opulent one, with a total area of 700 square meters. Inside, there are 3 bedrooms, a living room, and a full dining room. Of course, you can be shocked when knowing its rate: around $15,000 per night!

3. The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The Burj Al Arab stands out as one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai as well as the 3rd tallest hotel in the world. What leaves tourists from admiration to admiration it is intricate sailboat-shaped silhouette that emerges from the sea.

hotels in the Middle East

Willing to pay $20,000 for a night stay in Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab?

After booking the Royal Suite in the hotel, you will be picked up from the airport, or even transported by helicopter. From the beams to the carpet, from lighting to color scheme and intricate furniture, you will surely feel that you’re now actually in Dubai.

Lavish in every sense, Royal Suite in the hotel costs you about $20,000 a night. This 780-square meter property greets guests with an exquisite entry way and golden staircase. In fact, it has been faultlessly designed with a sumptuous color scheme, opulent furnishing, in addition to elegant amenities (including a private cinema and a lift). Marble and gold mostly make up the hotel’s decoration that makes it more impressive and outstanding.

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4. Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul

As a 5-star hotel at Istanbul, Turkey, the Çırağan Palace Kempinski is a place where guests can admire the super comfort and refined luxury. Situated on the 2nd floor of the magnificent palace, Sultan Suite is the largest and most expensive suite in there, which brings guests a chance to get panoramic views of the splendid Bosphorus via the sash windows.

hotels in the Middle East

Enjoy a stay in Sultan Suite, Çırağan Palace Kempinski hotel

Inside the suite, you can see a living room with a dining area, a private steam room & rain shower with gold-plate bathtub facets, a kitchenette, as well as 2 unique designed bedrooms. Sultan is additionally listed as one of the top 10 most luxury hotel suites in the world to stay once in a lifetime.

5. The St. Regis, Abu Dhabi

We often save the best for last: It is about the St. Regis Abu Dhabi. You must pay $40,800 for a night at the Abu Dhabi Suite, which is suspended over 200 meters above the ground. The suite surely offers guests panoramic views of the UAE capital’s skyline and the Arabian Gulf.

Guests are allowed to land their own helicopter on the helipad located at the top of the Nation Towers. Then, a security staff will monitor them to a private elevator before entering the Abu Dhabi Suite. Everything is luxurious and elegant in every corner they pass by.

hotels in the Middle East

Admire the design of Abu Dhabi Suite in the St. Regis Abu Dhabi

On the whole, the suite mainly features 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a fitness area and a kitchen. Visitors are able to indulge themselves in the fully-appointed private spa with a sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, and 2 treatment beds. Besides, there are also a private library, a 14-seat dining room, and a 5-seat cinema.

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To book one of these 5 most expensive but worth staying once hotels in the Middle East, we think that you have to work hard and save money for a once-in-life trip only. But, no one has permission to stop your dream, right?

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